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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Bulletin #4

"Round Top" Near Gettysburg, PA ....Related To 'God of War' ...And To Major Martian Pyramid

Revision Update October 18 1998

This includes a correction to my previous posting see below regarding the astounding 'Mars' connection I have found, involving the "Round Top" site on the historic Civil War battlefield at Gettysburg, PA. This is also intended as a preview of more material on this and related subjects, corroborating and generally supporting the pioneering work of Carl P. Munck.

In a message dated 98-10-16 17:30:26 EDT, Jimi Furia wrote :
cated in the historic 'Civil War' battlefield area, on USGS Topographical Map 7.5-minute Series Gettysburg (PA) Quadrangle. Also based on the re-discovered >> what is at the C.I. itself,,,a mound ,? a building, what??? >>

It's a steep 'hill' ... a roundish (on top), big, steep 'hill'. The sides are quite steep, and the top is not as steep. It 'stands out' very prominently on the landscape of the battlefield. It is composed of granite, mostly. It could be part of ancient ruins.

I used the 'high-spot' at the top as the Grid Point marker. PLUS ... I have now REVISED these figures, (below)... and I'm soon going to post a full update, along with my figures for "Little Round Top" and for the "Devil's Den Altar" on this battlefield area.

As a preview, here are my *revised* figures for "Round Top" :

Grid Latitude 39 (deg) x 47 (min) x 11.10612133 (sec) North
= 20357.5204 North
= 6480 x Pi

Grid Longitude 108 (deg) x 22 (min) x 22.12242914 (sec) W.Giza
= 52562.89164 W.Giza
= Stonehenge Grid Longitude
= Kukulkan Grid Latitude North

Grid Point Value 52562.89164 / 20357.5204
= 2.581988897

Note that I have corrected the Grid Latitude figure, to show a more accurate siting, in the center of the high-spot on this famous landmark hill. (This was my own mistake, which I discovered upon re-checking my map measurements). Of course, the Grid Point Value is now corrected, as well.

The 'Mars' connection is still very much in evidence, and this will especially be seen when I post the figures for two more sites at this historic battlefield.

"Round Top" has a tie, via its Grid Latitude, to a major landmark at Cydonia on Mars :

20357.5204 North = 6480 x Pi

The gematrian number 6480 (a decimal harmonic of 648) divides by the Square of Pi to give us the Grid Point Value of Cydonia's 'Face' :

6480 / Pi Squared = 656.56127

Come to think of it, the Grid Longitude of "Round Top" (and Stonehenge) has a close connection with TWO major landmarks at Cydonia on Mars :

52562.89164 / 656.56127 / 27.58106915
= 9.118906527 / Pi

Notice that this equation includes two additional important sites in Munck's re-discovered 'planetary matrix' ... the Quetzalcoatl Complex at Teotihuacan in Mexico, and 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia. The number 9.118906527 matches the Grid Point Value of the Quetzalcoatl (inverted) Pyramid Complex, and the number 27.58106915 is the Grid Point Value of 'The D&M Pyramid' on Mars. And, of course, the Pi constant is the "glue" holding all of these sites together (see the equation, above).

If Zecharia Sitchin is correct about Thoth being one-and-the-same person as Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan, then we can more fully understand why all of the above structures and sites would be so closely 'related', because it was apparently Thoth who was the designer ... the 'master builder' ... of many or all of the above. He was also a math expert, of course.

-- Michael

Based on the exact latitude and longitude of the high-spot on 'Round Top', located in the historic 'Civil War' battlefield area, on USGS Topographical Map 7.5-minute Series Gettysburg (PA) Quadrangle. Also based on the re-discovered, extremely ancient, 'planetary grid matrix' (see the work of Carl P. Munck).

ROUND TOP Gettysburg, PA

Grid Longitude 108 (deg) x 22 (min) x 22.12242914 (sec) W.Giza
= 52562.89164 W.Giza
= Stonehenge Grid Longitude (see Munck, etc.)
W.Greenwich longitude is 77 (deg) 14 (min) 21.32242914 (sec)

Grid Latitude 39 (deg) x 47 (min) x 10.261372 (sec) North
= 18809.09488 North
= Radian (deg) Cubed / 10
= (57.29577951) Cubed / 10

Grid Point Value 52562.89164 / 18809.09488
= 2.794546573
= 27.58106915 / (Pi Squared)
= 'The D&M Pyramid' Grid Point Value / (Pi Squared)
Note: 'The D&M Pyramid' is on the planet Mars

Notice here these correlations:
1) War ... Mars is commonly known through popular 'legends' as the "God of War", and as the "Planet of War". The Battle of Gettysburg is known as the bloodiest, most violent battle of The Civil War. "Round Top" was a very prominent 'hill' ... landmark ... during this intense battle.

2) The theme of "roundness" ... as in circles and spheres ... as in the math of circle/sphere geometry. Stonehenge is precisely matched here in terms of its Grid Longitude of 52562.89164 W.Giza. Of course, the 360- degree circle is 'featured' at Stonehenge.

3) 'The D&M Pyramid' marks an ancient Martian prime meridian for longitude measurement. This was discovered by Carl P. Munck, as analagous to his discovery of an ancient Earth prime meridian passing through the center of The Great Pyramid at Giza. The number used for the prime meridians in this re-discovered 'matrix' is 360.

(c) Michael Lawrence Morton -- 1998