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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Bulletin #3

Re: Richard C. Hoagland, etc. . . .

Following is an exchange between Dee Finney (co-webmaster at and myself ...regarding some aspects of the situation involving Richard C. Hoagland's heart attack in Miami, and The Miami Circle. I thought it would be informative, at least, to post this at this time.

-- Michael L. M. Archaeocryptographer

In a message dated 3/9/99 10:32:22 PM Pacific Standard Time, Dee777 writes:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.. I don't believe that everyone who gets sick is part of some conspiracy to kill them off. If that were true, they would have done something long before this, like when he was promoting 'buildings' on the moon. Men like him can get sick and die just like everyone else. Dee >>

I hear you, Dee. I respect your point, there. But; stuff on The Moon is still relatively inaccessible ... "far away" ... unlike The Miami Circle, which had become big news. Richard has been the main "action person" in drumming-up serious interest in this site. He was tipped-off by my emails to him about the site and its likely connection to Munck's matrix.

It was Richard who was really behind this story becoming "big". AND .... my figures ended-up showing, after Richard gave me his GPS readings, that The Miami Circle is not only locked right into Munck's matrix ... it's directly related to Cydonia on Mars. And THAT, of course, enables Hoagland to show PROOF for what he's been saying about Cydonia ... at least "proof" supported by a real archaeological site here on Earth (right in the middle of a major American city) that ties straight to the "rest of the archaeological evidence", including what is at Cydonia.

Maybe someone involved in the major coverups decided this was too threatening ... that they couldn't allow Richard to continue to catalyze the development of The Miami Circle story ... and to then present this evidence in a public forum. There is no better "presenter" of this tied-together evidence than Richard C. Hoagland. Consider what has happened to other researchers into the major coverups ... in terms of very suspicious "illnesses" and deaths.

There's Speaking Wind, former Congressman Schiff, Dr. Karla Turner, Shari Adamiak, Dr. Steven Greer (with cancer in remission at present), Jean Hunt (formerly of The Louisiana Mounds Society), Phil Corso, Phil Schneider, John Holloman (formerly at CNN, and a friend of Richard Hoagland) ... just to name a few. I'm sure there are more ... I just can't think of them at the moment.

From what I have heard, these "heart attacks" and "cancers", etc., can be suddenly and specifically "induced" by certain secret technologies, location, and timing.

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