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Ancient Egyptian Treasure in the Grand Canyon?

by Michael L. Morton & Barry McEwen

Part Seven

Smoking Guns and Psychic Fuel
By Barry McEwen and Michael L. Morton

From the beginning I realized that the artifacts mentioned in the 1909 newspaper article in the Phoenix Gazette were far older than ancient Egypt. After all, mummies and hieroglyphs are not exclusive to Egypt. And there is also the fact that the newspaper article also mentions an idol statue resembling a Buddha figure, which throws in yet another monkey wrench to an exclusive ancient Egyptian origin. It behooves us to continue on into the far shadows of pre-history and take wonder at what civilizations or influences would have made their mark upon ancient Egypt, and Sumer for that matter, in such a way that their empires and civilizations and social structures and sciences and art could begin at a pinnacle, and dissolve from there. It is well accepted that Egypt and Sumer did have a stair-step evolution, in which they did not appear to have progressed from a low evolved point, but rather began with all the necessary ideas, knowledge and technical skills required to instill a social civilization overnight, as it were. Of course, the easy and short answer is that they were implants from the remnants of the Atlantian civilization. (the "A" word) (Which I adhere to) The other easy short answer is that there was extra-terrestrial intervention. (Which I prefer to acknowledge as "extra-dimensional", and which I also adhere to)

Very recent archeological discoveries between the Red Sea and the Nile has led researchers to say "We are going to have to rethink our idea of the extent of (pre-dynastic) Egypt, 7000 to 6000 years ago." What they found were 30 new sites with rock carvings of hieroglyphs, which they are calling the "Sistine Chapel of Pre-dynastic Egypt". It is too soon to say what their "re-thinking" will result in, but its is encouraging that the supposed established academia is once again "re-thinking". (a big hand for the establishment if you please!)

Now, anyone up for a little ancient Egyptian Neuroscience?

There is something called the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus, which was originally discovered in 1862. When it was finally translated it was found to be the details of 48 case studies of neuroscience. It is the first written record and mention of the word "brain", with accurate descriptions of meneges, brain pulsations, cerebrospinal fluid and anterior fontanelle. (things even I don't know what the heck they are!) It is the most objective, scientific and clear papyrus of 14 known medical papyrus to be discovered to date. It is estimated that it was written somewhere between 3000 and 2500 b.c. Each of the 48 case studies in it has a title, description of examination, diagnosis, prognosis and recommended treatment. I bring this to your attention not only to show the level of knowledge the ancient Egyptians had, but to lead into one of the most current findings in neuroscience by contemporary science.

Here goes. Researchers at UCLA School of Medicine, Caltech, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Rotman Research Institue in Toronto all came to a common conclusion regarding "imagination", brain function, and 3-D perception. There findings are written in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience and the science journal, Nature. Here is the crux of what they have found: the same neurons, the same brains cells, fire in a person whether that person is seeing an object or visualising/imagining an object! To their surprise, the firing rate of the same brain cells and neurons was as high when an image was seen as when it was recalled from memory or visualized with the mind's eye! "The same parts of the brain light up when a person thinks of a face or scene as when the same person actually looks at a photograph of the same face or place"...or if the face or place is imagined. see and

Now, the reason I brought that up was to show that neuroscience in now beginning to prove what the ancient seers, shaman, soothsayers, mystics, shape shifters and telepaths (to name a few) new of and utilized for thousands of years. It seems contemporary science is beginning to catch up with ancient science, using different methods and different names for the same functions of mind and brain (the two are not the same, but you get the idea). In fact, if you look at remote viewing, for instance, you start to get a picture of an ancient technique called telepathy that was revamped by Ingo Swann and Ed Dames and utilized and taught as an espionage methodology by the military. Is this yet another skill now used in common practice, among certain circles, that was once a calling card to the witch hunts of yesterday? How the tides turn as the witches burn.

Lest we forget, suppression of information is the oldest and most common and effective form of Mind Control. What impact on civilization and human evolution does suppressed information really have? If we consider for a moment the thought that the state-church in the 1500's was suppressing the information from Copernicus that the sun was actually the center of the solar system, not the Earth, and a little later, the same information came from Galileo, who died under house arrest for fear of his knowledge leaking out to the general public, we can begin to get an idea of the consequences effecting the general public. It is called "superstition". Suppressed information controls what a person or population or civilization knows, and what they "know" is a factor in the total equation of how they translate reality, and in this way the suppressers "steer" (bull****) the population. In this regard, the suppression of UFOs, or leading edge technology or artifacts from a civilization more ancient than current history is willing to reveal, is all damaging to the free will of the people, in the sense that information is the major factor in the equation of reality perception.

With that in mind, I must tell you that I have been in contact with one of the members of the exploration team that went into the Grand Canyon back in October, and whose escapades were posted at This man was instrumental in the research involved in finding the general area in which to search. He also came upon information the Smithsonian Institute offered to a T.V. investigator, which was that during the early 1900s, 1800 boxcars full of artifacts from the Southwest of the United States were carted off to the East Coast! Other information from an un-named source says that artifacts that could not be cataloged within the current context of conventional human history, were dumped into the Atlantic Ocean! (There is no substantial proof to these claims, but I bring it to your attention as a possible part of the overall equation that we are dealing with.) My first thought on this is the attempt to eradicate evidence of the immensity of the Native American culture, to cover up as much as possible the remains after the ethnic cleansing, and to discard evidence of pre-Columbian and pre-deluge habitation and civilization.

Other indications from this same source leads to the conclusion that the Isis Temple area (far removed form the original cave that the Smithsonian entered) is also rich in caves and supports evidence that here too artifacts, including an 8 foot sarcophagus, have been witnessed. Again, nothing that can be proved, but it seems only logical that since there is a huge subterranean system beneath the Grand Canyon that there is probably many entry points and caves yet unexplored. In fact, a good contact and friend I have made recently, who is also a veteran Grand Canyon hiker and explorer, has said there are literally hundreds of caves. Special permits are required for cave exploration, even in the un-restricted areas.

Yet another valuable clue came in from a reader this past week. She had been a park ranger working at Lake Mead years back, and came to know another lady who also use to work for the park department. This other lady was known as the "Park Ranger Psychic". She was hired specifically because she had an ability to psychically 'find' places of antiquity. Her job was to be set down in remote areas of the Southwest parks and forests, sometimes by helicopter, and to locate ancient sites and ruins and caves. She would wander around with backpacking gear and carefully document where these spots were. Later, the park department would send in a clairvoyant to some of the selected sites, and she would try to get psychic impressions on who, when and what time frame the ancient inhabitants occupied these sites. My contact lady said that what was really odd (as if this isn't odd enough!) was that very rarely would archeologists be sent in, but rather, the sites and ruins would be sealed off. It is not known at this time if the Park Ranger Psychic ever worked the Grand Canyon area, but my contact lady is trying to get in touch with other park ranger friends who use to work at the Canyon.

Now, one of the most exciting developments this past week, brings us back again to Osiris, and specifically, the constellation Orion. This is a key I have been looking for. It ties ancient Egypt into the Four Corners area of the Southwest, Arizona and the Grand Canyon. This is a huge hit as I perceive it.

You may remember from Part 4 where mention was made of the stars of Orion mirrored in the Pyramid and temple locations that have been found in the Giza Plateau, and also the surrounding areas. The most recent sites were found by Larry Hunter, which completed all the star locations.
Well, a man named Gary David contacted me, and told me to check out his web site. Was I in for a pleasant surprise! Gary has found the mirrored, proportional, locations of all the major stars of Orion exactly on the ground, centered at Anasazi and Hopi ruins and sacred sites! Not only that, but he has found Solstice lines that run parallel to many of the Orion star sightings that also run through Anasazi and Hopi sites! Not only that, but he has found a "chakra" line that runs down the center of Orion straight through major sites! The left arm of Orion's arm passes through a portion of the Grand Canyon also.

You must check out Gary's site at On the main page you can go directly to "articles" and click it, then go to "Chapter 3" to view maps to get the big picture quickly. He is also writing a book about all his findings.

It is hard to explain how this information got my mind to spinning and pulling in extra-dimensional jargons of titillating cosmic agendas! After the initial shock sorta wore off though, I realized that, here once again, is validity to a fact I adhere to: all these so-called "anomalies" are somehow designed as multi-functional teaching devices, to first catch our attention and then to loft us into horizons beyond conventional rationality, (as we begin to decipher) for the sole/soul purpose of preparing us, acclimating us, into an all-inclusive, self-evident paradigm of the unified field. (It makes sense to me)

Gary David's information spawned yet another avalanche within me that cleared an avenue to an unsuspecting result that is on a parallel course to this research. It is too long of a story to include with this article so I will wait until next time to share it.

In ending I need to alert you to the magazine, Ancient American. Its last issue carried an article about the Grand Canyon/Smithsonian mystery, and is a valuable source of information on pre-columbian habitation in the Americas as well. Very well worth your inquiry.

Also very valuable is the web site at ..

I will conclude this article with a brief synopsis of the CODE that Michael Morton has found related to Cheops in the Grand Canyon. This seems fitting here to conclude with the Cheops Pyramid as it is the last of the Egyptian motif names given to the locations in the Grand Canyon that we have been looking at, and it very neatly and simply ties a little numerical coded knot in the threads that have woven this story.


The grid point value of Cheops times the product of the grid point value of Isis Temple times the grid point value of Osiris equals the grid point value of the Great Pyramid!

18.37408988 x (4.353957149 x 3.100627668) = 248.0502134 !

So simple. So neat. So profound!

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    Phoenix, Arizona
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