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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (10)

Coral Castle, Florida: A Modern Mystery

A man named Edward Leedskalnin (from one of the Baltic States) emigrated to the US in the early 1900s .... and went to a place south of Miami, Florida .... called Homestead. He somehow managed to build a gigantic 'complex', out of incredibly huge boulders, on his property there in Homestead. He used no heavy equipment, and no laborers. No one has ever figured out how he lifted these gigantic stones, or how he placed them with such precision. The site is generally open for public viewing. There are brochures available. Tel: (305) 248-6344 ... in Florida, USA. In 1984, Coral Castle was placed on the National Register of Historical Places.


Coral Castle is located on USGS Topographical 7.5-minute "Homestead" (Florida) Quadrangle.

Grid Longitude 111 deg x 34 min x 41.23807207 sec W.Giza
= 155632.484 W.Giza
= (RAD deg) Squared x Pi Squared x Great Pyr. Ht. / 100
= 32400 x 4.803471728
= (180 Squared) x 4.803471728

(W.Greenwich longitude is 80 deg 26 min 40.43807207 sec)

Grid Latitude 25 deg x 29 min x 58.80922897 sec North

= 42636.691 North
= 4320 x Pi Squared

Grid Point Value 155632.484 / 42636.691
= 3.650200809
= Ancient 'Solar Year' in Days / 100

I think this "lot", upon which Edward Leedskalnin built his wonders, is a sort of "Grid Point Nest" .... with many 'Matrix-valid' Grid Points in relatively-close proximity. This might have something to do with Leedskalnin's mysterious ability to lift and to precisely place those gigantic stones on the property. Also ; I found in doing the calculations above, that I initially figured the latitude as VERY close to 1/16th of an inch (on the USGS Topo map) below the 'predicted 1983 NAD' latitude parallel of 25 deg 30 min 00 sec, which is in fact the precise northern border of this Quad. This initial latitude figure, in terms of seconds, showed on my calculator as 1.234567901 sec south of the 1983 NAD parallel of 25 30 00. Notice that the figure of 1.234567901 is the Square of 1.111111111 ..... to nine decimal places. Note also, here, that I am using a 'scale' of 0.050625 map inches per second of latitude. The figure 1.234567901 precisely matches my calculated Grid Point Value for Dr. Bruce Cornet's "Cydonia Face II" on the "Middletown" (New York) USGS 7.5-minute Topographical Quadrangle.

The calculated figure above for the number of W.Giza longitude seconds ....41.23807207 .... is VERY close to a decimal harmonic of the Surface Area On A Sphere (formula) .... 41.25296125.

I'm thinking that the more "nodal points of resonance" one can find, within relative proximity (of space and time), then the more that can be potentially "done" in that 'area' with respect to "tapping or using" that geometry. These "nodal points" would be, for example, decimal harmonics of 'Matrix-valid' numbers, including gematrian and gematria-related numbers. Possibly, this would 'enable' such things as lifting tremendous weights, or other seemingly "superhuman" feats.

(c)1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton