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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (11)

The King's Chamber & Sarcophagus

****** BULLETIN UPDATE ******

I think I've found the Height of The King's Chamber, in terms of regular inches : 230.7334064 inches. This is approximately 0.122 inches more than my previous figure.

I used Carl P. Munck's area for the Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge, in terms of Square FEET .... 7441.506403 ....

7441.506403 / 1000 x (Pi Cubed) = 230.7334064

This enables the following calculation for Volume of The King's Chamber :

230.7334064 x 412.5296125 x 206.2648063 = 19633184.14

(H) (L) (W)

Cubic Inches

The number 19633184.14 can be factored exactly into the product of a 'gematrian-Pi' multiple, a Precessional harmonic (base-10), and the Cube of Pi :

(7776 x Pi) x 25.92 x (Pi Cubed) = 19633184.14

ALSO .... As Jimi Furia pointed-out earlier today, the Length of The King's Chamber, 412.5296125 regular inches, is exactly equal to :

34.37746771 FEET

.... which is an exact match for the Grid Point Value of the site at Warm Mineral Springs, Florida.

Michael Lawrence Morton ___ (c) 1998 ___

Using Regular Inches Instead Of "Pyramid Inches"

On page 54, in the book "The Great Pyramid Decoded", by E. Raymond Capt, the length of The King's Chamber is given in "pyramid inches" as 412.13186, the width as 206.06593, and the height as 230.38871.

We are told that a "pyramid inch" is slightly larger than a regular inch, a ratio of approximately 1.000965 or so. As soon as I saw the first 3 digits of the given length (above) ... 412 ... I thought of the decimal harmonic of the Surface Area On A Sphere .... 4125296125 (to ten digits). This figure comes from a geometry 'formula' ; using the RADIAN (deg) *as the radius* of a 'generic sphere'. In other words, we are taught (hopefully) in school that the "formula for the Area Of A Circle" is .... "Pi x 'r' Squared". What I'm saying here is to actually substitute the figure 57.29577951 (degrees of arc) for the "r" in that generic formula we learn in school. The RADIAN (deg) is equal to (assuming 360 degrees on one complete circumference) 57.29577951 degrees-of-arc on any true circumference. This curved length ... the RADIAN (deg) ... is equal, as close as possible, to the straight-line length of the actual radius of that *same* circle or sphere.

The formula (generic) for Surface Area On A Sphere is :
4 x Pi x ('r' Squared)
So ; if we substitute 57.29577951 (deg) for "r" .... 4 x 3.141592654 x (57.29577951 x 57.29577951) = 41252.96125 .... an actual number value we can use.

What would the ratio be, of "pyramid inch" to regular inch, if we look at the possibility of the length of The King's Chamber as 412.5296125 regular inches ?

412.5296125 / 412.13186 = 1.00096511

Yes ; this is very close to the estimate of 1.000965 given above.

I think we have probably found something very significant here. The work of Carl P. Munck (self-published) has proven the reality of a lost, deeply ancient ... and evidently suppressed ... advanced planetary mathematical matrix involved in precise latitude and longitude placements of pyramids, mounds, stone circles, monuments, and earthen effigies. This advanced mathematical matrix has also been found to be frequently *encoded* into the structural designs and into the internal geometry and measurements of the structures themselves.

As noted above, the width of The King's Chamber is exactly half its length. So, the width in terms of regular inches would be a decimal harmonic of the Surface Area On A Hemisphere ..... 2062648063 (to ten digits).

Area of The King's Chamber Floor

Taking the length times the width, in regular inches, will give us the area in regular square inches, of the floor :
412.5296125 x 206.2648063 = 85090.34062 Sq. in.

If we now divide this area by the Square of the RADIAN (deg) : 85090.34062 / 3282.80635 = 25.92

We find here a decimal harmonic of one complete Precession Cycle of the Equinoxes of Earth in terms of years. This would be :
25920 / 1000 = 25.92 (yrs)

Already, we can see an apparent encoding of important information, in the actual dimensions of The King's Chamber, in terms of regular inches. This information includes geometry, math constants, base ten, and Earth's Precession Cycle. What about the height of this room ?

Above, we are given the figure of 230.38871 "pyramid inches" as the height. I'm going to say the height is 230.6110641 regular inches, because I think the Square Root of 5 was used here due to its association with the speed-of-light in air (Earth's atmosphere).... and this is verified by our modern-day measurement of 186234.0949 miles per second. Carl P. Munck's work has shown that certain 'tangents' ... the trigonometry function ... were extremely important to the very ancient-but-advanced matrix discussed earlier. Two of these very important tangents were encoded in the "gematrian numbers" used in the matrix : plus/minus 3.077683537 and .... plus/minus 0.726542528. Notice (see Munck) that when these two tangents are multiplied, we get the Square Root of 5 : 0.726542528 x 3.077683537 = 2.236067978 = Square Root of 5

Now, the tangent of the speed-of-light in air ... 186234.0949 miles per second .... is -2.236061962, practically a match to the Square Root of 5.

Returning to The King's Chamber, here is how I came up with the figure of 230.6110641 regular inches for the height :
103.1324031 x 2.236067978 = 230.6110641
What is 103.1324031 ? It is a decimal harmonic of the Area Of A Circle:
Pi x (57.29577951 x 57.29577951) = 10313.24031 'R' x 'R'

To find the volume of The King's Chamber in terms of regular cubic inches, we multiply length x width x height :

412.5296125 x 206.2648063 x 230.6110641 = 19622774

At this point, I'm not sure what that particular figure means, or whether or not it is 'significant'. As an alpha numerologist, however, I can see an interesting 'mosaic' presented if we separate the 8 digits into 196, 227, and 74.

196 = Square of 14 227 = Pi (classic approximation of 22 / 7 74 = sum of the word CROSS, and sum of the name JESUS ( I use all 26 letter positions, without 'reducing' to single digits)

If we look at the number 7 as a "diameter", there is a correlation among these 3 'number entities' that I find striking. A "square of 14" can be visualized as two "diameters of 7" at right angles to one another ... in a cross. The "22" of the (22 / 7) Pi approximation is the circumference of a circle around the cross, and the "7" from that approximation can be seen as a "third axis" intersecting the 2-D cross, again at right angles, providing a model of 3-D space.

Adding the 3 'number entities' :
196 + 227 + 74 = 497
666 - 497 = 169, the Square of 13 .... referring to the 13 "tones" of a complete chromatic scale in music, ending with the first note of the next octave. This is also the 13 "tones of creation" from the Mayan tradition.

The number 153 is very important, and I won't go into all of the aspects here, except to point out that it is half of 306, which in turn is the sum of 144 + 162 .... and these numbers are decimal harmonics of Bruce Cathie's speed-of-light equivalents of 144000 nautical miles per 'grid second' and 162000 nautical miles per second. We also find 306 as azimuth node number 17 on the 'wheel of 20 nodes', where the nodes are 18 degrees apart. The 20-part wheel (see work of Joe Mason) is also a symbol of the Mayan Haab Calendar cycle of 18 'months' of 20 days each month.

17 x 9 = 153

Now ... 497 - 153 = 344, which is always July 4th on the Mayan Haab Calendar, because Day Number 360 is always July 20th. (I will note here that the 153rd course of masonry from the ground, on The Great Pyramid, is 360 FEET above the ground ... see work of Jimi Furia).

344 = 227 + 117, and 117 can be visualized as "half-Pi", or (11 / 7) approximation. Also, 117 = 19.5 x 6, where there are 6 places at 19.5 degrees north and south, at which 6 vertices of two interlocking tetrahedra touch the surface of a circumscribing sphere ... assuming the remaining two vertices are touching at the poles. This is a model of "hyperdimensional physics", as discussed by researcher and journalist Richard C. Hoagland, as applied to certain dynamics of rotating celestial bodies.

The Sarcophagus

Again, in the book "The Great Pyramid Decoded", by E. Raymond Capt, on page 54 we see dimensions given in "pyramid inches" for The Coffer (or Sarcophagus) that sits at the west end of The King's Chamber :

length 89.80568, width 38.69843, and height 41.21319

I think these dimensions, in terms of regular inches, are :
length 90, width 38.78509448, and height 41.25296125 .... and here's why :
90 x 38.78509448 x 41.25296125 = 144,000

We see that these dimensions in regular inches, would multiply to exactly 144,000 .... a major 'gematrian' number referring to "light", and referring to *speed-of-light* (theoretical maximum) according to the work of Bruce Cathie. See his book, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space". Of course, there is the Biblical reference to 144,000 as well.

So ; we've now established evidence of the encoding of information relating to light, or to the 'speed-of-light', in the actual dimensions of The King's Chamber and in the actual dimensions of The Sarcophagus, in terms of regular inches.

To summarize ; looking at the dimensions of the The King's Chamber and at the dimensions of The Sarcophagus within it, in terms of regular inches, reveals evidence of the encoding of advanced information, including circle/sphere geometry, the use of 360 degrees-of-arc on one complete circumference, the math constants of Pi and the RADIAN (deg), the use of 'base ten', the Precession Cycle of Earth in years, the speed- of-light in Earth's atmosphere in terms of miles per second, and the Square Root of 5 as the TANGENT of said light speed.

(c)1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton