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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (12)


Inner and Outer Congruence

Although almost all of The Great Pyramid's casing (outer) stones have been stripped away many centuries ago, a few remained at the base of the structure into the 19th and 20th centuries, when precise measurements were taken of the slope angle. The slope angle, from the base, was then measured as 51 deg 51 min 14.305 sec (see C.P. Munck).

Very recently, I discovered the dimensions of The King's Chamber and The Sarcophagus (within The King's Chamber) in terms of regular inches, not "pyramid inches" see Matrix Message 11. The volume of The King's Chamber in regular cubic inches :

412.5296125 x 206.2648063 x 230.7334064 = 19633184.14
(L) (W) (H) (Vol)

Now let's multiply those 'numbers' of the slope angle (from the base) (see Munck) :

51 (deg) x 51 (min) x 14.305 (sec) = 37207.305

Now, the number 37207.305 is VERY close to a Pi-multiple of :

1200 x Pi Cubed = 37207.53202
= 51 x 51 x 14.30508728

So, now we have an even *more precise* slope angle, based on the Pi constant AND based on the fact that TODAY we have calculators that can 'display' commonly to ten digits:

51 deg 51 min 14.30508728 sec

If we divide 37207.53202 into the volume of The King's Chamber :

19633184.14 / 37207.53202 = 527.6669286 ...... (?)

Try dividing that figure by Pi ....

527.6669286 / Pi = 167.9616 .... (?)

Try dividing that figure by a decimal harmonic of the Precession Cycle of Earth in years :

167.9616 / 0.2592 = 648 ... a major 'gematrian' number

We now see that the volume of The King's Chamber, in terms of regular cubic inches, 'resonates' precisely with the slope angle of the outer walls (made of the original casing stones) of The Great Pyramid .... and this precise 'resonance' is also exactly congruent with both the Pi constant and with the Precession Cycle of Earth in years.

(c)1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton