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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (14)

THE PHOENIX UFO Of 03-13-97 :

The Grid Point Where It Hovered

During the first hour of the Art Bell radio program of Aug. 10 & 11, 1998, Peter Davenport played a tape in which the caller reported that the gigantic UFO ... at least 2 miles wide ... seen by thousands of people over Phoenix, Arizona the night of March 13, 1997, "had stopped (to hover) for about 4 minutes over the intersection of 7th Avenue and Indian School Road".

Having worked with Carl P. Munck's rediscovered 'Geomath planetary grid matrix' for a number of years now, and ... having a USGS Topographical Map .... 7.5 minute series for Phoenix Quadrangle ... I studied the map and I calculated coordinates for the approximate middle of the above intersection. My thinking was based on the idea that if this most extraordinary UFO had stopped for 4 minutes over a certain "intersection", maybe that 'intersection' in terms of latitude/longitude coordinates was being pointed-out to "us" by the intelligence piloting the UFO. Here are the coordinates I found :

Longitude W.Greenwich 112 deg 04 min 59.62 sec
Latitude North 33 deg 29 min 41.25 sec

At this point, I need to explain that Carl P. Munck has found that our "ancient prime meridian" does not run through Greenwich, England, but instead passes through the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza. This is an extremely important discovery (or, rediscovery) by Munck. So; we add the longitude distance between Greenwich and Giza ... 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec ... onto the above numbers to get the actual W. Giza Longitude :

112 deg 04 min 59.62 sec
+ 31 08 0.80
143 deg 12 min 60.42 sec W.Giza

There's one more step necessary to get the "Grid Longitude" ... and that is to multiply the number of degrees x no. of minutes x no. of seconds :

143 (deg) x 12 (min) x 60.42 (sec) = 103680.72

At this stage, we have an "approximation" of a 'matrix-valid' Grid Longitude. As we study this matrix, we are becoming more adept at recognizing the significant parameters that are encoded within it. One such parameter is The Precession Cycle of Earth in years. (Author and researcher Graham Hancock discusses Earth's Precession Cycle in his latest book, "The Mars Mystery"). Recall, now, that the caller to Peter Davenport reported that the Phoenix UFO had "stopped for 4 minutes" over that particular intersection.

One complete Precession Cycle of Earth is 25,920 years .... and 4 times that number is exactly 103680. In this case, I would say that we have our specific Grid Longitude of 103680 W.Giza "alluded-to" by the UFO :

143 (deg) x 12 (min) x 60.41958042 (sec) =
103680 W.Giza = 25920 x 4

Based on Munck's system, I have rediscovered the Geomath planetary matrix numbers for Rennes Le Chateau in the South of France, a very important historical site, possibly involved in a secret lineage of Jesus Christ. My figures for Rennes Le Chateau show 103680 North for its Grid Latitude :

42 (deg) x 55 (min) x 44.88311688 (sec) =
103680 North = 25920 x 4

I saw that Bruce Cathie had given a latitude of 42 deg 55 min 44.8 sec for Rennes Le Chateau in his book, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space", on page 109. I used his figures as a starting point, and applied Munck's system. (Grid Longitude for Rennes Le Chateau is 16501.1845 W.Giza, and Grid Point Value is 2Pi).

Now ; as for the Grid Latitude of the "4-minute stopover" of the Phoenix Flyover of 03-13-97 :

33 (deg) x 29 (min) x 41.25 (sec) = 39476.25

This is our "approximation". Again; from studying this matrix for several years, I can recognize important encoded information, such as the mathematical constant of Pi .... the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of any true circle or sphere. The "base-10 system" is another encoded component of this deeply-ancient matrix. Our precise Grid Latitude :

33 (deg) x 29 (min) x 41.252265 (sec) =
39478.4176 North = (2Pi) Squared x 1000

To get the Grid Point Value ... the point of "intersection" ... we take the ratio of Grid Longitude to Grid Latitude ... always larger-over-smaller :

103680 / 39478.4176 =
2.62624508 = 0.65656127 x 4

You might be wondering, now, what the figure 0.65656127 means. This is a 'base-ten harmonic' of 656.56127 ... which is precisely equal to an arrangement of 4 (there's that 4 again) elements or 'factors' which are all very important in "our" geometry and number system :

656.56127 = (360 x Radian deg) / (10 x Pi)
= Grid Point Value of "The Face on Mars" @ Cydonia
see work of C.P. Munck and work of M.L.Morton

(c)1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton