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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (17)


Here are some sites that I think, after careful study, are in the very ancient 'planetary matrix' re-discovered by Carl P. Munck. He has self-published several volumes of this remarkable work, which he calls "The Code". I thank him for being available for consultation regarding my work. MLM

The Whale That Was

"A Whale effigy near Pittsburgh, PA ? ", you ask. That question occurred to me, too. But there it is a rather obvious side-view depiction of a 'whale', or something very close to it, on the USGS 7.5-minute series topo map, Pittsburgh West Quadrangle. On the map, it is aligned north-south with the head to the north, and appears to be about 875 Feet long. When I climbed up the huge hill to see it, just to the west of Chartiers Creek, it was heartbreaking to find that whatever effigy or mound had been there was now obliterated. The site has been totally dug-up and gouged-out maybe strip-mined. It's hard to tell exactly what has been done there. The big hill is still quite isolated and 'undeveloped', even though it is within a metropolis. I wish that someday the effigy that used to lay on the crown of that big hill, will be rebuilt by 'the locals'.

Grid Longitude 111 (deg) x 13 (min) x 36.42612033 (sec) = 52562.89164 W.Giza = Stonehenge Grid Longitude Grid Latitude 40 (deg) x 26 (min) x 41.53846154 (sec) = 43200 North = Quaker Mountain (NY) Grid Latitude Grid Point Value 52562.89164 / 43200 = 1.216733603 = One-half Stonehenge Grid Point Value

So; here we have a very strong connection to Stonehenge, with double Stonehenge's Grid Latitude, one-half its Grid Point Value, and a match of its Grid Longitude.

I decided to use the 'high-point' indicated on the topo map, to help me zero-in on the site's Grid Point. I noticed on the map an oval-shaped 'mound' within the 'effigy'. In fact, this spot looks like the 'mouth' of the 'whale' on the map. The contour interval of the map is 20 feet, so I knew this spot was not an 'insignificant rise'. The length of this oval is about 250 feet, and its width about 110 feet, on the map. Could this really have been a 'mound within an effigy' ? It turned out that the center of this 'oval mound' gave me the Grid Point for the site, even though this is not the precise geographical 'center' of the site.

The Carnegie Hill

Just to the north of the borough of Carnegie, PA there is a big 'hill' southeast of the interchange where Interstate 79 meets The Parkway West. This is also within the Pittsburgh West Quad, only about 2 miles south of The Whale That Was. On my second climb up to the top of this 'hill', my daughter and I (she was with me that day) found a stone/bone tool . a 'scraper' . on the surface in plain view. I took it home with me.

The map shows a 'high-point' at this site, too an oval-shaped area on the general crown of the hill, but decidedly northwest of the geographic center of the site, and roughly 125 feet long by about 75 feet wide. This high-spot is still there at the site, covered with trees and brush. Again, this high-point gave me the Grid Point.

Grid Longitude 111 (deg) x 13 (min) x 47.02591914 (sec) = 67858.40132 W.Giza = Chephren Pyramid Grid *Latitude* = 21600 x Pi = Stonehenge Grid Latitude x Pi Grid Latitude 40 (deg) x 25 (min) x 11.77245771 (sec) = 11772.45771 North = 1000 x Chephren Pyramid Actual Longitude W.Giza = 1000 x Great Sphinx Actual Longitude E.Giza Grid Point Value 67858.40132 / 11772.45771 = 5.764166072 = Chephren Pyramid Grid Point Value / 1000

Obviously, this site is closely bonded to The Chephren Pyramid of Giza, through these numbers. It even shows us Chephren's actual longitude west of the Giza prime meridian, by way of this site's (the 'Carnegie Hill') number of latitude seconds 11.77245771, because that is the precise number of longitude seconds west of the prime meridian, passing through the center of The Great Pyramid, where The Chephren Pyramid is centered. The Carnegie Hill is about a half mile long, a third of a mile wide, and varies in its height depending on what side you're on. It is highest and steepest on its southwest side about 200 feet from the crown to what could possibly have been a 'terrace' then another 150 feet or so down to what is Chartiers Avenue today. On its northeast side, it is about 160 feet down from the crown to where The Parkway West is today. It appears to me that this 'hill'could possibly have been a 'pyramid' in the deeply ancient past. But, it seems more likely that it's a "deliberately shaped" hill with an 'added' high-spot to mark the Grid Point.

The McKees Rocks Mound

Another site in the Pittsburgh West Quad, The McKees Rocks Mound was excavated in the early 1900s by the Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh. Many human skeletons and artifacts were removed from the mound, and are stored today at the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh. Today the 'remains' of this mound are still there, and some of the spots where skeletons and artifacts were removed, are apparent. The mound was built on top of a rocky hill a rocky out-cropping that jutts-out into the Ohio River near the town of McKees Rocks only about 2.5 miles down from the confluence of the Allegheny River and the Monongahela River.

Grid Longitude 111 (deg) x 11 (min) x 2.005042979 (sec) = 2448.157478 W.Giza = 248.0502134 x (Pi Squared) = Great Pyramid Grid Point Value times (Pi Squared) Grid Latitude 40 (deg) x 28 (min) x 20.601197 (sec) = 23073.34064 North = 23378.18185 x (Pi Squared) / 10 = Sun Pyramid Grid Latitude times (Pi Squared) divided-by 10

Note : 23073.34064 is an exact decimal harmonic of my proposed height, in regular inches (as opposed to "pyramid inches") , for The King's Chamber within The Great Pyramid 230.7334064 regular inches. This figure (the decimal harmonic, that is) can be derived by Squaring the original height of The Great Pyramid (see Carl P. Munck) in regular Feet . (480.3471728) Squared = 230733.4064 Grid Point Value 23073.34064 / 2448.157478 = 9.424777959 = 3Pi We know, from Carl Munck's work, that 3Pi is a major number at Giza.

Allegheny Observatory

Again, in the Pittsburgh West Quad, Allegheny Observatory is located on top of a large hill, and this hill appears as almost "spiraled" on the map. Some sort of a 'vortex' comes to mind as I look at it on the topo map, according to the contour lines. The site of this observatory is across the Ohio River from the McKees Rocks Mound, to the ENE at an azimuth of 65.6 degrees from true north, about 2 miles away.

Grid Longitude 111 (deg) x 09 (min) x 15.39762472 (sec) = 15382.2271 W.Giza = Bimini Pentagon Grid Longitude = Great Pyramid Grid Point Value times (Pi Cubed) times 2 Grid Latitude 40 (deg) x 28 (min) x 57.40590654 (sec) = 64294.61532 North = Great Pyramid Grid Point Value times 259.2 = 248.0502134 times Earth's Precession Cycle / 100 Grid Point Value 64294.61532 / 15382.2271 = 4.179798862 = 41.25296125 / (Pi Squared) = 89298.07684 / 6.890283706 / (Pi Cubed) / 100 = 12960 / (Pi Cubed) / 100

How appropriate for the precise location of this well-known observatory to reflect Earth's Precession Cycle of the Equinoxes, along with specific circle/sphere math numbers not to mention still more references to The Great Pyramid. Additionally, we have here two direct connections to 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. The actual E.Cydonia longitude of 'The Face', in minutes-of- arc relative (of course) to the size of Mars, is encoded within Allegheny Observatory's Grid Point Value (see above) :

4.179798862 = Great Pyramid Grid Latitude / 6.890283706 / Pi Cubed / 100

'The Face' at Cydonia is centered on a meridian that is exactly 6.890283706 arc-minutes to the east of the Martian prime meridian (see Carl P. Munck) that passes through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid'. Earlier, it was mentioned that the observatory is sited about 2 miles ENE from the McKees Rocks Mound, across the Ohio River, at an azimuth of 65.6 degrees from true north. The Grid Point Value (Munck) of 'The Face' at Cydonia is 656.56127, and we also know from Munck's work that the pyramids at Tikal in Guatemala use 6.56 Feet for a number of their outer wall-height dimensions (on specific terraces of those pyramids). One of the staircases at the base of one of the Tikal pyramids is 65.6 Feet wide, and one of the facades is aligned at an azimuth of 6.56 degrees from true north ('Temple IV').

Notice also that the number 41.25296125 (encoded in the Grid Point Value, above) is a precise decimal harmonic of the number of 'Square Degrees' on the surface of any sphere 41252.96125. In addition, my proposed length for The King's Chamber, in regular inches as opposed to "pyramid inches", is 412.5296125 regular inches. Once again another reference to The Great Pyramid, as well as another clear indication of an extremely ancient metrology that used the regular 12-inch Foot :

412.5296125 / 12 = 34.37746771 Feet, length of The King's Chamber

And, the number 34.37746771 matches the Grid Point Value of Warm Mineral Springs (hello, Hannah) in Florida. The number 34.37746771 also represents 3/5ths of the 57.29577951 arc-degree Radian (deg) constant, in circle/sphere math. Obviously, 3/5ths is also 6/10ths :

9.424777961 x 4.179798862 / 65.656127 = 0.6

The Grid Points of McKees Rocks Mound and Allegheny Observatory when multiplied and then divided-by the azimuth connecting them gives 6 over 10.

(c) 1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer To contact the author please email him above or telephone: 412-921-9116 Pittsburgh, PA, USA.