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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (18)

Is The King's Chamber A Wavelength Amplifier?

After listening to Chris Dunn as Hilly Rose's guest on Art Bell's radio slot Aug 19/20, Jimi Furia thought of the number 54 ... an "A" frequency in cps, being three octaves below Jimi's 432 "A" Note tuning model ... as relating to the description that Dunn was using for The Great Pyramid as an "acoustic resonator". I had recently figured out that the length of The King's Chamber, in regular inches (as opposed to "pyramid inches") ... is 412.5296125 ... a decimal harmonic of Surface Area on a Sphere in 'Square Degrees', if we let the radius of the 'given sphere' be equal numerically to the Radian (deg) constant of 57.29577951 arc- degrees. The length of The King's Chamber, in regular Feet, is 34.37746771 ... precisely equal numerically to 0.6 Radian (deg) or 3/5ths Radian (deg), and also matching the Grid Point Value (see work of Carl P. Munck) of the spring at Warm Mineral Springs, Florida ... a very important 'place of healing'.

Jimi noticed that the "A" Note frequency (in cycles per second) of 54 cps, according to his 432 cps "A" Note model (as opposed to '440' A), when divided-by the 34.37746771 length (regular Feet) of The King's Chamber, gives the figure 'half-Pi' ... or 1.570796327. He realized that the value of 'half-Pi' is numerically equal to the musical interval of the 'augmented 5th', according to his research. Thus, 34.37746771 is numerically equal to a "C#" Note of 34.37746771 cps ... so the "A" Note of 54 cps is precisely an 'augmented 5th' above that particular "C#" Note.

It follows, then, that if the 'augmented 5th' in music is 'half-Pi' ... two consecutive augmented 5ths span a total interval of 'Pi' itself ... the circle/sphere math constant ratio of circumference divided-by diameter.

Just last night, Jimi asked me how the height of The King's Chamber might relate to the 'acoustic resonance' evident in its length and width. Note that the width of The King's Chamber is exactly half its length ... a 2 to 1 ratio ... just as in Pi to half-Pi, and in two augmented 5ths to one augmented 5th. I have figured the height of The King's Chamber in regular inches (not "pyramid inches") as 230.7334064, or 19.22778387 regular Feet. The number 19.22778387 is equal to an exponential Pi-multiple decimal harmonic :

19.22778387 = 2Pi x Pi Squared x Pi Cubed / 100

So ; in my way of thinking, this equation indicates an "exponential increase" in the wavelength of the augmented 5th interval. Could The King's Chamber be a "harmonic wavelength amplifier/transformer" ... specifically 'tuned' to a geometric resonance with the Pi constant ?

I've written in other papers that I've found 'speed-of-light' and 'Earth- Precession' values encoded within the Great Pyramid, which relate to Bruce Cathie's work involving Earth's magnetic field, light-speed, and gravity acceleration. Cathie has written that 162,000 nautical miles per second is the 'theoretical maximum' light speed.

If we look at the formula; Velocity = Frequency x Wavelength ... where V = f x w ... and if we substitute 162,000 for V and 'half-Pi' for w ...

162,000 = f x 157.0796327 (half-Pi interval decimal harmonic) Therefore; f = 162,000 / 157.0796327 = 1031.324031

We know that 1031.324031 is a precise decimal harmonic of 'Area of a Circle', if we let the radius of the "given circle" be numerically equal to the Radian (deg) constant of 57.29577951 arc-degrees. Accordingly :

162,000 / 5Pi = 10313.24031 ... Area of Circle in 'Square Degrees'

Could this now be telling us that if we 'increase the wavelength just enough, according to a certain formula', using a specific interval harmonic, amplified in a specific container/resonator, of specific size and shape (as in area, volume, and geometry) ... we can then create certain "velocities" (?) ... for ... what (?) ... travel, possibly ? And, maybe the actual "precise location on the planet" is a necessary factor in this new knowledge ... as in Munck's Grid Point Matrix ... 'The Code'. A corollary to this could be ... that if the 'velocity' is kept constant as the wavelength is exponentially increased, much lower frequencies (ELFs) would be created.

If we now look at both the Earth's Precession Cycle of 25920 years and the theoretical maximum speed-of-light of 162,000 nautical miles per second (Cathie), and divide each of those figures by the 5400 Grid Point Value of The Great Sphinx at Giza (Munck) :

(162,000 / 5400) = 4.8 ... and ... (25920 / 5400) = 30

Then ... multiply those two results :

4.8 x 30 = 144

In the now-reviving science of 'gematria', the number 144 means "light".

In one of my papers, I report that I have figured the volume of mat_11.htm The Sarcophagus (its outer dimensions), within The King's Chamber, to be 144,000 regular cubic inches (as opposed to the so-called "pyramid inch" measuring of certain other researchers). Bruce Cathie's work shows a geomagnetic 'grid' on Earth's surface that functions as an 8 to 9 ratio in relation to the 162,000 nautical miles per second theoretical maximum light speed. He explains that 144,000 nautical miles per 'grid second' is therefore the theoretical maximum velocity of light, according to this 'geomagnetic grid', because 8/9ths of 162,000 is 144,000. This is why I've been working on finding interfaces and correlations between Munck's 'grid' and Cathie's 'grid'.

(c) 1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer To contact the author please e-mail above or telephone: 412-921-9116 Pittsburgh, PA, USA.