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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (21)

Phoenix (Az) UFO of 03/13/97 . . . Revisited Part One

This is a follow-up/revision to my calculations involving the intersection over-which the Phoenix (Az) UFO of 03/13/97 hovered for 4 minutes mat_14.htm MLM#14.

Recall that President Clinton was injured that same night ... 03/13/97. He was on crutches early the next morning, and he was sent to Bethesda Naval Hospital. The media-story was that he had "stumbled on some steps at the home of Greg Norman" in Florida.

Regardless of what "really happened" to Clinton that night, the media did put out a story that he had injured his knee, within a few hours after the gigantic UFO appeared over Phoenix, Arizona. He did appear on crutches the very next morning, and the media did say that he was being sent to Bethesda Naval Hospital.

I think there is an important connection between the Phoenix UFO of the night of 03/13/97 ... and The White House, and Rennes le Chateau, and the subject of "lost and suppressed human history" ... as shown by Munck's matrix and as shown by the numbers of gematria.

The Intersection in Phoenix

Reliable reports say the gigantic UFO stopped and hovered for 4 minutes, over the Phoenix intersection of Indian School Road and Seventh Avenue. In my calculations this past summer, I used a figure of greater-than-60 for the "number of longitude seconds" ... 60.419 ...... etc. I did this because, at that time, it appeared to me that it would 'not make sense' to use a multiplier/factor of 0.419 (sec) ... etc.

Now that I have reviewed this case, I think it is important that I post what I have found upon re-measurement and re-calculation.

On re-measurement, I calculate a W.Giza Grid Longitude at that intersection of :

143 (deg) x 13 (min) x 0.707879103 (sec) W.Giza = 1315.947253 W.Giza This figure is a decimal harmonic of the Grid Point Value of The Cholula Pyramid in Mexico, AND is also a decimal harmonic of the Grid Longitude of BOTH The White House *and* The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. (They are at identical actual longitude).

I calculate, on re-measurement, a Grid Latitude at that Phoenix intersection of :

33 (deg) x 29 (min) x 41.252265 (sec) North = 39478.4176 North This figure is a decimal harmonic of (2Pi) Squared.

Grid Point Value 39478.4176 / 1315.947253 = 30

Recall my Rennes le Chateau rennes.htm matrix numbers (Munck's system) ... a Grid Point Value of 2Pi. That number is "squared" by a metaphorical 'cross-reference' to the Phoenix *intersection* of Grid Latitude (2Pi) Squared, and by the 4 square corners ... cross-formation ... of the intersection itself. The UFO hovered over that intersection for 4 minutes ... as in '4 corners' or '4 directions' as indicated by a cross symbol. Four minutes of time is equal to 240 seconds of time, and there we have reference to Thoth/Quetzalcoatl, and to the azimuth-of-orientation of 'The Avenue of The Dead' at Teotihuacan of the Square Root of 240, or 15.49193338 degrees. One of the major pyramids there at Teotihuacan, The Pyramid of the Sun, has a Grid Point Value of 12 (Munck). If we multiply 12 times the Grid Point Value of this Phoenix Intersection ... 12 x 30 = 360, the number of degrees on any circumference. The work of both Sitchin and Munck has corroborated a strong case to be made for the reality of a historical Ptah/Enki as the father of a historical Thoth/Quetzalcoatl. If we divide the number 240 by the Grid Point Value of the Phoenix Intersection, we get the number 8 ... 240 / 30 = 8 If we now multiply the number 8 times 240, we get the number 1920 ... 8 x 240 = 1920

The number 1920 is the "bi-symmetrical sum" of the Sumerian-to-English syllabic translation of the name ... EN.KI. By "bi-symmetrical sum", I mean ... 'add' the left-syllable letter/numbers, and then 'add' the right-syllable letter/numbers ... to get a bi-symmetric horizontal presentation ... EN ... would be 5 + 14 = 19 KI ... would be 11 + 9 = 20

Then, present those two sums side-by-side, as left-right bi-symmetric 'horizontal' notation. Also, notice that the number 1920 divides-down by 2 ... the binary number ... to 240, then 120, then 60, then 30, then 15 .... and 15 is the number of "Osiris Re-Membered". Who helped and enabled Isis to re-member Osiris, so that Horus could be generated ? It was Thoth. If we divide 1920 by 30, we get 64 ... the "I Ching" number, and the Square of the number 8 ... 1920 / 30 = 64 = 8 Squared. If we multiply 1920 by 30, we get 57600 ... the Square of the number 240 ... 1920 x 30 = 57600 = 240 Squared.

Rennes le Chateau and The White House have the identical Grid Latitude of 103680 North (see M.L. Morton) ... which is 4 Earth Precession Cycles (in years) ... 4 x 25920 = 103680. If we divide that number by 240 ... 103680 / 240 = 432, the gematrian number meaning "consecration".

The Grid Point Value of The White House is 7.878735239 (see M.L. Morton) ... which is a decimal harmonic of the Volume Of A Sphere, if we let the Radian (deg) constant be numerically equal to the radius of 'the given sphere'. If we multiply 7.878735239 times 30 ... 7.878735239 x 30 = 236.3620572, which is equal to 2332.8 divided-by the Square of Pi ... 2332.8 / Pi Squared = 236.3620572.

The number 2332.8 is one-tenth of 23328, which in turn is nine-tenths of Earth's Precession Cycle in years ... 23328 / 25920 = 0.9 ... and 0.9 is a decimal harmonic of 90 ... the number of a 'Square' angle ... the 'right angle' ... the 'angle of erection'. If we divide 30 by 7.878735239 ... we get 3.807717748. Then, multiply that number by (Radian / Pi) ... 3.807717748 x (Radian / Pi) = 69.44444444 The number 69.44444444 is the exact internal angle, in degrees, at the apex on the southernmost triangular face of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars (see R.C. Hoagland, B.Cathie). The number 69.44444444 is also a decimal harmonic of the *reciprocal* of the number 144, which in turn is the gematrian number meaning "light" ... 1 / 144 = 0.006944444 This decimal harmonic ... 6944444444 ... is related directly to the physics of gravity acceleration (see B. Cathie).

Here is an equation showing an interesting relationship between 236.3620572 and the Grid Point Value of Warm Mineral Springs ... (236.3620572 / 34.37746771) = 21.6 / Pi

The number 21.6 is one-tenth of the Cube of 6, and is also a decimal harmonic of the polar circumference of Earth in terms of nautical miles ... 21600 ... which in turn is also the number of arc-minutes on any circumference, AND is also the Grid Latitude of Stonehenge (Munck).

Tie-in with Jerusalem

My tentative figures for Jerusalem (Temple Mount) are still as I emailed to some people several months ago ... Grid Longitude 04 (deg) x 05 (min) x 1.8 (sec) E. Giza = 36 E.Giza Grid Latitude 31 (deg) x 46 (min) x 27.26507714 (sec) North = 38880 North Grid Point Value 38880 / 36 = 1080 The number 1080 is the radius of the Moon in statute miles. If we divide 1080 by 30, we get 36 ... which is in turn the Grid Longitude of Jerusalem, east of the Giza prime meridian, if I've got it correct. If we multiply 1080 times 30, we get 32400 ... which is the Square of 180 ... and 180 is the product of Pi times the Radian (deg).

Also ... re: the 4 minutes of the UFO hover-time ... can refer to Jerusalem being "at the center of the 4 corners of the Earth".

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