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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (22)

Phoenix (Az) UFO of 03/13/97 . . . Revisited Part Two

Following-up on my mat_21.htm previous article, I'm now giving you (some of you already have these) my 'Munck Matrix' figures in detail for The White House, and for Rennes le Chateau ... so you can better see the correlations I'm pointing out relative-to the 03/13/97 UFO.

In my previous article, I said that The White House and Rennes le Chateau have an identical Grid Latitude of 103680 North, or 4 Precession Cycles of Earth in years ... 4 x 25920 = 103680. Here are the actual latitude factors for each site ... The White House 38 (deg) x 53 (min) x 51.4796425 (sec) North = 103680 North Rennes le Chateau 42 (deg) x 55 (min) x 44.88311688 (sec) North = 103680 North

Simply multiply the NUMBERS of degrees, minutes, and seconds ... without concern for "mixing units of measure". We've discovered that this matrix was designed this way from deep antiquity. These numbers can be checked ... verified ... by examining good maps. The numbers in the USA (sites in USA) are coming from the official USGS topographical maps .... 7.5-minute series. I got the Rennes le Chateau numbers from first noticing Bruce Cathie's figures on page 109 of his book, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space". I then found the closest 'Munck Matrix' numbers to those B. Cathie figures.

Also in my previous article, I said that The White House and The Jefferson Memorial have the identical *actual* longitude, and that their Grid Longitude (matching, of course) is a decimal harmonic of the Grid Longitude of the Phoenix Intersection over-which the UFO of 03/13/97 hovered for 4 minutes. By "decimal harmonic", I mean the figure has the same digits in the same horizontal order ... the decimal point is simply moved to the left or to the right in the same row of digits ... powers of ten. In this case ... as you will see ... 1315.947253 and 13159.47253. Here's the actual longitude and Grid Longitude of The White House and The Jefferson Memorial ... 108 (deg) x 10 (min) x 12.18469679 (sec) W.Giza = 13159.47253 W.Giza W.Greenwich longitude is 77 deg 02 min 11.38469679 sec. We add the longitude variance, between Giza and Greenwich, to the W.Greenwich longitude to get the W.Giza longitude necessary for the matrix calculations. The longitude variance is 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec. One of Munck's major discoveries is the prime meridian through the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza. Here's the actual longitude and Grid Longitude of the Phoenix Intersection ... 143 (deg) x 13 (min) x 0.707879103 (sec) W.Giza = 1315.947253 W.Giza W.Greenwich longitude is 112 deg 04 min 59.907879103 sec The Grid Point Value of the huge Cholula Pyramid of Mexico, a very important site in the Munck Matrix, is 13.15947253 ... another decimal harmonic of the above Grid Longitudes.

Now ; I assume there are skeptics out there who might be saying ... "why doesn't he simply use '60 seconds even' as the W.Greenwich number of longitude seconds for the Phoenix Intersection?". I've already looked at that ; and it is ... in fact ... one of the 'fail-safe' alternatives built-into this event. By "fail-safe alternatives", I mean that if this particular UFO sighting-event is really important enough to hopefully serve as a 'meaningful communication' ... by drawing our attention and focus to these particular correlations and parameters, then the "communicators" would likely have "several alternative 'hit' possibilities" built-into their 'communication-event'. If "we" don't 'get' one of the 'hits', maybe (hopefully ?) we would 'hit' another (or more) of the alternates. Let's say we look at "60 seconds even" of W.Greenwich longitude seconds for the Phoenix Intersection ... which means our W.Giza longitude would be ... 143 deg 13 min 0.8 sec ... 143 (deg) x 13 (min) x 0.8 (sec) = 1487.2 W.Giza (?) Well ... it "just so happens" ... that there exists a certain figure for the precise Grid Latitude of The Cholula Pyramid ... 1488.301281 North ... = 19 (deg) x 03 (min) x 26.11054879 (sec) North. (see C.P. Munck). So; let's try our Phoenix Intersection longitude again ... 143 (deg) x 13 (min) x 0.800592405 (sec) W.Giza = 1488.301281 W.Giza 'They' seem to want us to 'get it', so they arrange for several 'hit' alternatives. My point here is ... we still are 'finding' The Cholula Pyramid here ... only this 'alternative' gives us its Grid Latitude, rather than a decimal harmonic of its Grid Point Value. For several reasons, I didn't go with this particular alternative ... although it is "valid" in this particular event. I chose the 'hit'. I did because I think it shows the most ... and the most dramatic ... set of correlations appropriate and resonant with our current cultural and social consciousness.

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