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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (23)

Elohim Design . . . Great Pyramid's Latitudes

I was asked during my recent workshop at the IANS Conference (International Association for New Science) in Fort Collins, Colorado on Oct. 31, 1998, about the actual 'Apex Latitude' of The Great Pyramid ... in Munck's system ... as distinguished from the 'Grid Latitude' of The Great Pyramid. This is a very important distinction, so I will present some basic facts relating to it, here.

Recall the Great Pyramid 'Grid Latitude' as equal to 2880 x (Pi Cubed) ... = 89298.07684 North = 29 (deg) x 58 (min) x 53.09041429 (sec) North

The actual longitude of The Great Pyramid is designated as ... 360 ... the number 360, because it is the prime meridian marker in this re-discovered matrix (Munck). If we use 'zero' as the prime meridian number, we couldn't multiply it by anything without getting 'zero' as a product ... so we use the number 360 as the prime meridian.

To get the Grid Point Value of a site, we figure the ratio of Grid Longitude to Grid Latitude ... always larger figure divided-by smaller figure ... as in this case ... 89298.07684 / 360 = 248.0502134 = (2Pi) Cubed = Great Pyramid Grid Point Value

As it turns out, the Grid Point of The Great Pyramid is on the north face, not at the apex. The reason for this becomes more apparent as one studies this matrix. The reason involves the intention of the designer(s) / builder(s) to 'show' the relationship between Earth's Precession Cycle (in years) and Earth's equatorial circumference in Statute Miles !! This equatorial circumference could have been the actual precise arc-distance at the time The Great Pyramid was "finished" or completed at the 'dedication' of this matrix. My guess is that this would have been after The Great Deluge, the last pole-shift ... after a certain 'settling and drying' of the land had taken place ... at the end of the last 'Ice Age'.

We know the Precession Cycle of Earth is 25,920 years. Munck has found that the figure for the equatorial circumference of Earth (in this matrix) is ... 24,901.54558 Statute Miles. Take the ratio of those two numbers: 25920 / 24901.54558 = 1.040899245 Now ... divide that number into the Grid Latitude of The Great Pyramid ... 89298.07684 / 1.040899245 = 85789.35691 North Yes !!! That number is the actual 'Apex Latitude' of The Great Pyramid today ... 85789.35691 = 29 (deg) x 58 (min) x 51.00437391 (sec) North.

So we can see 'their' intention here ... 'they' are letting 'us' know they not only *knew* Earth's Precession Cycle and Earth's equatorial circumference (in regular miles !!!) ... they are showing us they knew how to geodetically *encode* all this ... at the site WHERE they built The Great Pyramid. And, 'their' metrology is also "our" metrology ... the mile, the 12-inch foot, the 360 'degrees' on a circumference, the latitude/longitude system of 60 minutes to a degree and 60 seconds to a minute, and the 24 hours of 'time' in an Earth Day.

I think the designer(s) / builder(s) were The Anunnaki ... the Elohim ... that Zecharia Sitchin writes about ... "Those who came down from Heaven to Earth". As Sitchin explains so very thoroughly in his series of books, called "The Earth Chronicles", The Anunnaki (Sumerian translation) have been 'assumed' by conventional scholarly interpretation to be so-called "mythological gods and goddesses". With unparalleled brilliance and attention to details, Sitchin has been the most articulate and intelligent researcher / author to show a comprehensive scholarly interpretation for The Anunnaki / Elohim as real flesh-and-blood very humanlike 'people', who had ... and probably still have ... advanced technologies relative-to "our" technologies. Sitchin has a new book about to be released, called "The Cosmic Code".

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(c) 1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer To contact the author please e-mail above or telephone: 412-921-9116 Pittsburgh, PA, USA.