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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (24)


Based on the Munck-Matrix

Using the ancient planetary matrix rediscovered by Carl P. Munck, I have discovered (rediscovered) some Cydonia-Giza equations, directly relating the 3 'main pyramids' and The Great Sphinx of Giza ... to 'The D&M Pyramid' and 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. Additionally, Silbury Hill (Mound) in England is involved here. Integral to these relationships in this rediscovered matrix, is the 'sexagesimal' system using multiples and fractions of the numbers 6 and 10, the circle/sphere math "convention" of 360 'degrees' on a circumference, the Pi ratio (circumference divided-by diameter), and the 'Radian' measure (the arc-distance on a circumference, equal to the radius distance of the same circle or sphere ... 57.29577951 arc-degrees). Further, it becomes evident that an ancient DMS (degrees-minutes-seconds) system was used-in-common on Earth and Mars ... the same DMS system we use today for latitude and longitude.

The first equation presented is one that I have already released via the Internet, to a number of list-serves and individuals, at various times over the past year or so. I call this the "Cydonia-Giza Equation" because it directly relates the 3 'main pyramids' of Giza to 'The D&M Pyramid' and 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. This equation was described verbally in the book, "Eagles Disobey ; The Case For Inca City, Mars", by B.J. Wolf, copyright 1998 by B.J. Wolf (all rights reserved), and published by Candlelight Publishing, 1973 N. Nellis Blvd. Suite 117, Las Vegas, NV 89115 ISBN 0-9648090-2-8 .

Bear in mind that Carl P. Munck has discovered prime meridians (for longitude measurements) running through the center of The Great Pyramid (Earth) and through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' (Mars). The longitude difference between Greenwich (England) and Giza is exactly 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec.

Using Munck's Grid Point Values for the following 5 structures ... Note: for a detailed explanation of definitions and calculation procedures, please view additional information which appears on this website and also Great Dreams - see below

Great Pyramid X Chephren Pyramid X Mycerinus Pyramid = D&M Pyramid X The Face X 5760 X Pi Cubed

I am using Pi as displayed on a 10-digit calculator ... 3.141592654 The number 5760 is a decimal harmonic (multiple of 10) of the 'gematrian' number 576 ... which, in turn, means "prophecy" ... in the re-emerging science of 'gematria'. Also, 5760 is the number of years on the Hebrew Calendar from its beginning, in 3760 B.C., to the year 2000 A.D. on today's 'Western' calendar. Further, 5760 is exactly 16 times 360 (degrees on a circumference).

Here is this equation in terms of the Grid Point Values of the 5 structures involved:

248.0502134 X 5764.166073 X 2261.946711 = 27.58106915 X 656.56127 X 5760 X 31.00627668

Now I will describe (in terms of numbers) Carl P. Munck's brilliant rediscovery of these 5 Grid Point Values (above) :

Great Pyramid Grid Longitude ... designated as the number 360, as the prime meridian value. Grid Latitude 29 (deg) x 58 (min) x 53.09041429 (sec) = 89298.07684 North = 2880 x Pi Cubed Grid Point Value 89298.07684 / 360 = 248.0502134 = (2Pi) Cubed

Chephren Pyramid Grid Longitude 11.77245771 (sec) W.Giza Grid Latitude 29 (deg) x 58 (min) x 40.34387712 (sec) = 67858.40132 North = 21600 x Pi Grid Point Value 67858.40132 / 11.77245771 = 5764.166073

Mycerinus Pyramid Grid Longitude 20.67085112 (sec) W.Giza Grid Latitude 29 (deg) x 58 (min) x 27.79807592 (sec) = 46756.3637 North = 480 x Pi Cubed x Pi Grid Point Value 46756.3637 / 20.67085112 = 2261.946711 = 720 x Pi

D&M Pyramid Grid Longitude ... designated as the number 360, as the prime meridian value. Grid Latitude 40 (deg) x 52 (min) x 4.773646584 (sec) = 9929.184894 North Grid Point Value 9929.184894 / 360 = 27.58106915

The Face Grid Longitude 6.890283706 (min) E.Cydonia = (2Pi / 3) x (Pi / 3) x Pi Grid Latitude 41 (deg) x 11 (min) x 10.03080581 (sec) = 4523.893421 North = 1440 x Pi Grid Point Value 4523.893421 / 6.890283706 = 656.56127 = 360 x Radian (deg) / (10 x Pi)

Notice the 4 terms (above) 'encoded' within the Grid Point Value of The Face : the "convention" of 360 (degrees on a circumference), the Radian (deg) measure, the number 10 (as in 'base 10'), and the Pi constant.

More Equations The Grid Point Value of The Chephren Pyramid ... 5764.166073 = (D&M Pyramid X The Face) / Pi = (27.58106915 x 656.56127) / 3.141592654

The Grid Point Value of The Mycerinus Pyramid ... 2261.946711 = (D&M Pyramid X The Face) / (Silbury Hill x Pi) = (27.58106915 x 656.56127) / (2.548320898 x 3.141592654)

Note: Silbury Hill in England has been 'decoded' by Munck as an important site in this matrix. Its Grid Latitude is an exact match of the Grid Latitude (not the 'actual' latitude) of The Chephren Pyramid ... 67858.40132 North = 51 (deg) x 24 (min) x 55.43987036 (sec) North. Silbury Hill's Grid Longitude is ... 26628.67199 W.Giza = 32 (deg) x 59 (min) x 14.10416949 (sec) W.Giza Thus, Silbury Hill's Grid Point Value is ... 67858.40132 / 26628.67199 = 2.548320898, as shown above.

The Grid Point Value of The Great Pyramid ... 248.0502134 = (D&M Pyramid X The Face) / Square Root of (The Great Sphinx / 10) x Pi = (27.58106915 x 656.56127) / Square Root of (5400 / 10) x Pi

Note : The Great Sphinx of Giza has a Grid Point Value (Munck) of 5400. Its Grid Longitude is ... 11.77245771 (sec) E.Giza, matching the W.Giza longitude (sec) number of The Chephren Pyramid. The Great Sphinx's Grid Latitude is ... 63571.27163 North = 29 (deg) x 58 (min) x 37.79504853 (sec) North Thus, its Grid Point Value is ... 63571.27163 / 11.77245771 = 5400, as shown above.

These rediscovered planetary matrix equations truly speak for themselves.

For more information on this and related material, please also visit this website; | /gem2.htm and also ... /gem3.htm, /gem5.htm, /gem9.htm, and /gem10.htm

(c) 1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer To contact the author please e-mail above or telephone: 412-921-9116 Pittsburgh, PA, USA.