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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (25)

Conversations With Michael Lawrence Morton

This is a 'forward' ... below ... (to Sean David Morton). I was a guest on his talk show for 4 hours on the night of 12/22 & 12/23 '98. It's "Talk Radio Network". I still don't have (or know of ) ... any particular affiliates ... I asked him to send me a list.

I wish I had remembered to point this out (below) on his show.


Sean ...

I did forget to mention, on your talk show, a period of days ... from the night of the 03/13/97 Phoenix UFO ... to Winter Solstice 1998, or Monday night 12/21/98 ... was precisely 648 Days.

This occured just one day prior to our conversation on your talk show.

The number 648 is a major 'Gematrian' number. It is also the Grid Longitude E.Giza of the Bethlehem site I mentioned on your show, and which I have written-up on those websites. Think about it ... Christmas is celebrated at the end of Winter Solstice ... a "Bethlehem" reference.

648 E.Giza = 04 (deg) x 03 (min) x 54 (sec) E.Giza That's the precise longitude of that Bethlehem site, to the east of the prime meridian at the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza.

648 is a major number in the work of Bruce Cathie ... in the geomagnetic grid he has discovered.

Look again at the number of seconds (longitude) of the Bethlehem site ... 54. The number 54 is a decimal harmonic of 5400 ... the exact Grid Point Value (Munck) of The Great Sphinx of Giza.

This is all way-too-much to be "random coincidence". This *means* the intelligence piloting the Phoenix UFO of 03/13/97 was keenly aware of these 'connections' I've just described here ... and, that this intelligence was 'hoping' that "We" would notice this. Well ... I've noticed. Has anyone else ? Does anyone else out there ... "get it " ?

In a message dated 12/24/98 5:17:46 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Happy Holidays to all who choose to celebrate this time of year! I consider > myself somewhat of a "student of Munck," and I understand the temptation to > ascribe his workings to numerology. Munck's writing style and his "that's how > it is--take it or leave it" attitude do not help his credibility. I'd like to > point out, however, that there are few constants in this universe, and reliance > on any of them is subjective.

> > Which constants would those who call for them prefer? Munck's "Code" > incorporates--in fact, is based upon--PI, the King of Constants. It repeatedly > discovers and refers to the so-called "precessional numbers"--those based on > the 25,920 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, a "sacred" cycle > commemorated by ancient peoples throughout history. > > Is our current Prime Meridian at Greenwich established by some celestial > constant, or was it an arbitrary choice? I don't know, and I'd bet it was a > choice of convenience or because of religious beliefs. Giza, Egypt is at the > center of the Earth's land mass...that in itself is more of a reason to > consider the Great Pyramid as the original Prime Meridian. > > Dyed-in-the-wool skeptics (which I don't think any of us on this list are, or > else they wouldn't be here) can also argue that Munck chose the precessional > cycle and designed his numbers around it. OR, they can argue that the "true" > cycle is not always exactly 25,920 years so the entire theory should be > discounted. They can argue that PI is not good enough because "there are > circles in everything." Science is about making observations and extracting > the underlying patterns, then developing a theory and constantly refining the > theory. I think what bothers most people about Munck is that history doesn't > allow for a past civilization of any level of sophistication, and certainly not > one of space age technology. Anyway, just had to voice my support for the > "Code" before going off to play in the snow! > > -Dave

Good points, but in a way you explain better than I did why I find this kind of work unrewarding.

There are too many loose ends. Or rather, too many ends open to subjective interpretation. At least for me anyway. If busting your nut on the 'patterns' of numbers, real or imagined as the case may be tickles your fancy, then by all means go ahead. You may eventually discover something useful, but personally I choose to do otherwise at least for now.

regards, Giuseppe Filotto

Your inference is that people such as Munck, Jinks, and M.L. Morton ... are just "playing with number patterns" ... and this is certainly NOT the case. I suspect that you, and others, who continue to dismiss this crucially important work out-of-hand as "playing around with number patterns", have not even bothered to take a decent look at the WORK ITSELF. I suspect this is the case, because the 'work itself' IS very robust PROOF of the 'reality' that it DESCRIBES ... it is simply incontrovertible, TANGIBLE, physically measurable, and redundant evidence ... of not only the artificiality of 'The Face' and 'The D&M Pyramid' on Mars, but also of an undeniably direct, specific, precise relationship between those two structures and the 3 main pyramids of Giza. I have shown this relationship in the form of "The Cydonia/Giza Equation" which I have discovered (rediscovered) ... and which is based directly on the specific/precise latitude/longitude Grid Point Values which Carl P. Munck has discovered (rediscovered) as part of an entire "ancient intra-planetary matrix".

I have posted "The Cydonia/Giza Equation" several times on this list ... along with a complete and concise 'layout' of all the derived numbers of latitude/longitude calculations, etc., for everyone to plainly examine. I have posted many different 'Munck Matrix' equations for various structures, each equation fully backed- up by the actual, precise, verifiable LOCATIONS of the STRUCTURES THEMSELVES, in terms of their latitudes/longitudes.

It seems to me that any reasonably-intelligent person .... who actually takes the time and makes the effort to read and study these SIMPLE EQUATIONS ..... must conclude that this constitutes VERY ROBUST evidence ... if not OUTRIGHT PROOF ... of artificiality at Cydonia on Mars, along with a direct relationship to specific structures on Earth.

Such a "reasonably-intelligent person" needs to take enough time, and needs to make enough of an effort ... to 'FOCUS' enough on the equations ... as simple as they are ... to understand that this 'planetary matix' involves such things as a process of multiplying NUMBER of degrees times NUMBER of minutes times NUMBER of seconds ... and such, without knee-jerk ad-hoc reductionistic objections, such as ... "such a process is invalid because you're 'mixing' units of measure". A certain (scientific) open-mindedness is desperately called-for. Isn't it possible, for example, that the number 60 is being used inherently as a 'harmonic' in this "strange multiplication process" ? And, therefore, isn't it possible that this is how it WAS designed to work ? ... by the Nefilim/Elohim/Anunnaki ... those people (yes, those flesh & blood 'people' ... the so-called "mythological gods and goddesses" who, as it turns out, were NOT mythological) ... that Sitchin and Freer write about ? I think so.


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