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Matrix Message (26)

Miami Stone Circle ... Matrix Predictions ?

It was suggested by David Jinks that maybe I could consider predicting some correlations involving the 'Munck Matrix' with regard to the newly-discovered 'stone circle' in Miami, Florida, near the mouth of the Miami River. This find was reported-on by Reuters news service, and the article can be found at ... also view the circle excavation

When I read the article, I noticed that it mentioned "a perfect circle 38 feet in diameter" was found, of holes and glyphs carved or bored into limestone bedrock. The article mentions some of the glyphs are of marine creatures, such as a manatee, a dolphin, and a sea turtle.

I wonder exactly how many holes, and exactly how many glyphs, are in the circle. This would be significant, according to what Munck has found in other circular matrix sites, in the figuring of the precise Grid Point Value of the structure.

The diameter of 38 feet (assuming this is a true approximation) suggests, to me, a figure of exactly 2/3rds of The Radian (deg) constant ... or 38.19718635 feet. Let's see if that turns out to be measurably true. Munck shows in his work that 38.19718635 is a figure encoded at the Mayan site at Tikal, Guatemala. He extracts that figure directly from the Grid Point Values of the 5 pyramids (so-called "temples") at the Tikal site. This implies, of course, that the designer(s) of the Tikal pyramids were very familiar with The Radian (deg) and with a convention of using 360 degrees on a circumference. The actual designer(s) may or may not have been Mayan.

I think the matrix numbers for this 'Miami Circle' site will dove-tail ... will fit tightly ... with one or more numbers specifically-shown at Stonehenge and/or at Silbury Mound. Both Stonehenge and Silbury Mound are circular ... with Silbury Mound being a conical mound. Assuming a diameter of 38.19718635 feet at the 'Miami Circle', we would have a radius of 1/3rd Radian (deg) feet ... 19.09859318 feet. The Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge has a radius, in Munck's matrix, of exactly 48.66934411 feet. If we divide the Sarsen Circle radius by the assumed (above) 'Miami Circle' radius, we get the actual Grid Point Value (Munck) of Silbury Mound ...

2.548320899 ... 48.66934411 / 19.09859318 = 2.548320899

So far, I haven't even looked at the latitude/longitude siting of this 'Miami Circle'. I have ordered the USGS 7.5-minute quad topo map for the area, but I won't have that map until late next week.

If I knew the correct number of holes, and the number of glyphs, in the circle ... I could venture additional predictive details. Regardless; I predict the matrix numbers of latitude/longitude at this 'Miami Circle' will fit very precisely with specific matrix numbers encoded at Stonehenge and/or at Silbury Mound. This very precise fit will be in the form of either matching the digits (in same order) of one or more specific numbers shown at Stonehenge and/or Silbury Mound, or will be in the form of precise whole-number multiples or whole-number fractions, probably also involving base-ten harmonics, comprising interactions with either Pi, The Radian (deg), or 360.

So ... let's see what happens.

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