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On 1/3/99, RJeff wrote ...


My answer is that Munck did not create this matrix. He would tell you exactly the same thing, himself ... I'm certain. This is a re-discovery of a matrix. We are not choosing, in this situation, to determine what criteria "we will accept" for this ancient matrix. We are simply reading what it IS saying to us ... which is apparently the intent of the designers.

And I disagree that this matrix is "non-obvious". On the contrary, it is very obvious !! All you need to do is ...

1) accept that the designers used a system of latitude/longitude based on 360 degrees on a circumference, 60 minutes in a degree, and 60 seconds in a minute.

2) accept that they used a matrix in which number of degrees is multiplied by number of minutes and then by number of seconds, except in cases where they are dealing with less than a degree or minute, etc.

3) realize that this matrix is based on self-referentiality and is self- evident.

4) realize that this matrix is self-evident in base 10, the Pi constant, and The Radian (deg) constant .....

360 / 2Pi = The Radian (deg) = 57.29577951 (deg)

There are literally hundreds of sites which we have already documented as self-evidently part of this matrix ... in base 10, and based on 360 degrees, Pi, and The Radian (deg) .... all in base 10.

So ; why do we need to even consider "other base systems" at this point ? This matrix is IN BASE 10, RJeff. And it uses the same basic latitude/longitude system we still have, except for the location of the prime meridian !!! And Munck found prime meridians to be self-evident at both The Great Pyramid and at 'The D&M Pyramid' ... both planets !!! And, as I've repeatedly pointed out ... the very Grid Point Value (Munck) of 'The Face' at Cydonia is a dramatic demonstration of ....

1) Base 10 itself.

2) 360 degrees on a circumference.

3) the Pi constant.

4) The Radian (deg) constant as 57.29577951 degrees of arc.

5) the Phi constant (Golden Section) as double the cosine of 36.

The Grid Point Value of 'The Face' ..... 656.56127 ....

= 36 Radians (deg) / Pi = 360 Radians (deg) / 10Pi

Right there, we have all the terms noted above ... dramatically encoded in the very Grid Point Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia ... literally right on the nose !!! (Or, what's left of the nose). We've got 36, we've got 360, we've got The Radian (deg), we've got Pi, and we've got the number 10.

I frankly don't see how it could be any more obvious or self-evident, folks. The Face at Cydonia on Mars is real ... it's artificial ... it's in this matrix re-discovered by Munck ... it's directly related to Giza on Earth (see my "Cydonia-Giza Equation") ... it's probably designed by The Anunnaki ... it corroborates the work of Zecharia Sitchin.

I say let's have a press conference, folks. I'm dead serious !! We need your support, people !! Enough is enough !!! Let's DO IT !!!!


Michael Lawrence Morton

In a message dated 1/3/99 7:16:19 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:


I'm very glad you're going to do this, RJeff !!! I'm very glad, indeed !!!

Hopefully, others will follow your lead.

-- Michael L. Morton

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