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Michael Lawrence Morton's

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Major Discovery

I've just now (tonight, 01/15/99) figured out ... using Carl Munck's Grid Point Value for 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars ... an equation for this Grid Point Value, which directly and specifically involves the following terms :

1) Phi ... The Golden Section ... 1.618033989

2) Pi ... circumference over diameter (ratio) ... 3.141592654

3) 360 ... our conventional number of degrees on a circumference

4) 10 ... the number of our standard counting base

5) Radian (deg) ... arc-distance (assuming 360 degrees) on a given circumference, equal to the radius distance of the same given circle or sphere ... 57.29577951 (deg)

6) 18 ... an important number involved in pentagonal geometry and in 5-fold symmetry.

Carl P. Munck, Sr. has found the Grid Point Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars, to be 656.56127.

I then noticed that 656.56127 is equal to a specific interaction involving 4 basic elements (terms) of our geometry and our standard base-ten counting system. I've posted this particular equation several times on the Internet ...

656.56127 = 360 X Radian (deg) / (10 X Pi)

Here is the equation I have just discovered, for the Grid Point Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars, involving all 6 terms listed above :

18 X Phi X Radian (deg)

Pi X COS ( 360 / 10)

Note : the cosine of (360 / 10) is equal, of course, to COS 36. I wanted to show the implied interaction between 360 and 10, here.

Regarding the interaction of the number 18 and the Phi constant, a work of David R. Wood and Ian Campbell (1995) entitled "Poussin's Secret", discusses this at length. Wood and Campbell, in this work, analyze one of Nicolas Poussin's most famous paintings ... "Les Bergers d'Arcadie" "The Shepherds of Arcadia", and they show a stunning knowledge in evidence within the proportions of this painting, of pentagonal geometry and also of related information involved in the intrigue of Rennes le Chateau in the South of France.

Apparently, regardless of whether Poussin was consciously aware of the extra-terrestrial aspect, we now have a solid inter-connection involving a famous seventeenth-century painting, Rennes le Chateau, and 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.

-- Michael L. Morton

(c) 1999 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ArcheocryptographerTo contact the author please e-mail above or telephone: 412-921-9116 Pittsburgh, PA, USA.==

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