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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (31)

The Miami Circle ... a "strong possibility" ...

My most recent, "strongest possibility", as to Munck-matrix valid numbers for The Miami Circle ... as I reported this possibility on the Art Bell radio program on February 4, 1999 ... based only on a report over the phone by Richard C. Hoagland, and also on looking at several panoramic photos (though no overhead shots) on The Internet ...

Grid LAT 25 (deg) X 46 (min) X 10.9272788 (sec) North = 12566.37061 North = 4000 X Pi

Grid LONG 111 (deg) X 19 (min) X 20.48364154 (sec) W.Giza = 43200 W.Giza W.Greenwich 80 deg 11 min 19.68364154 sec

Grid POINT Value 43200 / 12566.37061 = 3.437746771

Notice that 3.437746771 matches the number of regular Feet of height of the outer surface of The Sarcophagus in The King's Chamber inside The Great Pyramid (according to my proposed measurements). Also .... equals one-tenth Grid Point Value of Warm Mineral Springs (Florida), one-tenth the length in regular Feet of The King's Chamber (according to my proposed measurements), one-tenth of 3/5ths of The Radian (deg), and one-thousandth the polar radius of Earth in nautical miles.

-- Michael L. Morton

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