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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (32)

The Miami Circle ... Some Unifying Numbers

Regardless of my "strong possibility" for the Grid POINT Value of The Miami Circle ... 3.437746771 ... the base-ten harmonic of this figure is very important in the re-discovered planetary matrix.

The polar radius of Earth is 3437.746771 nautical miles. BTW ... isn't it interesting that a latitude minute on Earth 'just happens' to equal a nautical mile, while our convention of arc-minutes on 'any circumference' is equal to the polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles ? 21600 .

We use a statute mile of 5280 Feet. Could there be a direct "connection" between our 360-degree convention ( number of equal segments on 'any circumference' ), and the 5280 Feet in a statute mile ? Consider the mean (average) diameters of Earth and The Moon ... 7920 statute miles and 2160 statute miles. BTW ... notice that 2160 is a base-ten harmonic of 21600 . The ratio of those mean diameters is 3.666666667. Now ... consider the tetrahedron, and Richard C. Hoagland's "hyperdimensional physics" model of two interconnected tetrahedra, in a 3-D "Star-of-David" pattern, circumscribed in a rotating sphere. A tetrahedron has 720 degrees of total corner-angle on its surface. So, 2 tetrahedra have a total of 1440 degrees of corner-angle on their surfaces. Let's multiply 1440 times the ratio of mean Earth/Moon diameters ...

3.666666667 X 1440 = 5280

There's our connection between Feet in a statute mile, degrees on 'any circumference', nautical miles on the polar circumference of Earth, statute miles of mean Moon diameter, and the size-relationship between Earth and The Moon !!

-- Michael L. Morton

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