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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (33)

Miami Circle, Seip Mound, and The Great Sphinx

Continuing with updates on The Miami Circle, recall that Richard C. Hoagland gave GPS (global positioning satellite) readings to me over the phone on Feb.5, 1999 ... readings that he had taken himself.

Again, here are my figures for Munck-matrix valid coordinates, based on Mr. Hoagland's GPS readings ...

Grid LAT 25 (deg) X 46 (min) X 9.391304348 (sec) North = 10800 North

Grid LONG 111 (deg) X 19 (min) X 19.83320063 (sec) W.Giza = 41828.22014 W.Giza W.Greenwich 80 deg 11 min 19.03320063 sec

Grid POINT Value 41828.22014 / 10800 = 3.872983346

Notice that the Grid POINT Value is precisely the Square Root of 15, and the Grid LAT is exactly one-half of Stonehenge's Grid LAT of 21600. There were 15 original stones *inside* the Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge, in the "horseshoe" arrangement ... 5 pairs of uprights, or 10 stones ... plus a lintel stone across each pair of uprights ... 5 more stones, for a total of 15 original stones comprising the "horseshoe".

There are 10800 nautical miles, or 10800 arc-minutes, on each latitudinal hemisphere of Earth.

Also on Feb.5, 1999, Louis Mejia reported to me via email and also by phone, that he had heard from an archaeologist at the site, that the correct diameter of The Miami Circle is 37.5 Feet. If the diameter is, in fact, 37.5 Feet ... this would make a lot of sense. The Seip Mound, in Ohio, has a Grid Point Value of exactly 3.75 (Munck), and The Great Sphinx of Giza has a Grid Latitude of the Square Root of 375, times the Square of The Radian (deg) constant of circle/sphere math.

Let's multiply the Square Root of Seip Mound's Grid Point Value ... times the 21600 Grid Latitude of Stonehenge :

(Square Root of 3.75) X 21600 = 1.936491673 X 21600 = 41828.22014 There's the Grid LONG of The Miami Circle, according to Richard C. Hoagland's GPS readings !!

Notice that 3.75 is "two octaves" below 15 (see the work of James Furia, regarding the musical-frequency aspects of this ancient planetary matrix). By OCTAVES, we mean *doubling* or *halving* in terms of frequency ...

3.75 X 2 X 2 = 15

Of course, we note that 15 is the "Square of the Square Root of itself". This is only one example of the *self-referentiality* of this ancient matrix, a real sign of intelligent design.

The Grid Latitude of The Great Sphinx shows the same base-ten harmonic ... 375 ... encoded along with The Radian (deg) Squared ...

Radian (deg) Squared X (Square Root of 375)

= (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) X 19.36491673 = 63571.2716 North = 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 37.79504851 (sec) North

That's *exactly* where The Great Sphinx is centered, north of the equator. The Square of The Radian (deg) is used in calculating areas and volumes of circular/spherical geometric forms ... because The Radian (deg) refers to the RADIUS of the given forms.

In fact, the polar radius of Earth was designed (or assigned) to be 60 Radians (deg) in distance ... 3437.746771 (nautical miles)

= 60 Radians (deg) in nautical miles.

If we divide the Grid POINT Value of The Miami Circle into the number 60 ...

60 / 3.872983346 = 15.49193338 = Square Root of 240

The Square Root of 240, in terms of arc-degrees, is the *precise* azimuth-of- orientation of 'The Avenue of the Dead' at Teotihuacan in Mexico. The number 240 ... multiplied by the Square of The Radian (deg) ... gives the generic 'Volume of a Sphere' in Cubic Degrees ...

240 X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 787873.5239 Cu. deg

The Seip Mound site, in Ohio, has a square earthwork attached to the circular earthwork that encloses the mound itself. The baseline (one side) of that square earthwork is exactly 1080 Feet long ... a base-ten harmonic of the 10800 Grid LAT of The Miami Circle. The mean radius of The Moon is 1080 statute miles.

Throughout this matrix, we are finding redundant evidence of the use of 360 degrees on a circumference, base 10, the Pi constant, and The Radian (deg) constant. I also see evidence of a direct geometric relationship between the nautical mile and the statute mile. Notice that the ratio of mean diameters of Earth and The Moon is 3.666666667 ....

In statute miles ... 7920 / 2160 = 3.666666667

Now, we know that a tetrahedron has 720 degrees of total corner-angle on its surface, so two tetrahedra have 1440 degrees of total corner-angle on their surfaces. Think of Richard C. Hoagland's model of "hyperdimensional physics" with two interconnected tetrahedra in a 3-D "Star-of-David" pattern, circumscribed in a rotating sphere (planetary body). Let's multiply 3.666666667 times 1440 ...

3.666666667 X 1440 = 5280

... number of Feet in a statute mile. Recall that the polar circumference of Earth is 21600 arc-minutes of latitude.

We have a convention that says "any circumference" has 21600 arc-minutes on it, or 360 degrees. 21600 / 1440 = 15 . Interesting, eh ?!

-- Michael L. Morton

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