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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (34)


A Key Toward Understanding a Unified Field As Displayed in The Ancient Planetary Archaeomatrix Re-discovered by Carl P. Munck, Sr.

After further study, based on the GPS readings given to me over the phone by Richard C. Hoagland on Friday, Feb.5, 1999 ... I have concluded that The Miami Circle site is a major part of the ancient planetary archaeomatrix, re- discovered by Carl P. Munck, Sr.

First, again, here are my figures for Munck-matrix valid coordinates of longitude and latitude, using a prime meridian passing through the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza :

Grid LAT 25 (deg) X 46 (min) X 9.391304348 (sec) North = 10800 North

Grid LONG 111 (deg) X 19 (min) X 19.83320064 (sec) W.Giza = 41828.22014 W.Giza W.Greenwich 80 deg 11 min 19.03320064 sec

Grid POINT Value 41828.22014 / 10800 = 3.872983346 = Square Root of 15

Connections To Stonehenge

The Grid LAT of 10800 is exactly one-half the Grid LAT of Stonehenge 21600 , and is also one-half the polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles. The Grid POINT of Square Root of 15 refers directly to the 15 original stones inside The Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge, comprising the "horseshoe" arrangement of 5 pairs of uprights and a cross-piece on top of each of those 5 pairs. If, in fact, the diameter of Miami Circle is 37.5 Feet ... this number would equate to precisely one-half the total number of stones making-up The Sarsen Circle and The Horseshoe ... 60 + 15 ... or 75 original stones.

As Munck first observed in his decoding of Stonehenge, the 60 original stones on the circumference of The Sarsen Circle *encoded* the precise latitude of Stonehenge itself ... because 60 times 360 degrees on "any circumference" ... 360 being our conventional number of equal segments on any circumference, in our geometry ... multiplies to 21600, which is the precise number we get when we multiply the actual numbers of degrees times minutes times seconds, of Stonehenge's latitude !! The number 21600 is also "displaying" for us the polar circumference of Earth in latitude minutes or nautical miles.

Stonehenge's Grid Point Value (Munck) is 2.433467206, and if we divide that into The Miami Circle's Grid Point Value ...

3.872983346 / 2.433467206 = 1.591549431

The number 1.591549431 is precisely 1/36th of The Radian (deg) constant of circle/sphere mathematics, based on a 360-degree circumference, of course. And, 1/36 is a "base-ten harmonic" of the reciprocal of 360. By "base-ten harmonic", we simply mean a function of powers-of-ten ... moving the decimal point to the right or to the left.

We can see that the designers of both Stonehenge and The Miami Circle were very consciously-aware of using 360 degrees on a circumference, and were also using The Radian (deg) constant of 57.29577951 degrees.

Connection To Bimini Shark Mound

The skeleton of a shark, oriented due east-west, was found by archaeologists at the center of The Miami Circle. Almost exactly due east of the site, on the shore of North Bimini Island in the Bahamas, The Shark Mound is situated at a Grid Point Value (Munck) of precisely 2/3rds of the Pi constant. The Grid LONG (Munck) of this effigy mound is the Square of 360 ... or 129600 W.Giza !! Its Grid LAT is 1080 times The Radian (deg) constant ...

129600 / 1080 Radians (deg) = 2.094395102 = 2Pi / 3 Latitude of The Shark Mound is 25 deg 44 min 56.25403806 sec North. This is only 01 min 13.13726629 sec south of The Miami Circle latitude .

If we multiply The Miami Circle Grid Point Value times 2/3rds of Pi ...

2.094395102 X 3.872983346 = 8.111557352

8.111557351 ... = 91155780.93 / 754.5275746 / 480.3471728 / (Pi Cubed) .

Here we show Munck's figures (1992), in order left to right (above), for : Cubic Feet Volume of Great Pyramid (91155780.93), length at base of Great Pyramid of each side in Feet (754.5275746), height of Great Pyramid in Feet including original capstone (480.3471728), and Grid POINT Value of the Orion Belt-star MINTAKA (Morton, 1999), assuming the star Alnitak as prime meridian marker for the ecliptic (Pi Cubed). See my "Sky-Matrix" articles on this website .

I have also found the number 8.111557352 to be the Grid Point Value of a quite conical dome of granite ... labeled "Granite Hill" on the official USGS topographical map, 7.5-minute series Gettysburg (PA) Quadrangle ... just to the south of Route 30, a few miles east of Gettysburg, PA. Here are my Munck-matrix figures for "Granite Hill" :

Grid LAT 39 (deg) X 51 (min) X 4.462656608 (sec) North = 8876.223994 North = (Square Root of Volume of a Sphere) X 10 Grid LONG 108 (deg) X 17 (min) X 39.21568627 (sec) W.Giza = 72000 W.Giza = 1000 total arc-degrees of Earth's Precession, or 2.777777778 Precession Cycles of 25,920 years each cycle.

Grid POINT Value 72000 / 8876.223994 = 8.111557352

Now, consider the huge dome of granite comprising Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA. The peak of this mountain is at a Grid Point Value (Munck) *identical* to the Grid Point Value of Stonehenge ... 2.433467206. Stone Mountain's Grid LAT is precisely one power-of-ten greater than the number of nautical miles of the polar radius of Earth, or exactly three powers-of-ten greater than the precise length in regular Feet of The King's Chamber inside The Great Pyramid of Giza (Morton), and also three powers-of-ten greater than the Grid Point Value of the natural spring at Warm Mineral Springs, Florida (Munck). Stone Mountain's Munck-matrix figures :

Grid LAT 33 (deg) X 48 (min) X 21.70294679 (sec) North = 34377.46771 North = 600 Radians (deg) Grid LONG 115 (deg) X 16 (min) X 45.46545668 (sec) W.Giza = 83656.4403 W.Giza = (Square Root of 216,000) X 180 W.Greenwich 84 deg 08 min 44.66545668 sec Grid POINT Value 83656.4403 / 34377.46771 = 2.433467206 = Stonehenge Grid Point Value Note : 216,000 is the Grid Longitude of The Octagon Circle at Newark, Ohio, and is one power-of-ten greater than the Grid Latitude of Stonehenge.

Consider, now, possible interactions of granite and limestone. This would be evident at Giza, certainly, but maybe this would also be important at (or between ?) other key sites around the Earth. We already know that quartz crystal, found in granite, can be used for radio reception ... wireless electronic communication. Today we use silicon chips in computers. Could it be that ancient information is literally stored in some sort of planetary granite- limestone based "matrix" ? Note that The Miami Circle is in limestone bedrock.

Connections to Speed-of-Light ... Speed-of-Sound ... and Temperature

Let's multiply the Grid POINT Value of The Miami Circle by its Grid LONG ...

3.872983346 X 41828.22014 = 162,000

The number 162,000 is Bruce Cathie's "theoretical maximum" speed-of-light in nautical miles per second ... *before* the light is slowed-down by 'mass' and 'atmosphere' ... i.e., slowed-down by the presence of celestial bodies, like Earth. ( See B. Cathie's book, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space" ).

Now recall the figure 34.37746771 ... a base-ten harmonic of Earth's polar radius in nautical miles. Let's multiply it by 32 ... or, by five powers-of-two ...

32 X 34.37746771 = 1100.078967

This number is the speed-of-sound in Earth-air at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit ( "geo-average" Earth atmosphere temperature ? ) in terms of Feet per second. Notice that 32 is the freezing-point of water on the Fahrenheit scale. Also recall the length of The King's Chamber in regular Feet (Morton), inside The Great Pyramid of Giza, as 34.37746771 Feet.

Now divide 162,000 by the Grid LAT of The Miami Circle ...

162000 / 10800 = 15

The number 15 is the Square of 3.872983346, which we recall is the Grid POINT Value of The Miami Circle.

I also find the number 32 ... in terms of arc-degrees ... displayed on the 212-degree-arc of the main circular earthwork around the site of Seip Mound, in Ohio. If we subtract 32 from 212, we get 180 ... the arc-degrees on one- half circumference. Of course, notice that 212 degrees Fahrenheit is the boiling point of water !! Attached to this main circular ( 212-degree ) earthwork around Seip Mound, is a square earthwork with a baseline (one side) length of exactly 1080 Feet. Notice that 1080, besides being the mean radius of The Moon in statute miles, is one power-of-ten less than the Grid LAT of The Miami Circle. The Grid LONG of Seip Mound is 32400 W.Giza (Munck), and 32,400 is the Square of 180. Of course, 180 is equal to Pi Radians (deg).

The Grid Point Value of Seip Mound is 3.75 ... a base-ten harmonic of 37.5 ... the apparent diameter (still technically in need of confirmation), in Feet, of The Miami Circle.

Here are Munck's matrix-figures for Seip Mound in Ohio :

Grid LAT 39 (deg) X 14 (min) X 15.82417582 (sec) North = 8640 North Grid LONG 114 (deg) X 21 (min) X 13.53383459 (sec) W.Giza = 32400 W.Giza W.Greenwich 83 deg 13 min 12.73383459 sec

Grid POINT Value 32400 / 8640 = 3.75

I also notice that if we divide 212 by 32, we get 6.625. Could there be an intentional encoding, here, of the diameter in Feet of The Miami Circle ? The reason I ask, is because ...

6 X 6.25 = 37.5

I'm viewing the decimal point, there, as possibly indicating a "separation" of 6 and "625". Then, I'm using two powers-of-ten less than 625 as a factor in the multiplication. Is it likely that this is more than "random coincidence" ?

Now divide 162,000 by the Grid LAT of Seip Mound ...

162000 / 8640 = 18.75

That would be the radius of The Miami Circle, in Feet.

The Emerald Mound, in Mississippi, has a Grid LAT identical to the Grid LAT of The Miami Circle ... 10800 North. Here are Munck's matrix figures for it :

Grid LAT 31 (deg) X 38 (min) X 9.168081494 (sec) North = 10800 North Grid LONG 122 (deg) X 22 (min) X 50.29806259 (sec) W.Giza = 135000 W.Giza W.Greenwich 91 deg 14 min 49.49806259 sec Grid POINT Value 135000 / 10800 = 12.5 Notice that 12.5 is exactly double 6.25.

A base-ten harmonic of 3.75 and 37.5 ... (the Square Root of) 375 ... is encoded in the Grid LAT (Munck) of The Great Sphinx of Giza ...

Grid LAT 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 37.79504853 (sec) North = 63571.27163 North (Square Root of 375) X Radian (deg) Squared = 19.36491673 X ( 57.29577951 X 57.29577951) Grid LONG 11.77245771 (sec) E.Giza Grid POINT Value 63571.27163 / 11.77245771 = 5400

Notice that 5400 is the arc-distance on Earth, in nautical miles, from either pole to the equator.

Consider, also, that 54 is a base-ten harmonic of 5400 ... and the Sine of 54 is precisely one-half of the Phi constant ... The Golden Section :

SIN 54 = 0.809016994

= 1/2 X 1.618033989

Connections to "The Eye" At Poverty Point, Louisiana

One of the glyphs found at The Miami Circle appears to be a depiction of an eye. The Motley Mound, at the Poverty Point, Louisiana complex of mounds and earthworks, has been identified by Munck as an "eye" in a profile of a human face. This huge face profile can only be recognized, as such, from an aerial view !!

The Grid LAT of Motley ("The Eye") Mound is identical to the Grid LONG of Seip Mound ... 32400, and the Grid LONG of Motley ("The Eye") Mound is identical to the Grid LAT of The Bimini Shark Mound ... 61879.44189. Here are Munck's matrix figures for this Louisiana mound :

Grid LAT 32 (deg) X 39 (min) X 25.96153846 (sec) North = 32400 North Grid LONG 122 (deg) X 32 (min) X 15.85026699 (sec) W.Giza = 61879.44189 W.Giza = 1080 Radians (deg) W.Greenwich 91 deg 24 min 15.05026699 sec Grid POINT Value 61879.44189 / 32400 = 1.909859317 = 1 / 30th of The Radian (deg)

Notice the expression ( 1 / 30 ) ... this is the reciprocal of the number of glyphs that have reportedly been found at the site of The Miami Circle. This was reported to me by phone, from Richard C. Hoagland.

Earth Precession and "19.5"

Let's multiply Earth's 25920-year Precession Cycle by 19.5 (degrees latitude) ...

19.5 X 25920 = 505440

The major geometric model for Hoagland's "hyperdimensional physics" involves two tetrahedra in a 3-D Star-of-David pattern, circumscribed in a rotating sphere (celestial body, such as Earth). The total number of corner-angle degrees on the surfaces of two tetrahedra is 1440 degrees ...

505440 / 1440 = 351

Let's divide that number by 15 ... the Square of the Grid POINT Value of The Miami Circle ...

351 / 15 = 23.4

Besides being very close to Earth's angle of rotational (axis) obliquity ... the number 23.4 is exactly double 11.7 ... and 117 is a base-ten harmonic of 11.7.

Now ... divide 117 by 19.5 ...

117 / 19.5 = 6

That's the number of vertices, of the two circumscribed tetrahedra, that touch the rotating sphere at 19.5 degrees north and south latitude. The other two vertices touch the sphere at the poles.

Now ... divide 505440 by the number of arc-degrees on "any circumference" ...

505440 / 360 = 1404

Now ... subtract that number from 1440 ... 1440 - 1404 = 36

Notice that the Cosine of 36 is equal to the Sine of 54, and recall ...

SIN 54 = 0.809016994 = exactly 1/2 of 1.618033989, which in turn is the Phi constant or The Golden Section.

Also notice that Munck's Grid POINT Value for 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars ...

= ( 36 / Pi ) Radians (deg).

Then, notice that if we divide the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' into the Precession Cycle of Earth, in years ...

25920 / 656.56127 = 39.4784176 = Precisely the Square of Double-Pi

Notice that 360 degrees = 2Pi Radians (deg)


The Miami Circle is showing itself to be a major key toward an understanding of an apparently self-referential, self-evident Unified Field ... on a trans- planetary scale ... involving the precise latitude and longitude positions of ancient mounds, pyramids, stone circles, effigies, monuments, and certain natural sites. This Unified Field apparently also involves particular numbers of speed-of- light, speed-of-sound, temperature, Earth Precession, planetary energy upwellings, "hyperdimensional physics", The Golden Section or Phi constant, the Pi constant, and The Radian (deg) constant based on a circumference of 360 degrees.

We are apparently re-discovering hard empirical evidence of lost ... and suppressed ... very advanced knowledge and technology, from some common distant heritage of ours.

-- Michael L. Morton

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