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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (35)

153 Revisited . . .

Last night, James Furia emailed a hyper-link to me. I clicked on it ... and it was the audio archive of his interview on Laura Lee's radio talk show, from early December of 1998.

He discussed the number 153 quite a bit, in regard to The Great Pyramid.

Today, as I thought about 153 and various connections to Munck's matrix, and to some of my own work ... I came upon the following :

I thought about Furia mentioning, on the talk show, the 204 total courses of stone evident on the outside surface of The Great Pyramid ... including the original capstone. Could there be any significant relationships between the number 204 and Munck's extracted figure ( from the integrity of the matrix itself ) of 480.3471728 Feet for the original height of The Great Pyramid ? I decided to try a multiplication of the number 1.177245771 times 204. Recall that this ( 1.177245771 ) is an important number encoded at Stonehenge ... the ratio between the exact radius of The Sarsen Circle in Feet, or 48.66934411 Feet (Munck) ... and The Radian (deg) constant of circle/sphere mathematics, using our convention of 360 degrees on a circumference ....

57.29577951 / 48.66934411 = 1.177245771

Also recall that 1.177245771 is the TANGENT (Munck) of the 49.65408598 arc-degrees of azimuth-of-orientation of "The Avenue" at Stonehenge. Now ... multiply 1.177245771 times 204 courses of stone :

1.177245771 X 204 = 240.1581373

That figure is very close to Munck's extracted figure of 480.3471728 Feet for the original height of The Great Pyramid. Now ... multiply ...

480.3162746 X 480.3471728 = 230718.5645

Well ... what do we do with that number ? Why not see if it has a recognizable matrix-number relationship to the Pi constant ? Try dividing it by Pi ...

230718.5645 / Pi = 73440

We get a rational number out of that. What do we do with 73440 ? Why not see if it has a recognizable matrix- number relationship to Earth's Precession Cycle of 25920 years ?

73440 - 25920 = 47520 .... do it again .... 47520 - 25920 = 21600

That's the Grid LAT of Stonehenge !! (Munck). It's also the polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles and in latitude minutes. Grid LAT of Stonehenge ...

51 (deg) X 10 (min) X 42.35294118 (sec) North = 21600 North

Those latitude numbers are, in fact, the precise latitude of Stonehenge.

Notice that we subtracted two Earth Precession Cycles from 73440 ... we subtracted 51840. That number encodes the precise latitude (Munck) of a former mound ... it was called Big Mound, and it was situated where St. Louis, Missouri is today. It was destroyed for use as railroad bed material, after it was plundered for human remains. The former Big Mound's matrix numbers (Munck) :

Grid LAT 38 (deg) X 38 (min) X 35.90027701 (sec) North = 51840 North = 2 X 25920 Grid LONG 121 (deg) X 19 (min) X 9.576986758 (sec) W.Giza = 22017.49256 W.Giza W.Greenwich 90 deg 11 min 8.776986758 sec Grid POINT Value 51840 / 22017.49256 = 2.354491542 = 2 X 1.177245771

Big Mound Times Miami Circle

Let's multiply the Grid POINT Value of the former Big Mound, times the hopefully not-to-be-former Miami Circle's Grid POINT Value ... assuming my projected 3.872983346 value based on Richard C. Hoagland's GPS readings of Feb.4th, 1999 :

2.354491542 X 3.872983346 = 9.11890653

The number 9.11890653 is the Grid POINT Value of The Quetzalcoatl Pyramid, at Teotihuacan in Mexico (Munck). Is it more than random coincidence, that the alpha-numeric "sum" of the name QUETZALCOATL ... is 153 ? The work of Zecharia Sitchin says that the Egyptian "god" Thoth was one-and-the-same person ... as in real, flesh and blood humanoid ... as the "god" Quetzalcoatl. It is appropriate, here, that Thoth/ Quetzalcoatl is the "god" of mathematics and writing. He apparently was also the architect of The Great Pyramid ... and probably the designer/architect of many other monuments, pyramids, stone circles, and mounds ... all over Earth.

Notice the number 7344 ... a decimal harmonic of 73440. Visualize a bi-lateral "folding", now ... of the number 7344. By "folding", I mean adding or subtracting the "73" to/from the "44" ... We are "dividing" the 7344 bi-laterally ... into 73 and 44.

73 + 44 = 117

Recall that 117 encodes important numbers from the geometric model of Hoagland's "hyperdimensional physics" ... 117 = 6 X 19.5 .... where the two tetrahedra touch the rotating-circumscribing sphere at 6 vertices, at 19.5 degrees north and south latitude ... with the other 2 vertices touching at the poles. We know that one arc-degree of Earth Precession takes 72 years, so 1000 arc-degrees of Earth Precession takes 72000 years. Now ... subtract the number 72000 from the number 73440 ...

73440 - 72000 = 1440

The number 1440 is the total number of corner-angle degrees on the surfaces of 2 tetrahedra ... assuming our convention of 360 degrees on a circumference.

-- Michael L. Morton

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