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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (36)

Continuing Conversations with Michael L Morton Looking at the Miami Circle & Stonehenge

Thank you, Bill Harms >>

Hi, Bill ...

Thanks much ... I appreciate your interest in this work. Yes ... I'll be glad to try to help you, and others, to understand the "matrix numbers", etc, etc. I won't do it ALL right here in this email ... totally ... I can continue it in 'chunks', maybe, (?) as time rolls on. The Dade County Commission vote at 10-1 in favor of saving the site where it is ... is great news, of course ! .

One of the main things to understand about this deeply ancient, re-discovered Archaeomatrix ... re-discovered by Carl P. Munck ... is that this matrix of sites all over the world, is "showing us" the number 360 ... specifically, the number 360 in-relation to circles. Think of drawing a circle on a piece of paper. What you have done, when you have drawn that circle, is ... you have drawn its circumference ... the actual curved line of the rim of the circle itself. That circumference clearly shows the boundaries of that circle .... its curved edge. We have a convention of using 360 degrees-of-arc on a circumference. But, we more-or-less take that conventional number for granted. Where did this "convention" of 360 degrees on a circle originate ? Very good question !!

Here is how Stonehenge "shows" the number 360 in-relation to a circumference : Munck realized that The Sarsen Circle originally had 30 uprights and 30 cross- pieces making up its circumference ... 60 original stones on The Sarsen Circle itself. Munck wondered if the designer(s) of Stonehenge ... regardless of its age, and regardless of when humans were *supposed to have* known about geometric numbers according to mainstream science ... might have used the number 360 in association with a circle. Wonder and Curiosity ... so important !! He multiplies the 60 (stones) on The Sarsen Circle times the number 360 ...

60 X 360 = 21600 .

Now ... that "happens to be" the number of arc-minutes on any circumference, according to our conventional geometry. But, it also "happens to be" the actual polar circumference of Earth ... in nautical miles, and in latitude minutes. Isn't THAT fact, alone, rather "curious" ? It "just happens" that there are 21600 latitude minutes, otherwise known as nautical miles, on Earth's polar circumference (?).

Motivated by such curiosity, Munck wondered if maybe the latitude of Stonehenge itself might be somehow "encoded" with a connection to the number 21600. He noticed that Stonehenge was situated at approximately 51 degrees 10 minutes North. He also knew, of course, that our "convention" uses 60 minutes in a degree and 60 seconds in a minute ... for latitude and for longitude measurements on Earth's curved surface ... a way of locating things on the huge, curved surface of the Earth. He tried dividing the number 21600 by 51 ... the degrees of latitude of Stonehenge :

21600 / 51 = 423.5294118

Then he tried dividing that figure by 10 ... the number of minutes :

423.5294118 / 10 = 42.35294118

Munck then looked-up the most accurate latitude for Stonehenge that he could find. He used a British Ordnance Survey map ... and found that Stonehenge's latitude is indeed 51 deg 10 min 42.353 sec ..... !!!

This is a good example of how a site can "show" its position on Earth ... in terms of latitude and/or longitude. Keep in mind, here, that we are simply OBSERVING ... regardless of the opinions and/or the attitudes of the so- called scientific establishment. And, we are using simple math.

When Richard C. Hoagland phoned me with the GPS readings (global positioning satellite) he had taken for the site of The Miami Circle, the closest "Munck- matrix numbers" I found for it were 41828.02214 W.Giza and 10800 North. Now .... I'll explain this : Hoagland said his GPS instrument longitude showed 80 deg 11.317 minutes, and his GPS instrument latitude showed 25 deg 46.157 minutes. Munck has discovered (re-discovered) that our current prime meridian ... dating back to the end of the last Ice Age ... actually passes through the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza. This means that we must adjust our longitude readings accordingly ... so in this case, we add 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec onto the W.Greenwich reading ... and we'll do that a little bit later, here, in our figuring ... as you will see. First, let's convert the GPS latitude in degrees and minutes, into degrees, minutes, and seconds. Take 0.157 minutes and multiply by 60, to get the number of GPS latitude seconds :

0.157 X 60 = 9.42 (sec)

So ... we have a GPS reading for latitude of 25 deg 46 min 9.42 sec North, for The Miami Circle. Munck's work with the Archaeomatrix indicates that the latitudes and longitudes of the sites are encoded in a multiplication ... the multiplied product ... of the given site's actual latitude and longitude numbers : Number of degrees X Number of minutes X Number of seconds Yes .. this is from direct observation of many sites around the world, along with the use of the best maps available. Let's multiply the observed (from Richard C. Hoagland) GPS latitude numbers :

25 (deg) X 46 (min) X 9.42 (sec) North = 10833 North

We know, from Munck's work, that 10800 is a major Archaeomatrix number ... it is exactly one-half the 21600 Grid Latitude of Stonehenge. So ; apparently the precise (and intended) number of latitude seconds would be :

10800 / 25 / 46 = 9.391304348 seconds

That is only 2.9 Feet south of the 9.42 sec GPS reading. Now ... let's convert the GPS longitude in W.Greenwich degrees and minutes, to W.Greenwich degrees, minutes, and seconds. Take the 0.317 minutes and multiply by 60, to get the number of W.Greenwich longitude seconds :

0.317 X 60 = 19.02 W.Greenwich seconds

At this point, we convert the W.Greenwich longitude to W.Giza longitude. We add, in this case, 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec onto the W.Greenwich longitude, to adjust to W.Giza longitude. Note ... the longitude variance between Greenwich, England and the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza is exactly 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec . So ... 80 deg 11 min 19.02 sec becomes ... 111 deg 19 min 19.82 sec W.Giza

Now ... multiply ... 111 (deg) X 19 (min) X 19.82 (sec) W.Giza = 41800.38 W.Giza

We now look for the closest Archaeomatrix figure to 41800.38. The closest one I know is 41828.22014, and there are ways to "test" this probability. Let's test it against the 21600 number from Stonehenge (its Grid LAT) :

41828.22014 / 21600 = 1.936491673

This number is the Square Root of 3.75, and 3.75 is the exact Grid Point Value of Seip Mound in Ohio ... a known Archaeomatrix site (Munck). Now, we can put that information together with the reported diameter (reported to me through reliable sources) of 37.5 Feet for The Miami Circle itself !! Here, we have another decimal harmonic indication. Now ; let's check this indicated probability for the Grid LONG of The Miami Circle :

41828.22014 / 111 / 19 = 19.83320064 seconds W.Giza

That is only 1.2 Feet west of the 19.82 sec W.Giza GPS reading.

The Grid POINT Value is the ratio of the Grid LAT to the Grid LONG ... always greater-than-one ....

41828.22014 / 10800 = 3.872983346

Apparently, the Square Root of 15 is the Grid POINT Value of The Miami Circle. This refers directly to the original 15 stones comprising the "horseshoe" arrangement inside The Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge ... 5 pairs of uprights, with a cross-piece over each pair !! A total of 15 stones. The Grid Point Value of Stonehenge (Munck) is 2.433467206 ... so let's try finding an archaeomatrix connection to a decimal harmonic (maybe ?) of *that* figure to the Square Root of 15, through the Pi constant :

3.872983346 X Pi = 12.16733603

That number is precisely 5 times the Grid Point Value of Stonehenge ...

12.16733603 / 5 = 2.433467206

Recall the 5 pairs of uprights, with a cross-piece over each pair, making up the original "horseshoe". Visualize yourself looking, from ground level, at the "horseshoe" ... from just inside The Sarsen Circle itself. Can you see a SYMBOL of the Pi constant ... in each pair of uprights-with-lintel !?! If we add the number of stones on the original Sarsen Circle, to the 15 original "horseshoe" stones, we get 75 stones. And, the number 75 is exactly double the apparent diameter, in Feet, of The Miami Circle :

75 = 2 X 37.5

These are a few examples of how this re-discovered 'Archaeomatrix' works.

-- Michael L. Morton

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