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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message (37)

- Update -

MORE EVIDENCE .... England's Woodhenge And The Miami Circle

England's Woodhenge has a Grid LAT (Munck) identical to the Grid LAT of The Miami Circle ... just as Woodhenge # 2 at Cahokia, Illinois has a Grid LONG (Munck) identical to the Grid LONG of The Miami Circle !! All three sites are ancient circular structures, with various post-holes (and/or megalith holes) in the ground (and/or in the bedrock).

What are the odds that these two "Woodhenges", on separate sides of The Atlantic Ocean, would each have an Archaeomatrix LAT/LONG number which, when combined, gives the precise LAT/LONG numbers for The Miami Circle site ?!

In Carl P. Munck's newsletter # 44 of Feb/Mar 1998, he discusses England's Woodhenge. It is comprised of 6 concentric circles of post-holes. It also has 2 post-holes that are within the central ring, 2 post-holes outside all the concentric rings, and 6 post-holes within the rings that are 'apparently' out-of- alignment (sorry, Carl ... you missed one of the 'out-of-alignment' post- holes). If we take these numbers and multiply ...

6 X 2 X 2 X 6 = 144

a major gematrian number redundantly encoded within this re-discovered ancient matrix. If we take the 156 post-holes of the 6 rings, and the 8 post-holes 'within' the rings, we have 164. If we then subtract the 2 post-holes that are *outside* the rings, we end up with 162, referring to Bruce Cathie's "theoretical maximum" light-speed of 162,000 nautical miles per second. Based on the scale shown on Carl's sketch of the site (in his newsletter), I think the diameter of England's Woodhenge could be 144 Feet, as an average. The Grid POINT Value (Munck) of this site is 2.5, and if we multiply that by 144 ...

2.5 X 144 = 360

the arc-degrees on any circumference. Here are Munck's matrix numbers for England's Woodhenge :

Grid LAT 51 (deg) X 11 (min) X 19.2513369 (sec) North = 10800 North Grid LONG 32 (deg) X 55 (min) X 2.454545455 (sec) W.Giza = 4320 W.Giza W.Greenwich 01 deg 47 min 1.654545455 sec Grid POINT Value 10800 / 4320 = 2.5

As Munck points out in his newsletter article, the outer ring of England's Woodhenge has 60 post-holes, just as The Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge originally had 60 stones ... 30 uprights and 30 cross-pieces. And, of course, 60 X 360 = 21600, the Grid LAT of Stonehenge itself ... exactly double the 10800 figure.

If we multiply the Grid POINT Values of the two Woodhenges, and divide the result into the Grid POINT Value of The Miami Circle :

3.872983346 / (1.297849176 X 2.5) = 3.75 / Pi

We get a decimal harmonic of the diameter, in Feet (37.5), of The Miami Circle ... divided-by the Pi constant. The number 3.75 is also the Grid POINT Value of Seip Mound in Ohio, as I've discussed in earlier articles.

The Area of a Circle ... Divided by Five Circle Sites

I wanted to see if I could come up with a "string" of Grid POINT Values, involving The Miami Circle site, England's Woodhenge, Woodhenge # 2 at Cahokia, and Stonehenge ... relating them to the generic formula for Area of a Circle, and hopefully also to at least one other significant Archaeomatrix number. Carl Munck suggested to me over the phone, a couple of days ago, that I see if I could involve the Cuicuilco site (Mexico) in such an equation. I tried Cuicuilco's Grid POINT Value (Munck) of precisely one-half Radian (deg) or 28.64788976 ... and it also "happens" that Cuicuilco's Grid LONG is identical to the generic Area of a Circle, or 10313.24031 Square Degrees, if we let The Radian (deg) be equal to a given RADIUS :

Pi X ( 57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = Pi X 3282.80635 = 10313.24031 Square Degrees

So ; here is a string of the Grid POINT Values of all 5 of these circular structures, relating directly to Area of a Circle (generic) ... and notice what we also find :

10313.24031 / 3.872983346 / 2.5 / 1.297849176 / 2.433467206 / 28.64788976 = 11.77245771

We find a very important number in the Archaeomatrix. This number is the TANGENT of the statute mileage of 90 arc-degrees of Earth's polar circumference, or the arc-distance in statute miles from either pole to the equator. This figure is 6214.855279 statute miles ... possibly the actual mileage at the time this particular matrix was "dedicated" ... around the end of the last Ice Age. The number 11.77245771 is also the Grid LONG and the actual longitude in arc-seconds, to the east and to the west of the Giza prime meridian ... of The Great Sphinx and The Chephren Pyramid, respectively (Munck) !! Recall, also, that 5400 is the Grid POINT Value (Munck) of The Great Sphinx, referring directly to the 5400 nautical miles of arc-distance from either pole to the equator. As a last thought here, I give you this ...

5400 / 360 = 15

the Square of the Grid POINT Value of The Miami Circle. And, this ...

5400 / 144 = 37.5

the diameter, in Feet, of The Miami Circle. This tends to add support to the possibility that the average diameter of England's Woodhenge is 144 Feet.

-- Michael L. Morton

Reinforcing Discovery re: Miami Circle ...

I've just (today, 02/21/99) figured out that the Grid LONG of Woodhenge # 2 ... at Cahokia, Illinois (the complex of mounds and other earthworks) ... is identical to The Miami Circle's Grid LONG ... 41828.22014 W.Giza. I was looking through Carl's "Whispers From Time" (self-published) today ... and I noticed his sketch (diagram) of Woodhenge # 2. He has the center of Woodhenge # 2 almost exactly at 90 deg 04 min 28 sec W.Greenwich ... which is approximately 121 deg 12 min 28.8 sec W.Giza. He doesn't have the Grid LONG for the Woodhenge # 2 site published, to my knowledge ... but I'm now confident it's ...

121 (deg) X 12 (min) X 28.80731415 (sec) W.Giza = 41828.22014 W.Giza

... same as my figure for The Miami Circle Grid LONG !!

This means Woodhenge # 2 at Cahokia has a Grid POINT Value of ...

54286.72105 / 41828.22014 = 1.297849176

That is *exactly double* a decimal harmonic of The Moon Pyramid (at Teotihuacan, Mexico) Grid Point Value of 6.489245875 (Munck) ...

0.648924588 X 2 = 1.297849176

Notice what happens when we multiply this figure by the diameter, in Feet, of The Miami Circle ...

37.5 (Feet) X 1.297849176 = 48.66934411

... the precise radius of The Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge, in Feet (Munck) !!!

If, in fact, there are 30 holes (as now reported) along the circumference of The Miami Circle ... of various sizes and shapes, apparently indicating that variously-shaped-and-sized monoliths once stood in these holes ... notice this interaction of 30 with the number of holes (48) on the circumference of Woodhenge # 2 at Cahokia : 30 X 48 = 1440 Now let's divide 1440 by the four cardinal directions, to which The Miami Circle site is aligned ... 1440 / 4 = 360 ... the number of arc-degrees on "any circumference" according to "our" conventional geometry.

P.S. To order Carl Munck's materials ... call 1-800-243-1438 in Seattle, WA: 425-455-1053 + outside USA dial prefix: 00 1 206 ... or go to

-- Michael L. Morton

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