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Michael Lawrence Morton's

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Inverted Conical Mound Discovery near Coupeville, WA

In my effort to get a central 'pinpoint' on the Coupeville (WA) USGS Quadrangle map (topographical 7.5-minute series) ... so I could hopefully calculate some 'Munck Matrix' numbers for the 'downed crop' reported there recently .... I ran across something else:

An elliptical depression (no, not the emotional/psychological kind) .... what I might call an "inverted conical mound" ... located a little over a mile ESE of Coupeville, Washington. It's about a half-mile long and about a quarter-mile wide, and about 100 feet deep in a quite regular, sloping contour.

On the topo map, it looks very much like a classic "crop circle" .... with the topo map's contour lines appearing like concentric rings.

Here are my latitude/longitude figures .... Grid Longitude 153 deg x 47 min x 37.22717409 sec W.Giza = 267700.6089 W.Giza = 5760 x Square Root of 2160 Grid Latitude 48 deg x 12 min x 46.47580015 sec North = 26770.06089 North = 576 x Square Root of 2160 Grid Point Value 10

Note .... the number of latitude seconds is exactly Square Root of 2160. Other notes ... the Grid Point Value of 10 is the square root of the number of Feet of contour slope of the depression. The Silbury Mound, in England, is conical and has a flattened top of 100 Feet in diameter.

(c)1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton