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This is fasinating stuff!

arcsin(1/3) = 0.3398369094541220000

0.3398369094541220000 x 180 / pi = 19.47122063449070000000 degrees

Assuming that arcsin(1/3) does yield the true tetrahedral latitude, then, a spinning tetrahedral pyramid exactly insribing a sphere would define a cone whose cross-section is a triangle with a height of 4 and a base of 2 x sqrt 8. Or, two right angle triangles with a height to base ratio of sqrt of 2.

The point I am trying to make is that there appear to be some very elegant mathematical relationships here. The same relationships show up in the alleged Pentad Mounds formation. I would need to spend some time to work through a proof that the 'tetrahedral' latitude really does match (arcsin(1/3))x180/pi. It has to match exactly, otherwise this is just numerology hokum. Hopefully someone has already done this exercise ...

And what does this have to do with mantle hot spots, the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, solar storms, Mons Olympus? Ask a astrophysicist.

If there is a "Cydonia Message" re: the tetrahedral latitude, it may be that a certain geological feature at 19.5 degrees N on Earth is a potential threat to humanity. That is, the Big Island of Hawaii, our 'Mons Olympus', has a rift that could lead to an underwater landslide the size of Everest. The resultant 1000 ft+ tsunamis could wipe out all the cities on or near the Pacific. The surges would be on a continental scale. It has happened in geologically recent times and will happen again.

Perhaps we are being warned. >>

Yes ..... this is indeed elegant, pure geometry ... using the system of *360* arc-degrees on any true circumference !!! This is what this re-discovered "archaeomatrix" (as I call it) is based on !!! Carl P. Munck, Sr. is the pioneer who re-discovered this elegant matrix ... encoded *in-and-by* the precise placements of various pyramids, mounds, stone circles, and such. And when I say "precise" placements .... I really mean PRECISE. Whoever did this had to have had very high technology and advanced knowledge ... AT LEAST the equivalent of the satellite-accurate mapping we have today.

For a *perfect sphere* ... yes ... apparently the ARC-SINE of (1/3) does elegantly refer to the Hoagland Tetrahedral Latitude .... 19.47122 degrees north/south.

A friend and research colleague of mine ... Mary Anne Weaver ... discovered this about 3 weeks ago. And this 'decimal harmonic' of repeating "3"s is definitely "in" the re-discovered archaeomatix. We (Munck and I) have found it to be there, already. In fact ... my preliminary figures for "SEAHENGE" in England are showing a Grid POINT Value of 3.333333333 (Morton, 1999) for that site ... in addition to a Grid LONG *identical* to the Grid LONG of 'The Miami Circle' of 41828.22014 W.Giza (Morton, 1999) ... and which is also *identical* to my findings for the Grid LONG of Cahokia Woodhenge # 2. See mat_47.htm Matrix Message #47

Notice also that I have posted my "Tetrahedral Grid LAT" on this list ... of 8760.481939 North/South (Morton, 1999) ... = 19 (deg) X 28 (min) X 16.46707131 (sec) North/South.

This figure (8760.481939) is PRECISELY one-sixth (1/6) of Munck's Grid LONG for Stonehenge of 52562.89164 W.Giza (Munck, 1991) ... = 32 (deg) X 57 (min) X 28.8173748 (sec) W.Giza. W.Greenwich 01 deg 49 min 28.0173748 sec

ALSO .... 52562.89164 is encoded at (and by) several known structures. Another example is The Kukulkan Pyramid at Chichen Itza in Mexico ... (Munck, 1993) ... = 119 (deg) X 42 (min) X 10.51678504 (sec) W.Giza. W.Greenwich 88 deg 34 min 9.71678504 sec

The fact that there are SIX (6) "tetrahedral latitude points" on Hoagland's planetary model ... besides the 2 poles ... could be a reason for the apparently prominent encoding of the 52562.89164 number ... 52562.89164 / 8760.481939 = 6.

Could it be that 8760.481939 represents the "rotational planetary" tetrahedral latitude ... 'allowing-for' the flattening at the poles and for the bulging in the middle ? The difference in arc-seconds of latitude is ... (16.46707131 - 16.394268) = 0.07280331 arc-seconds.

Would the bulge in the middle and the flattening at the poles tend to 'increase' the latitudes of the "tetrahedral points" by about that much ?

That's only an increase of a little over 7 Feet in latitude per nodal point, on Earth.

Would this be reasonable ? Would it be accurate ?

-- Michael L. Morton

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