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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message #52

The 2Pi Pyramid Slope Tangent

Here's one of the things that "came to me" after my recent trip to Miami ...

I realized that the TANGENT of the slope angle (from its base) of The Great Pyramid of Giza ... 1.273239545 ... is shown by any Circle inscribed in a Square.

The Circle touches the perimeter of the Square at the mid-points of each side.

For a Square of Unit Length 1 .... its area is 1.

The radius of the inscribed Circle is 1/2 ... so the area of that inscribed Circle is ... Pi X (1/2 X 1/2) = (Pi / 4).

Now ... take the ratio of the area of the Square to the area of the inscribed Circle :

1 / ( Pi / 4) = 1 / 0.785398163 = 1.273239545 ... = TAN of 51.853974 arc-degrees.

And if a 4-sided pyramid "on" that Square has a slope angle of 51.853974 arc-degrees, then the ratio between its base perimeter and its apex height will be ... 2Pi.

So that is probably another reason why The Great Pyramid of Giza was built at that particular slope angle. It "shows" this fundamental geometric ratio, involving a "squared circle" ... based on a 360 arc-degree system for circles and spheres.

-- Michael L. Morton

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