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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message #58

Some Nice (Simple) Hard Evidence ...

If you want to have some nice, simple, hard evidence at hand ... with which to prove 'intelligent design' involved at Cydonia on Mars ... here's something you can use ...

This involves the center-point of The Face at Cydonia ... right "on the nose" ... the intersection of latitude and longitude there ... on the nose. The longitude is defined by a self-evident 'prime meridian' discovered (deduced) by Carl Munck (1991). This prime meridian runs through the center of The D&M Pyramid at Cydonia ... 6.890283706 arc-minutes West of the center of The Face.

6.890283706 = (Pi/3) X (2Pi/3) X Pi.

The N. Latitude of the nose on The Face is 41deg 11min 10.03080581sec .... 41 X 11 X 10.03080581 = 1440Pi North. The Grid POINT Value of The Face (Munck, 1991) ...
= (1440Pi) / 6.890283706 = 656.56127.

Here's a nice math equivalency for that figure of "656.56127" ....

We have a trig function of the Phi constant in-play, here. Phi is "The Golden Section" ... 1.618033989, to 9 decimal places. And ... you'll see that we also have the 360 arc-degree system referenced, here. [ Note : The Radian (deg) = 360 (deg) / 2Pi = 57.29577951 (deg) ].

The Cosine of 36 (deg) = 1/2 of Phi = 0.809016994 ... So ... ArcCos (Phi/2) = 36 (deg).

ArcCos (Phi/2) X Radian (deg) = 36 Radians (deg) = 2062.648063 ...

The figure "2062.648063" is a 'decimal harmonic' of my proposed figure for The Royal Cubit ... 20.62648063 regular inches. [ NOT "pyramid inches"]. (I have an article on this (a couple of articles, actually) at ... Matrix Index. I'm saying the builders/designers of this ancient 'matrix' were *actually utilizing* a very precise 360 arc-degree system in their metrology and in their geometry, because ...

2Pi X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 20626.48063 Square Arc-degrees ... formula for Area on Hemisphere Surface, assuming the given radius is numerically equal to The Radian (deg).

Now ... 2062.648063 = 656.56127 X Pi.

So ... 2062.648063 / 656.56127 = 3.141592654 = Pi.

So ... we have a nice math equivalency being "displayed" by the precise positioning of The Face at Cydonia on Mars ... assuming the builders/designers used the 360 arc-degree system of mapping on Mars.

It would be nice to get more data, supporting the self-evident (and self-referential) 'prime meridian' through the center of The D&M Pyramid ... from the specific positions of *other* structures at Cydonia. We are working on that. Meanwhile ... we DO already have a lot of data supporting this theory ... from measurments of the precise positioning (and structural designs, as well) of many structures on Earth ... such as at Giza. Please see my article, "Some Direct Cydonia/Giza Equations" ... Matrix #24

What would be the odds ... statistically-speaking ... of the above-referenced equations, involving the precise locations of those 5 individual structures (described in the above article, "Some Direct Cydonia/Giza Equations" ... The Face, The D&M Pyramid, The Great Pyramid, The Chephren Pyramid, and The Mycerinus Pyramid) ... being simply the result of "random chance" ?

I pose this question as a serious challenge to skeptics ... and to any-and-all researchers out there.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) copyright 1999

Forwarding and copying of this article is encouraged ... provided the copyright is included. Thanks ... MLM.

-- Michael L. Morton