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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message #59

MAJOR CORRELATIONS AMONG ... The Miami Circle, "The Miami Square", and The Ark of Ziusudra -- by Michael Lawrence Morton (c) copyright 1999

I have very recently discovered specific, very significant correlations among the 3 sites/structures, above. This is a summary of sorts ... of ... confirmation of the existence of these structures/sites, their very specific self-referential relationships, and confirmation of the reality of their further very specific self-referential relationships to certain structures at Cydonia on Mars, and more, as well.

My major reference material for my study of the location-of, and the length/width of, The Ark of Ziusudra ("Noah") ... is the book by David Fasold, entitled, "The Ark of Noah", copyright 1988 by David Fasold. This book was published in paperback in 1990 by Knightsbridge Publishing (New York), and was first published in 1988 by Wynwood Press. It has been out-of-print for some time. David Fasold examined and measured the remains of The Ark in June of 1985. This was in Eastern Turkey ... about 17 miles southwest of the peak of Mount Ararat. [ I very recently learned that David Fasold died in the Spring of 1998, although I do not know the circumstances of his death.]

I have visited the area of The Miami Circle, in mid-February of 1999. I've also studied the location of The Miami Circle on the USGS 7.5-minute Series Topographical Map ... Miami Quadrangle. My Grid POINT Value for it is ... 3.872983346 ... the Square Root of 15.

I very recently learned of the location of a certain "water well" ... a little more than a half-mile from The Miami Circle .... and this turned out (based on my map measurements) to be precisely 225 arc-degrees azimuth from The Miami Circle, and the length of this line is apparently 2917.024865 Feet. You'll see in a moment why I am so specific with this figure. This line becomes a diagonal in a square ... with the sides of the square oriented exactly to the 4 cardinal directions. [2917.024865 / (Square Root of 2) = 2062.648063].

The side length of this Square is a very significant number, in Feet ... 2062.648063. This is numerically 100 times my proposed CUBIT of ... 20.62648063 REGULAR Inches (not "pyramid inches"). So .. the scale ratio, here, is 1200 ... 100 X 12 (inches in a Foot) ... = 1200. If we look at my proposed width of The King's Chamber, within The Great Pyramid of Giza, of 206.2648063 regular inches ... we have a scale ratio of 120.

[ See my article on "The King's Chamber and The Sarcophagus" ... the Matrix Index] David Fasold confirmed the length of The Ark, at the site, as "300 Cubits" ... based on Fasold's approximation of the Cubit at 20.6 regular inches.

According to my 20.62648063 figure ... this would mean 300 Cubits would be precisely equal to ... (1620 / Pi) Regular Feet ... (300 X 20.62648063 / 12) = 515.6620156 Regular Feet = (1620 / Pi).

Length of The Arc and Length of The Ark

If we use half the side length of "The Miami Square" (above), or 1031.324031 Feet, as the radius of a Circle ... this Circle could be precisely inscribed in the Square, touching the Square at the mid-point of each side ... at the 4 cardinal directions from the center of the Circle.

The Area of this inscribed Circle is ... Pi X (1031.324031 X 1031.324031) = 3341489.86 Square Feet. The circumference would be ... (2062.648063 X Pi) = 6480 Feet.

Now ... divide this Circle's circumference (its ARC-length) into its Area ... (3341489.86 / 6480) = 515.6620156 Feet ... the length of The Ark !!!

The Area of "The Miami Square" is ... (2062.648063 X 2062.648063) = 4254517.032 Square Feet. Now .... take the ratio of this Square's Area and the Area of the inscribed Circle within it ... (4254517.032 / 3341489.86) = 1.273239545 ... the TANGENT of the precise slope angle at the base of The Great Pyramid of Giza (Munck, 1991).

This slope angle has been documented at The British Museum, from the careful measurement of an actual casing-stone from The Great Pyramid itself. This slope angle is ... 51.853974 arc-degrees.

Also notice that the figures "6480" and "4254517.032" are very directly associated with the site at Bethlehem at a Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1998) of 65.656127 ...

[ 42545.1703 North / 648 E.Giza = 65.656127. See Rennes Article In turn, we have the precise connection to 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars ... at the Grid POINT Value of 656.56127 (Munck, 1991). [ See ]. Why Haven't We "Heard About" This Ark ?

We HAVE heard about it ... from David Fasold, in his book and in his newsletters. His newsletters continued for a number of years ... into at least 1993. But, of course, as in the case of virtually ALL information that has *significantly challenged* the corrupt existing power-structure of this society, this information was corrupted, mis-quoted, ridiculed, attacked, "debunked", and "discredited" ... by various people. Could some of the warfare in the area of Eastern Turkey ... (involving The Kurds, etc.) ... have anything to do with this Ark ? The Ark is/was (is it *still* there ?) about 17 miles southwest of Mount Ararat, according to Fasold.

And we now have the EXACT location, if I'm correct.

And where is David Fasold now ? I tried to reach him by phone (at his former number, and through directory assistance) but could not locate him. He was living in the San Diego, CA area, the last time I spoke by phone with him in the mid- 1990s.

There are versions of the "Flood story" that mention a 'navigator' who steered the vessel for Ziusudra ("Noah"). I think the French word for 'navigator' is ... "nautonier" or "nautonnier" (?). This word is also associated with the history of Freemasonry, if I'm not mistaken. Could it be that this 'navigator' would have used the position of "our" pole star, POLARIS, to steer the Ark to a particular landing spot ? Might it be that ENKI, himself, instructed the navigator to look for just such a significant point ? Yes ... I think this makes sense ... near the "end of the ride", so to speak. Undoubtedly, the word "nautical" ... as in "nautical mile" ... stems from that French word for 'navigator'.

Location of The Ark of Ziusudra

Fasold (in his book, mentioned above) has the location of The Ark as ... LATITUDE ... 39 deg 26 min North.

LONGITUDE ... 44 deg 15 min E.Greenwich.

I have come up with the following figures, based on his approximations ... Grid LAT 39 (deg) X 26 (min) X 0.959947616 (sec) North ...
= 973.3868822 North ...
= 10 X Stonehenge Sarsen Circle Diameter in Feet (Munck, 1991).
Grid LONG 13 (deg) X 06 (min) X 57.9986336 (sec) E.Giza ...
= 1440 X Pi ... = Cydonia Face (on Mars) Grid LAT (Munck, 1991). Grid POINT Value 4523.893421 / 973.3868822 ... = 4.647580015 ... = Square Root of 21.6 NOTE : 21.6 is my Grid POINT Value for the star POLARIS, based on the Sidereal Zodiac system (Cyril Fagan, and others) and also based on the theory of Mary Anne Weaver of the Orion belt-star ALNITAK functioning as prime meridian marker for our ecliptic ... for purposes of measuring star-position longitudes in our sky, with the Earth precession factor thus "eliminated" as a calculation necessity.

See my article (in 2 parts, so far) on "A Sky Matrix" the Matrix Index Here are my figures for Grid LAT and Grid LONG for the star POLARIS :
Grid LAT 66 (deg) X 05 (min) X 41.89090909 (sec) North ...
= 13824 North.
Grid LONG 03 (deg) X 52 (min) X 4.102564103 (sec) E.Alnitak ...
= 640 E.Alnitak.
Grid POINT Value POLARIS 13824 / 640 ...
= 21.6

Note the 21600 polar circumference of Earth in *nautical* miles ... the stunning correlations between this polar circumference, the Grid POINT Value of a DECIMAL HARMONIC (21.6) of this polar circumference, for OUR CURRENT "pole star" which is NAMED "Polaris" ... PLUS, now, the discovery of a Grid POINT Value of the SQUARE ROOT of 21.6 for the resting place of The Ark of Ziusudra ("Noah"). This is *in-addition-to* The Ark's Grid LAT and Grid LONG referring specifically to Stonehenge and to 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.

The width of this Ark at its widest point, would be 139.4274004 regular Feet ...
(50 X 20.62648063 / 12) X 1.62231147 = 139.4274004.
The "average beam width" would be 50 Cubits, or 89.94366929 regular Feet. David Fasold makes a careful distinction, in his book, between "maximum width" of the Ark itself, and its "average beam width" of 50 Cubits. Notice the figure "1.62231147". This is my figure, also, for the Grid POINT Value of "The Water Well" at the southwestern corner of the "Miami Square".

The Water Well ... And The Other "Miami Square" Grid POINTS ...

My Grid POINT Value for "The Water Well" is ... 1.62231147 ... Grid LAT 25 (deg) X 45 (min) X 48.92776125 (sec) North ... = 55043.73141 North ... = Grid LAT of Monks Mound at Cahokia, Illinois (Munck, 1993).

Grid LONG 111 (deg) X 19 (min) X 42.34143046 (sec) W.Giza ... = 89298.07684 W.Giza ... = Grid LAT of The Great Pyramid of Giza (Munck, 1991). [ W.Greenwich 80 deg 11 min 41.54143046 sec ].

Grid POINT Value of "The Water Well" 89298.07684 / 55043.73141 ... = 1.62231147

The multiplied product of 1.62231147 and 3.872983346 (The Miami Circle Grid POINT Value .. Morton, 1999) ... is ... *precisely* ... 2Pi.

1.62231147 X 3.872983346 = 6.283185307 = 2Pi. And 3.872983346 is precisely the Square Root of 15. That number "15" is very significant. I have just recently discovered that a "Square" of our 9 integers, arranged in rows of 3 ... has very striking correlations to not only the number 15, but also to this 'Miami Square" and to The Ark of Ziusudra ("Noah").

Very synchronistically, a research associate ... Gary Val Tenuta ... noticed that one form of a square-of-the-9-integers, in rows of 3 ... can be arranged as :

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

.... such that, if the diagonals are added ... we get "15" for each diagonal.

There is another form of a square-of-the-9-integers, in rows of 3, as such :

8 3 4
1 5 9
6 7 2

.... such that, "any" row added ... is 15.

There are some very interesting and significant correlations, I have found, involving these two squares-of-the-9-integers .... and this "Miami Square", and the "Ark of Ziusudra". It will take some time to cover all of these correlations, but I will start here : Take the "654" and the "753" diagonals. I'm starting here, because this represents the straight line between "The Miami Circle" and "The Water Well" ... at 45 arc- degrees off true north. Notice that the number 5 is the center integer in both "MAGIC SQUARES" .... as these are often called. I only use that reference because many people are familiar with the "magic square" format. Of course, the number 5 is very "Phi-related" ... something to keep in mind.

Multiply the 3 integers in each of these two diagonal rows ... 6 X 5 X 4 = 120, a very "tetrahedral" number. Recall the scale ratio of the side length of the "Miami Square" (2062.648063 Feet) to the width of The King's Chamber in The Great Pyramid of Giza (206.2648063 regular inches) ... 120.

7 X 5 X 3 = 105. Notice that (105 + 120) = 225 ... the azimuth in arc-degrees from The Miami Circle to The Water Well. And; 225 = 15 Squared. The SINE of the Hoagland Tetrahedral Latitude of 19.47122061 arc-degrees north/south of the equator ... is ... 0.333333333 ... repeating 3s. If we now multiply ... (SIN 19.47122061) X 45 (degrees off true north) = 15.

If we multiply again ... 15 X (SIN 19.47122061) = 5, the center integer.

Center Point Between the Two Miami Sites I found the center of the line drawn on the USGS topo map (diagonal to true north) between The Miami Circle and The Water Well, to have a Grid POINT Value of ... 1.013211836.

Grid LONG 111 (deg) X 19 (min) X 31.13140209 (sec) W.Giza ...
= 65656.127 W.Giza ...
= 'Cydonia Face on Mars' Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1991) X 100.
[ W.Greenwich 80 deg 11 min 30.33140209 sec ]

Grid LAT 25 (deg) X 45 (min) X 59.13205776 (sec) North ...
= 66523.56498 North.
Grid POINT Value 66523.56498 / 65656.127 ...
= 1.013211836.
If we now multiply these "diagonal line" Grid POINT Values, of "The Miami Square", we have ... 1.62231147 X 1.013211836 X 3.872983346 = 6.366197719 ... = (20 / Pi). Notice these interactions (multiply and divide) between 6.366197719 and "15" :

(15 X 6.366197719) = 95.49296579.
(15 / 6.366197719) = 2.356194492.

We have 3 Grid POINTS in a row, here. We have rows of 3 integers, forming a "MAGIC SQUARE" of the 9 integers. Would the number "3" show any significant correlations to anything, at this stage ? Yes, it would ... (3 / 2.356194492) = 1.273239545. This is the TANGENT of the *precise* slope angle (from its base) of The Great Pyramid of Giza, as found by Carl P. Munck, Sr.(1991). [ TAN 51.853974 arc-degrees = 1.273239545 ]. Because we have a square formed, with The Miami Circle at the NE corner and The Water Well at the SW corner, and a center-point ... AND a multiplied product of exactly 2Pi between the Grid POINT Values of The Miami Circle and The Water Well ... it seems worthwhile to investigate the numbers we would get by projecting the center-point as the APEX of an imagined 4-sided pyramid, *on* this "Miami Square". We already have the (2Pi) ratio of the base perimeter to the height of such a 4-sided pyramid "shown" to us, as well as its slope angle TANGENT !!! This would MATCH the corresponding "specs" of The Great Pyramid, of course, but this projected pyramid is much larger in scale. What is the height of this projected 4-sided pyramid ? We only have to divide its base perimeter (4 X 2062.648063 Feet) by (2Pi ) ... (8250.592252 / 2Pi) = 1313.12254 Feet.

This height in Feet is (numerically) precisely DOUBLE the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars ... (1313.12254 / 2) = 656.56127 (Munck, 1991).

The SE and NW Corners

To find the Grid POINT Value of the SE corner of the "Miami Square", we use the Grid LONG of The Miami Circle and the Grid LAT of The Water Well: (55043.73141 North / 41828.22014 W.Giza) = 1.315947253.

To find the Grid POINT Value of the NW corner, we use the Grid LONG of The Water Well and the Grid LAT of The Miami Circle: (89298.07684 W.Giza / 10800 North) = 8.268340448.

We again have a ratio of precisely 2Pi ... (8.268340448 / 1.315947253) = 2Pi.

You can also find the NW Grid POINT Value by multiplying the other 3 corners together ... (3.872983346 X 1.62231147 X 1.315947253) = 8.268340448.

We now have (2Pi) SQUARED ... the 4 corners of the "Miami Square", in an "X" pattern ... (NW / SE) X (SW X NE) = 39.4784176 = (2Pi) Squared. Recall the Grid POINT Value of 1.013211836 at the center point ... with an APEX height of 1313.12254 Feet for our projected 4-sided pyramid ... (1313.12254 / 1.013211836) = 1296 ... the Square of 36 ... and exactly 1/10th of one-HALF Earth precession cycle in years.

And ... speaking of the Earth precession cycle ... look what happens if we multiply [(2Pi) Squared] times the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars ... [(2Pi) Squared] X 656.56127 = 25920 ... the Earth precession cycle in years.


Because it was Enki who set up Ziusudra with The Ark, I was wondering if his Rank Number (40, in the Sumerian Pantheon) might correlate here, somewhere. Let's try the 5 Grid POINT Values of the "Miami Square" : [(NW / SE) X (SW X NE) X 1.013211836] = 40.

My question is answered in the affirmative. After all ... it was "forty days and forty nights" of rain ... as the story goes.

What I've Heard About "The Water Well"

I've heard that the water in this 'Well' is quite special ... that it has been analyzed to some extent, and has been found to not be "typical" water. In fact, it apparently has had beneficial health and longevity effects on at least two people. These 2 people feel that after drinking this water over a period of 15 years or more ... that it has had remarkably positive physical effects on them. They also think this 'Well' is, in fact, a legendary place sought-after by Ponce De Leon and others.

Bear in mind that in some of the ancient text versions of "The Flood" story ... Enki tells Ziusudra to ... "Seek life !!" (See works of Zecharia Sitchin). Could this place ... this 'Well' ... hold a special kind of water ... something that might be called "The Water of Life" ? Could there be an "optimum water" created by certain conditions ... involving "optimum geometries" ? Might such "optimum geometries" involve dynamics of rotation ... of certain latitudes and/or longitudes on a rotating sphere ? Could this special water be a "natural by-product" of a certain "hyperdimensional physics" (see Richard C. Hoagland's work) involved at this particular site ?

My figures show that this 'Well' is located precisely at a Grid POINT involving 2 very important numbers in Munck's re-discovered Archaeomatrix. These numbers (again) are 55043.73141 ... Grid LAT of Monks Mound at Cahokia, Illinois (Munck, 1993) ... and 89298.07684 ... Grid LAT of The Great Pyramid of Giza (Munck, 1991). About one and a half years ago, solid stone was discovered deep within Monks Mound, and was briefly reported in the news. We were told that this discovery was "shocking" and was "very important", and that it would be "followed-up on".

Since then ... over a year since the follow-up was supposed to have been done ... we have heard nothing ... total silence.

This "optimum geometry" or "optimum physics" might also involve the interaction of The Moon and its rotation around Earth. This is where the "LOPER" .. my acronym for "Lunar Orbits Per Earth Rotation" ... comes into needed study, I think. Would this "optimum geometry" be necessary, to produce the "hyperdimensional physics" that Richard C. Hoagland discusses ?

I have found the Grid POINT Value of Coral Castle to be ... 3.650200809 ... and I think that may have been the actual (and/or "optimum" ?) decimal harmonic value of the "LOPER" at the time just after the last pole shift on Earth ... that is ... the value of the "LOPER" would have been 0.03650200809 ... possibly a value that could have been "set" by ancestors of ours ... ancestors from a hitherto unknown but ADVANCED pre-historic civilization. Munck has found the figure 365.0200809 cropping-up frequently in his study of this ancient Archaeomatrix. He calls this number the "Solar Year in Days" ... and I think this makes a lot of sense. This value would be precisely 10,000 times the "LOPER" value. Would these Solar and Lunar values, relative to the Earth's axial rotation and Solar orbit, have been "balanced" in exactly this way ? Would OPTIMUM WATER, as maybe just one example of many possible things ... be able to be "made" ... created ... by hyperdimensional physics involving certain "optimum, precise geometries" ?

These geometries and physics can be learned and put into practice. [ See my article on Coral Castle at The Miami Square and Coral Castle

My Grid POINT Value for Coral Castle near Homestead, Florida, is ... 3.650200809 ... a precise decimal harmonic of my proposed "LOPER" ... *and* ... of Carl Munck's proposed Solar Year in Days. [ See Matrix# 10]

My Grid LAT for Coral Castle is ... 25 (deg) X 29 (min) X 58.80922897 (sec) ...
= 42636.691 North ...
= 4320 X (Pi Squared).

If we divide that Grid LAT by 2Pi, we get the average circumference of The Moon in statute miles ... 42636.691 / 2Pi = 6785.840132 ... 2160 X Pi = 6785.840132. So; not only is the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1998) of Coral Castle (3.650200809) a decimal harmonic of the "lunar orbits per Earth rotation" which could have been 'fine-tuned' by ancestors of ours from a hitherto unknown "prehistoric" advanced civilization ... the Grid LAT of Coral Castle is very closely associated with the average circumference of The Moon, in terms of statute miles. Furthermore, we see that the average diameter of The Moon, 2160 statute miles, was (is) not only perfectly in-sync with an Earth precession cycle of exactly 25920 years ... but also is a decimal harmonic of the polar circumference of Earth ... of 21,600 NAUTICAL miles.

The Panther Mound in The Everglades

Carl Munck has figured out the Grid POINT Value of The Panther Mound in The Everglades of Florida (Panther Mound Quadrangle ... 7.5-minute series, USGS Topographical Map) .... as ... 30Pi, or 94.24777961 ... precisely matching the azimuth-of-orientation of The Great Sphinx of Giza ... 30Pi arc-degrees (Munck, 1993). 30Pi / 2Pi = 15 ... the square of the Grid POINT Value of The Miami Circle (Morton, 1999).

30Pi X 2Pi = 592.1762641. Let's now divide this figure by my proposed Grid POINT Value for the "Water Well" at the southwestern corner of 'The Miami Square' ; 592.1762641 / 1.62231147 = 365.0200809 ... Munck's 'Solar Year' in DAYS, which perfectly "harmonizes" with my 0.03650200809 "LOPER" and with my 3.650200809 Grid POINT Value for Coral Castle.

We have, here, The Panther Mound specifically and directly "figuring-in" to this 'complex' of Florida sites.

I've already mentioned the numerical matching of the Grid POINT Value of The Panther Mound and the azimuth-of-orientation of The Great Sphinx of Giza ... 30Pi. Now I'll show you a direct relationship between the "Water Well" in Miami, The Great Sphinx of Giza, and the "Tetrahedral Grid LAT" (Morton, 1999). Some of you may have read some of my articles on the web, in which I have posted my discovery of this Grid LAT of 8760.481939 North/South ... translated from the Hoagland Tetrahedral Latitude of 19.4712 degrees north/south ;
[ 19 (deg) X 28 (min) X 16.46707131 (sec) North/South ... = 8760.481939 North/South Grid LAT. ] Notice the following ... (8760.481939 / 1.62231147) = 5400. The figure 5400 is Munck's Grid POINT Value (1991) for The Great Sphinx.

Tetrahedral Grid LAT and 'Solar Year'

I began to think about correlations between this 'Tetrahedral Latitude' concept, developed by Richard C. Hoagland, and "our" system of counting time. Because I had been working recently with the "3650200809" decimal harmonic, I decided to check it out against "hours, minutes, and seconds" of time. What I found is stunning. If we take the number of Days in the Solar Year of 365.0200809 , and multiply that by the number of hours in a day ... 24 ... 24 X 365.0200809 = 8760.481939 .... my figure for Tetrahedral Grid LAT !!!

So ... we have found the precise total number of hours in the ("ideal" ? ... "optimum" ? ... "intended" ?) ... Solar Year !!! And this number of HOURS precisely MATCHES the Tetrahedral Grid LAT !!!

Miami Circle Coordinates, Again

I want to give you The Miami Circle coordinates, again (here), just so you have them handy as references in this article. Grid LAT 25 (deg) X 46 (min) X 9.391304348 (sec) North ...
= 10800 North.
Grid LONG 111 (deg) X 19 (min) X 19.83320064 (sec) W.Giza ...
= 41828.22014 W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich 80 deg 11 min 19.03320064 sec ]
Grid POINT Value 41828.22014 / 10800 ...
= 3.872983346 ...
= Square Root of 15.
The Golden Section' is Involved

I want to direct your attention here to the "656.56127" Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. I've already shown how the height of our "imagined" and projected pyramid on The Miami Square would have a height in FEET of precisely *double* that figure. I now point out that both of these numbers have 'The Golden Section' quite 'elegantly embedded' within them.

1313.12254 = [36Phi X (360/Phi) / (Pi Squared)]. Although "Phi" can be said to 'cancel-out' in that equation ... I actually am suggesting that it really DOESN'T "cancel-out" !!! I think it is important, here, to realize that Phi is INVOLVED in 2 ways in that numerator.

It is multiplied by the number 36 ... *and* it is also a divisor into the number 360. And the numbers 36 and 360 ... are each very important numbers in the "geometry of life" ... or the "geometry of life-force". I suppose I could try to define "life-force" here as "intelligent self-awareness" or something like that. The 'optimum' geometry of life-force would tend to 'sustain' that life-force entity itself. I give credit here to the work of Dan Winter ... who has written extensively of the "Phi-nesting" nature of optimum "sacred geometry". The Phi constant appears to be an essential part of this optimum life-force-sustaining geometry.

Notice that 656.56127 = [18Phi X (360/Phi) / (Pi Squared)] So there we have the number 18 ... in the place of the number 36. Again ... the number 18 is extremely important ... to the geometry of life ... to the geometry of "conscious awareness", apparently. Take the sine of the Hoagland Tetrahedral Latitude ... 19.47122061 ;

SIN 19.47122061 = 0.333333333 .....

Multiply this times the sine of 45 arc-degrees ... and keep in mind that 45 degrees is the angle formed by the diagonal in The Miami Square. SIN 45 = 0.707106781 ..... SIN 19.47122061 X SIN 45 = 0.333333333 X 0.707106781 ... = 0.23570226 = (Square Root of 0.055555555). (SIN 45 X SIN 19.47122061) Squared = 0.055555555 .....
0.055555555 X 18 = 1
0.055555555 X 36 = 2
0.055555555 X 54 = 3
0.055555555 X 72 = 4
ETC. Etc. Etc.

Notice that "0.055555555" multiplied times *multiples of 18* ... produces ("creates") our whole numbers. And, again ... how are we getting "0.055555555" ? We're getting it by multiplying the *sines* of 2 arc-degree values that are 'indicating themselves' to be *important* ... 45 and 19.47122061. The number 18 is the DOUBLE of the number 9. And "9" is our OPTIMUM integer. The number 9 is our "supreme" integer. It is our optimum single-digit whole number. The number 45 is a 'decimal harmonic' of 4.5 ... and 4.5 is HALF of 9. We can see that HALVES and DOUBLES are very important, especially if we use the "optimum" integer of "9" as a basis.

When we look at the expression, "(360 / Phi)" ... notice that we are describing 'The Golden Section of The Circle'. (360 / Phi) = 222.4922359 ..... which is then multiplied by "18Phi" .... 29.1246118 ... to *create* the product called "6480". Then ... "6480" is being divided by the product of "(Pi times Itself)" ... to give us a figure called "656.56127" .... which happens to be the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' of Cydonia on Mars (Munck, 1991). And remember that the number 18 has a SINE of precisely HALF of the reciprocal of Phi .... SIN 18 = 0.309016994 = (0.618033989 / 2).

What I'm trying to show, here, is the elegant self-referentiality of the numbers that are being "displayed" by the people (intelligent beings) who designed and built and placed these monuments, mounds, "water wells", pyramids, stone circles, etc. ArcCos (Phi / 2) X Radian (deg) = side-length of The Miami Square in Feet ... = 2062.648063 .. ArcCos (Phi / 2) X Radian (deg) / Pi = Grid POINT Value of The Face at Cydonia on Mars ... = 656.56127 ..

Regulus is Watching Over

My Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) for the star Regulus, using the Sidereal Zodiac, and using Mary Anne Weaver's prime meridian marker for the ecliptic, the Orion belt-star Alnitak ... is ... 19.7392088 ... which is the product of ... (2Pi) X Pi. Regulus' Grid LONG 65 (deg) X 08 (min) X 42.93176771 (sec) E.Alnitak ...

= 22324.51921 E.Alnitak.
Regulus' Grid LAT 27 (min) X 41.88790205 (sec) North ...
= 1130.973355 North ...
= (360 X Pi) North.
Regulus' Grid POINT Value 22324.51921 / (360 X Pi) ...
= 19.7392088 ...
= (2Pi) X Pi.

Notice that Regulus' Grid POINT Value is precisely the product of the multiplication of our "Miami Square 6-5-4 diagonal" product ... (2Pi) ...TIMES ... the Pi constant itself. And ... please keep in mind how we got this "2Pi" product of the "Miami Square 6-5-4 Diagonal". We got it by muliplying the specific Grid POINT Values I found for The Miami Circle and "The Water Well" ... 3.872983346 X 1.62231147.

Protecting The Site of The Water Well I think the site of The Water Well needs to be protected, of course. And for those who may already be speculating about "getting to the water", etc., I think it is very important for our society ... "we the people" ... to learn how to CREATE such water by ourselves (if we can) ... using the new knowledge of such new fields of study as "hyperdimensional physics" ... and such as ... "archaeocryptography". It would be a tragedy of the highest order if the site of The Water Well was allowed to be "over-run" by hordes of people. Yet, I think this information, here, needs to be made public ... and I mean truly MADE PUBLIC. Secrecy or suppression on this matter is not to be tolerated !!!

And please remember that the METROLOGY and the Geometry involved here is just as important (if not MORE important, now) than the "water" here (itself). Remember the "2062.648063" Feet of the side-length of The Miami Square. And remember that when you divide it by Pi ... you get the Grid POINT Value of The Face at Cydonia on Mars ... 656.56127 ...

--- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) copyright 1999