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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message #64

Evidence of Major Discovery Regarding Rennes-le-Chateau And 'The Circle of Churches'

First of all, I'm very thankful for the work of David Wood, Ian Campbell, Simon Miles, Bruce Cathie, Richard Hoagland, and Carl P. Munck, Sr.

By 1998, I was confident that my figures for the 'Munck-matrix' numbers that I had found for the Rennes-le-Chateau location ... were correct. This produced a Grid POINT Value of "2Pi" for the Rennes-le-Chateau site. Besides working with Munck's system of calculating 'archaeomatrix' figures for given positions, I had taken notice of Bruce Cathie's figures for his own 'geomagnetic Earth grid' position for Rennes-le-Chateau, which he published in his book, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space", on page 109. [ I also used his figures for the sacred site of Bethlehem, as a starting-point, in my findings of a Grid POINT Value there of "65.656127"]. [ ] Although Munck's 'matrix' and Cathie's 'grid' are two separate entities, I have long felt that they are very much inter-related, maybe even inter-acting, and maybe 'over-lapping' in some cases. Recently, I was referred (by Dan Winter, whose work on the importance of 'Phi-nesting' geometry is being more-and-more corroborated by my own work) to a website of Simon Miles ( ... who there describes his findings of a diameter for 'The Circle of Churches' of ... "18000 Royal Cubits". He assumes an approximation of "20.61" regular inches for The Royal Cubit, and he also uses the regular inch as a key 'scale-indicator' on the map (of 1 : 25000 scale) he is using. When I saw his article on this website, I applied my precise length of "20.62648063" regular inches for The Royal Cubit, to the number "18000". (18000 X 20.62648063) = 371276.6513 regular inches, or 30939.72095 Feet; diameter of 'Circle of Churches'. To get its circumference, multiply by Pi ... 3.141592654 X 30939.72095 = 97200 Feet.

Rennes-le-Chateau Grid POINT Value ... Precise Correlations with 'Circle of Churches'

Besides the wealth of information on the environs, the historical background, the connections to ancient Egypt, etc. ... the book "Genisis", by David Wood, provides many drawings and map-overlay-diagrams of the "Extended Pentagram", and the layout of 'The Circle of Churches' area in the South of France. This gives the reader an opportunity to 'check' many of Wood's figures with the use of a protractor. From the center-point of 'The Circle of Churches', I found an azimuth (from True North) of 300 arc-degrees for a straight line drawn to the position of Rennes-le-Chateau. From Rennes-le-Chateau to the center-point of the Circle, the azimuth is 120 arc- degrees. Of course, "300" is 270 (due West) plus "30". Now I use the "97200" Feet of the circumference of 'The Circle' ... 97200 / 30 = 3240 = 18 X 180. [ David Wood remarks at length about the importance of the numbers "18" and "180", involving the "Isis" symbolism found prominently in the study of this Rennes-le-Chateau area in the South of France ].

Next; what would be the *radius* of 'The Circle of Churches', if its circumference is 97200 Feet ? How do we find the radius, if we know the circumference ? We divide the circumference by ... 2Pi. Huh ??!! (-: .... "2Pi" !!?!! .... that's the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1998) of Rennes-le-Chateau itself !!!

And it's located RIGHT-ON the circumference of 'The Circle' !!! The radius, of course, also is the 'azimuth-line' between the center-point of 'The Circle' and Rennes-le-Chateau itself. So ... 97200 / 2Pi = 15469.86047 Feet ... radius of 'The Circle of Churches'. This is equal to exactly 9000 Royal Cubits.

My next step was to divide "3240" by 2Pi ... to see if I'd get anything appearing to be possibly significant to this research. 3240 / 2Pi = 515.6620156 (Feet) ... which is precisely "300" Royal Cubits. To me, this is very significant, because it is the "length of The Ark" specified in The Bible for 'The Ark of Noah' ... although The Bible says, "300 Cubits" in length. I have studied the published analyses of David Fasold and Ron Wyatt, involving the actual location of "The Ark". Fasold's book, "The Ark of Noah" [ ISBN 1 56129 006 8 ], contains very solid documentation of his (and a good part of Wyatt's) personal on-site examination of this boat's remains in extreme eastern Turkey. Their actual measurements of the boat's length ... "515" Feet.

Fasold used an approximation (which he specifically states in his book) of "20.6" inches for his 'cubit'. This indicated "300 Cubits" to him, of course. I also note that the number "300" is referenced, here, again ... correlating with the azimuth of 300 arc-degrees from the center-point of 'The Circle' to the location of Rennes-le-Chateau.

On page 112, in the book "Genisis", David Wood writes ... and I quote ... "Another interesting link between Ishtar and our mystery was found in the tomb of a Merovingian king, Childeric I. The tomb of Childeric I was discovered in 1653 and was found to contain 300 solid gold bees. The bee was the sacred symbol of the Merovingians. But it was also a symbol of the goddess Ishtar, the queen bee, and I am sure the reader knows that the queen rules the hive". [ Note: Ishtar = Isis].

If we divide the "97200" Feet of circumference of 'The Circle' by "300" ... 97200 / 300 = 324 ... the Square of 18. Also ... note that "324" arc-degrees describes the azimuth from the center-point of 'The Circle' to the exact location of the "Coustaussa" site (node) on the circumference. [ See the book, "Genisis" ].

How "300" Correlates With'Generic' Area of a Circle ...

If we assume "360" arc-degrees on one circumference, we can obtain the 'generic' Area of a Circle by letting the radius of a given circle be NUMERICALLY EQUAL to The Radian (deg) of "57.29577951" arc-degrees. 3.141592654 X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 10313.24031 Square Arc-degrees. Now ... let's divide that generic Area of a Circle, by "300" ... 10313.24031 / 300 = 34.37746771 ... the precise length of The King's Chamber, within The Great Pyramid of Giza, in regular Feet (Morton, 1998). This length of "34.37746771" regular Feet is equivalent to ... "412.5296125" regular Inches ... which, in turn, is a decimal harmonic of the 'generic' Surface Area on a Sphere of ... "41252.96125" Square Arc-degrees. Also ... '41252.96125' is *numerically equal* to ... 2000 Royal Cubits, in terms of regular Inches.

If we use the "vulva-point" on the axis of the 'Extended Pentagram' (D.Wood), the True North azimuth from there to Rennes-le-Chateau is "306" arc-degrees, or (324 - 18). Here we have the sum of (144 + 162) = 306. I have found this to be significant in terms of Bruce Cathie's speed-of-light decimal harmonics of 144000 and 162000 ... nautical miles per 'grid second' and nautical miles per second, respectively.

I point out, additionally, that the height of The Great Sphinx of Giza (66 Feet from base to crown) and its length (240 Feet) also sum-up to "306", while the actual Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992) of The Great Sphinx ... "5400" ... gives us the sacred number of Isis/Ishtar again, when we divide it into the "97200" Feet of 'The Circle' ... 97200 / 5400 = 18. Notice that if we (again) use the "vulva-point" on the Extended Pentagram axis, the "306" arc-degrees azimuth to Rennes-le-Chateau also indicates "54" arc- degrees off True North moving counter-clockwise ... and 54 is a decimal harmonic of 5400.

Some further notes on the "270" number :
As D.Wood mentions in his book, "Genisis", this number refers to the human gestation period in Earth Days. It also refers to the "due West" direction (azimuth).

As I pointed out earlier in this article, "300" = 270 + 30. If we divide the "97200" Feet of circumference on 'The Circle of Churches' by 270 .. 97200 / 270 = 360 ... the conventional number of arc-degrees on one circumference. And ... 270 = 15 X 18 ... the multiplication of the sacred number of Isis/Ishtar by the number of "Osiris Re-membered" !!!

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) copyright 2000
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