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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message #66

Marilyn's Oz-Hopi Rock

This is regarding Marilyn's inquiry about the apparent Mesoamerican/Egyptian correlations .. specifically the "3113" B.C. date ... Marilyn rounded it to "3100", etc. She also mentioned the "Semitic" or "Cananite" factor.

The ancient Hebrew Calendar began as of "3760" B.C. So ... this year ... "2000 A.D." ... is "5760" on the ancient Hebrew Calendar.

If we use the "3113" B.C. date ... and compare it numerically, through subtraction operation of math, to the beginning of the ancient Hebrew Calendar ... 3760 - 3113 = 647. Now ... I suggest, here, that we be "flexible enough"

.. to see that if we were to say ... "what is the period of years, *inclusive*?" ... we would have "649" as the time period. I say "compromise" ... use "648". I happen to know that "648" is an extremely important "gematrian" number. Besides ... maybe the year was "3114" B.C. .... eh ?!! (Heh-heh !). At any rate ... my following material will not ... I repeat ... will NOT ... "hinge" ... on whether-or-not the period of time between those two 'events' or 'nodes' was "actually" 648 years.

So 'THERE' .... you lurking, sniper REDUCTIONISTS !! .. you are pre-empted on this point. (heh-heh !!). I merely 'offer' the "648" as palpable, 'likely corroborative' material for my little discourse, here.

Ok ... now let's look at Marilyn's mention of the "21" inches height of "the rock" (??) ... I'm not sure what "rock" she means, but that's OK. She refers to that "21" inches as "an Egyptian Cubit". I'll use my proposed Royal Cubit, here, of length "20.62648063" regular inches. This is what I think the actual Royal Cubit length WAS .. and still "is". I know there's a very special relationship between that number (decimal harmonic) for The Royal Cubit .. and the number "648" ... 648 / 20.62648063 = 10 X 3.141592654 = 10Pi.

I've been maintaining all along, in my work, that the "particular ancients" who were very closely involved in the designing/construction of the major monuments, mounds, stone circles, effigies, etc. ... were actually USING precise tolerances for the Pi constant ... and for "360" equal segments of arc on one circumference.

In fact, these "particular ancients" may have been, essentially, some of our Anunnaki ancestors. Or, possibly in certain situations, a regular "Earth human" (our more direct ancestors, but still very closely related to The Anunnaki) ...

could have been given "instructions" on the precise layout .. by some sort of communication from (with) a computerized device. My main point is ... "someone" was obviously using very precise tolerances involving "360" and the Pi constant .. and the Phi constant, too, by the way.

Now .... we move along a bit .. OK ?? Let's try ... dividing that "20.62648063" regular inches (The Royal Cubit) ... by ... the Pi constant itself ... 20.62648063 / 3.141592654 = 6.5656127 ... Some of you might recognize that decimal harmonic. It is a decimal harmonic of ... "656.56127" ... the actual Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992) of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.

Now ... I'm going to move, here, into my "Sky Matrix" work. I'm going to give you a look at my star-position (calculation) for the star VEGA. This star was apparently our 'Pole Star' around one-half Earth-precession cycle (in years) ago ... about ..

"12960" years ago. This would have been "in the neighborhood", maybe (?) ... of ... "10,500" B.C. Fairly close, at least (?). Could it be that "ZepTepi" was actually "10960" B.C. ? That's just additional info. Again ... for you lurking, sniping REDUCTIONISTS out there ... my "whole thing" does NOT "hinge" on .. "whether-or-not" ZepTepi was "really/exactly" 10,500 B.C. (Pre-empted again .. gotcha ! heh-heh !).

For details about my "Sky Matrix" work, and how I calculate the current star-positions ... including a link to a data page that gives you the current star-position co-ordinates (year-2000) ... go to ... I have a 2-part article there. I intend to update that soon ... more parts.

OK .. for VEGA .. year-2000 ... here we go ... Now, remember ... I'm using a prime meridian in the sky ... for longitude ... just like I use Munck's discovery (re-discovery) of the Earth prime meridian through the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza. What star do we use to mark our "celestial prime meridian" ? We use the Orion belt-star ALNITAK ... thank-you, Robert Bauval. And yes, The Chephren Pyramid correlates to the Orion belt-star ALNILAM, as does The Mycerinus Pyramid to ... MINTAKA.

OK ... VEGA (year-2000) ... Grid LONG 159 (deg) X 21 (min) X 53.9083558 (sec) W.ALNITAK ... = 180,000 W.ALNITAK.

Grid LAT 61 (deg) X 44 (min) X 21.06880319 (sec) North ... = 56548.66776 North.

Grid POINT Value for VEGA (year-2000) ... 180,000 / 56548.66776 ... = 3.183098862 = 10 / 3.141592654 = 10 / Pi.

Now ... please go back to my article in 'part one' of, "A Sky Matrix" ...

Notice in that article, where I describe my calculations for the Orion belt-star ALNITAK. My Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) for ALNITAK ... "43.63323131". That is our celestial prime meridian marker.

Now ... take the "12960" half-precession cycle number (Earth years). Divide that number into ... the Grid LAT for VEGA (year-2000) .... 56548.66776 / 12960 = 4.363323131 ... *precisely* 1/10th of the Grid POINT Value of ALNITAK ... the prime meridian marker for our ecliptic.

Is this telling us something about the accuracy, maybe, of what we're dealing with, here ? I think this calls for more serious work to be done ... by more people, as to the entire "probable reality" of this entire 'synchronized matrix' ... involving an apparent "as above, so below" scenario. And .. this synchronization seems to be *indicating itself* to be a "year-2000" event.

I would like to see various astronomers test this theory ... "amateur" and "professional" alike. Take the star-positions I have calculated, in my article, "A Sky Matrix" ... and use the data-page linked in that article. See if your observations, now .. in the year-2000 ... of these stars, come close to the precise numbers, even down to a fraction of an arc-second. Remember to adjust the LONG to the position of ALNITAK. My position for ALNITAK is in TAURUS, near the border of GEMINI ... 29 deg TAU 56 min 50 sec (to the nearest arc-second). This is actually the 'Sidereal Zodiac' position. (See work of Cyril Fagan, and others, re: "Sidereal Astrology").

Here is a further connection .. to our traditional railroad track width. If you measure the standard width of our railroad tracks, it is ... 56.5 inches. My friend and research colleague, Damon Elkins, very recently gave me this standard length in inches, during a discussion on The Internet. One of the first things I usually do, when looking at numbers, is to compare them to the Pi constant on my calculator. My pocket calculator displays "Pi" out to 9 decimal places ... 3.141592654. So ... I divided "56.5" by Pi ... and got ..."17.98450857" ... the 'automatic display' out to 8 decimal places. OK. Immediately, I noticed that this figure is very close to "18". So ... to make a longer story shorter, I found that the standard railroad width is apparently "56.54866776" regular inches ... or exactly "18Pi" inches. As Damon Elkins mentioned to me, our standard railroad track width goes back "at least" as far as the ancient Romans. Notice that we have, here, a precise decimal harmonic, of the Grid LAT of the year-2000 sky-position of the star VEGA ... "56548.66776" North.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) copyright 2000
Copying and forwarding of this article is encouraged, provided the copyright is included. Thanks -- MLM.

I did some calculations on the has 23 wavy lines around the sun face...Viracocha as depicted ib the gateway of the sun has 23 double wavy lines around the sun face. The sun sugested time...a day less i hour....this could be dawn and dusk in Canaanite mythology Shalim and Shalum were the gods of dawn and dusk or sunrise and sunset in Egypt they were 2 co-joined lions...the gods of yesterday and tomorrow. The eyes on the rock seemed to be shaped like felines and they are co-joined...tears fall from the eyes and the weeping feline is an olmec symbol.

I could not come up with signifigant numbers in a 23 hour day however by calculating the hours minutes and seconds in 23 days we get some interesting results. The angle of the great pyramid was 52 degrees...52 was also a special number to the Maya. The date 3100B.C. was important to both the Egyptians and the Maya....and it was the Maya who singled out the year 1987 for harmonic convergance ...a crossroads in human history when the world stood in balance,,,if a great spiritual revelation was made to the world was made on that day disaster would be averted,,,if not all the prophecied destruction would ensue. There are 552 hours in 23 days,remove 5 and we have 52....there are 3.3120 minutes in 23 days remove the first 3 and we have the year 3120 B.C......there are 1987.200 seconds in 23 days if we remove the last 3 digits we have the year 1987. The rock is 21 inches or one Egyptian cubit weighs 92lbs. Michael I'm sure with your knowledge of numbers you can find a great deal more than I have . Any info would be welcome...Many thanks Peace again Marilyn