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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message #69

Orientation angles' of The Face and of The D&M Pyramid at Cydonia on Mars.

I'm familiar with the 'Figure 10" in Hoagland's 4th edition of "The Monuments of Mars", which says it is an 'orthographically-rectified photo-mosaic' of Cydonia. For now, at least, I'm assuming this is correct and accurate.

I recently found a version of a 'section' of this mosaic on the Internet ... on a website of Dr. Bruce Cornet (there's a long story about Cornet that I won't get into right here, by the way) ... and I've been using this version .... printed-out ... on which to do some measurements with a protractor. Maybe there are some better versions of the "Figure 10 mosaic" around ... ?? .. that I could use. Anyway ... the URL for the version I've been using is ...

I'm using the "due East-West" line (on Hoagland's 'Figure 10 mosaic') ... that shows up on Cornet's 'section' here. I suggest referring back to Hoagland's version and locating the "N" arrow ... that's the 'true-north' line intersecting-with the 'true East-West' line, apparently .... I measured a precise 90 deg angle there.

Using that due East-West line, I'm measuring with the protractor. (At this point, I have a printed-out sheet I'm working from, rather than measuring on the computer screen).

I now locate, as best I can, the apex of The D&M ... and I draw a straight line to the very 'center' (right *on* the nose) of The Face. Your line (the way I see it) should 'diverge-off-from' the already-drawn line ... that runs from The D&M across the 'brow ridge' of The Face. [The way I see it, the 'nose' point is just slightly NNW of the line you see marked "A" ... that runs across the 'upper-lip' of The Face.] Now, from the "due East-West" line ... draw a straight line *due south* .... directly through the apex of the D&M. Now go back and extend that line, due north of the East-West line. Measure the angle (from the apex of The D&M, with protractor). That's what we could call the "apex to nose" orientation of the D&M to The Face.

Technically, this orientation *might not* be the D&M's "azimuth of orientation" from True North. Why ? Because ... if you notice the baseline of the D&M, and you line that baseline up on the protractor, and project a line due north ... you'll see an approximate 4 deg difference from the first angle you measured. So ... one question I have, now ... is ... "which is more important ... the 'apex-to-nose' azimuth, or the 'baseline' azimuth" ? I'm not totally sure. Are *both* of those azimuths equally important ? I'm not sure ... at least at this point. Any ideas ?

What angle do you get ... apex to nose point ?

I get approximately 13.2 deg .... which would be a decimal harmonic of the 'approximate' polar circumference of Mars ... 13,200 statute miles. May I suggest a more specific angle ? I think it could be "13.15947253" (deg) .... which would MATCH the Grid POINT Value (Munck,1993) of The Cholula Pyramid of Mexico. Could this be 'showing us' the exact (or "ideal", or "original" ?) polar circumference of Mars ? Could it be (or 'have been') 13159.47253 statute miles ? Munck has found the figure "13.15947253" popping-up all over the place in the ancient 'matrix'. I have also found it ... and/or decimal harmonics of it ... appearing at certain sites.

[ Again ... if you know of a better orthographically-rectified image of this area, please let me know.].

Now ... to measure the azimuth-of-orientaton of The Face.

(This would be the bi-symmetrical axis of The Face ... off true north.) Start at the "nose point" on The Face. Mark that "nose point". Now ... using a protractor, line it up (the protractor) with the East-West line.

Next ... mark a small point to the due north, or else mark it right through the center-hole of the protractor.

Now draw a straight line due north/south ... through the East-West line ... and through the 'nose point' of The Face. Measure the angles ... either from the 'nose point' or from the East-West line.

What angles do you get ? I get 30 and 60 ... exactly. I'd say The Face is oriented 30 arc-degrees off true north ... a 150 deg azimuth.

I would now multiply the numbers (angles) we have found here ... to see if (and in what way) they might relate in some meaningful way to this ancient 'matrix'. Using "30" ... not the 'azimuth' of orientation of The Face, but still "degrees off true north" ...

30 X 13.15947253 = 394.7841759 ... = [(2Pi) Squared] X 10.

We know that (2Pi) Squared is a major figure in the 'matrix', from Munck's work.

[ Also ... try the "150" azimuth with "13.15947253" ... both multiplying and dividing. Try it also using Pi and "360".]

This finding also resonates *very specifically* to my analysis involving the exact "hover-spot" of the infamous "Phoenix UFO" of the evening of March 13, 1997. See my 2-part article on this ... at ...

and at ...

Of course, the number 60 is the basis for our arc-distance measuring systems, and also the basis for our time-keeping system .... and 60 is, of course, exactly one-sixth part of "360".

How would "394.784176" relate with the "656.56127" Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1991) of The Face ?

656.56127 X 394.784176 = 259200 ... precisely 10 times the Earth precession cycle in years.

How would "360" ... the PRIME MERIDIAN longitude designation (Munck) for The D&M Pyramid ... relate to "13.15947253" ? 360 X 13.15947253 = 4737.410111 ... = 14883.0128 / Pi. [ Note the importance of the Pi constant ... because ... "14883.0128" is precisely 10 times the Grid LATITUDE (Munck, 1993) of The Cholula Pyramid of Mexico.]

This is to clarify my findings, regarding the angle(s) of orientation (as seen from aerial view) of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.

Although "24" degrees off True North @ "156" deg azimuth seemed correct at first, I was later able to see that the correct angles are (to the best of my ability to discern at present) ... "30" deg off True North @ "150" deg azimuth.

It is also true that this does not "invalidate" the self-referential inter-action of the numbers/equations involved in the earlier posting (scroll down a few). We see those interactions throughout the ancient 'matrix' in many places, and they connect directly to these particular sites.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) copyright 2000 Copying and forwarding of this article is encouraged, provided the copyright is included. Thanks -- MLM.