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Time, Why Divisions of 12 and not 10 - Part 2

Sun, 24 Oct 1999 17:32:52 EDT
Subject: Re: [M-I] Super-ionized water Time


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<< From: "Cropolis"

Hope you didn't mind my cutting most of the mail back a bit. what is your view about time and why we use a division of 12 instead of 10 for the hours? I can understand the months being in set of 12 but why would we create a system larger than we could count on both hands.

Spiritual Piglets. >>

It could be that when our most immediate ancestors of relatively high knowledge and technology, The Anunnaki (see Sitchin, etc.) .... arrived on Earth and decided to colonize, they found its orbital period to be around 360 Days or a bit more. So ... this means that the number 12 would "fit" with 360 as in "30" times 12 ... or, "60" times 6. And 6-fold symmetry is self-evident in most of Nature ... plants, crystals, etc. So you then have some nice possibilities for inter-action between base 10 and base 12 .... 5-fold symmetry and 6-fold symmetry. A good example of the 5-fold kind is the Leonardo Da Vinci drawing of the human form ... 1 head, 2 arms, 2 legs .... 5 main 'protrusions', like the 5-pointed star.

Well ... if Sitchin is correct, and NIBIRU has an orbital period of around 3600 Earth Years ... then you have another nice, even ratio of "10" ... basically ... between Earth's orbital period and NIBIRU's orbital period.

Now ... flash-forward ... to *just after* our last Pole Shift on Earth.

Let's say it was 12960 years ago for the last Pole Shift on Earth. Then, let's say The Anunnaki, with maybe some help from "The Federation" or whatever (cute, how I just 'threw that in', eh ?!) ... decided to erect a "grid matrix" indicated by the exact positioning of pyramids, mounds, stone circles, etc. .... all around Earth and even on Mars, on The Moon, and maybe other places in our Solar System. This would be based on self-referentiality, using the "new" Earth equator, and using a prime meridian through the center of The Great Pyramid at Giza.

So, The Great Pyramid, and many other major structures, were situated. ALSO ... they had chosen the Orion belt-star ALNITAK, as the prime meridian marker for our ecliptic, and they chose the star "POLARIS" as the "new" north pole star.

They noticed that Earth now had gone into an orbital period of about 365 Days. In fact, they noticed that it had settled (I wonder how long this took ?) into a period of ... 365.0200809 Days. Now .... they realized that to restore a proper harmony to the local celestial mechanics, they needed to have The Moon's orbital peiod around The Earth be in a nice "sync" with Earth's orbital period around The Sun. They then "set" The Moon's "LOPER" .... Lunar Orbits Per Earth Rotation ... at ... 0.03650200809 .... a precise *decimal harmonic* of Earth's Solar Year in Days. (Maybe they needed help from "The Federation" to do this, eh ? Maybe not. It would be exciting to find out. I wonder if they've kept it on video for us.).

Now .... let's say they decided to divide up the Earth Day (one rotation) into 24 equal parts ... and they called them "hours". The number 24 is a nice multiple of 12, right ?

So .... how many total HOURS in the Earth Year ?

(24 X 365.0200809) = 8760.481939 total hours in Earth Year.

I just happened to figure-out, recently, that ... 8760.481939 ...
= 19 (deg) X 28 (min) X 16.46707131 (sec) North/South.

That's my Tetrahedral Grid LATITUDE !!! (Morton, 1999).

It's a numerical product ... *encoding* ... the Hoagland Tetrahedral Latitude of ... 19.4712 degrees north and south !!! It's part of the numerical, mathematical Code ... re-discovered by Carl P. Munck, Sr., during the last 20 years.

I suspect that these ancestors of ours ... in "pre-history" .... had the technology ... as probable members of quite a "Federation" (? maybe ?) ... to be able to shape, size, place, and 'spin' planets !!! Talk about SPIN MEISTERS !!!!

Maybe those particular "specs" were needed, after the last Pole Shift, to provide an "OPTIMUM" environment on Earth for the sustaining of "life forms" of diversity ... including optimum conditions and vibratory harmonics for certain "human life forms".

Gradually, since 10,500 B.C. or so ... when this matrix was laid-down ... Earth's Solar Year in Days has increased to almost 365.25 or so. And the "LOPER" has changed since then, too, apparently. I think the Lunar Orbits Per Earth Rotation is now around 0.03650105 ... (?)

Maybe someone can check on that, OK ? Could our ancestors have "sized" The Moon to an average diameter of ... 2160 statute miles ? Yes .. I think so.

Is The Moon the original "KINGU" .... spoken of in the Sumerian texts ? I would not assume so. I think "KINGU" was the original Moon of Earth .... of TIAMAT (again; see Sitchin). But ... I suspect that KINGU was either destroyed, or was "replaced" by our current Moon.

Could our Moon maybe need to be evaluated for possible replacement ... after every Pole Shift of Earth ?

- Michael L. Morton