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Messages from Michael L. Morton

42-43KHz Water Dissipates

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 12:04:51 EST
Subject: [M-I] 42-43KHz Water Dissipates

In a message dated 11/11/99 1:43:29 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

[[ Further investigation showed the hole continued on through the roof also! Dr. X checked his notebook and found the last frequency entry to be 41,300 CPS. It was shortly after this that the water disappeared. Because of the time interval between the last reading and the disappearing water, the frequency sent to the transducer was higher than the last reading and Dr. X said it could well have been very close to 42,800 CPS, the Keely dissociation frequency. ]]

Thinking along the lines of "resonance" ... and also along the lines of "hyperdimensional physics" .... Suppose we were to experiment [I'm only 'hypothesizing' here, now (-: ....heh-heh ... for NOW ] ... suppose we were to try for a target frequency of exactly [4320 X (Pi Squared)] ... or ... 42636.69101 Hz. Just a bit lower than 42.8 Khz.

That figure happens to be the Grid LAT that I have measured for CoralCastle, near Homestead, Florida. In fact, Hoagland has discussed this site on Art Bell. Ed Leedskalnin was able to place gigantic stone slabs there, all by himself, with no heavy equipment. Here are my figures for this latitude ...

Grid LAT 25 (deg) X 29 (min) X 58.80922898 (sec) North ...
= 42636.69101 North ...
= 4320 X (Pi Squared).

Now .... divide that Grid LAT figure by my proposed Tetrahedral Grid LAT figure, of ... 8760.481939 North/South.

First .... notice how I get this figure ...
19 (deg) X 28 (min) X 16.46707131 North/South ...
= 8760.481939 North/South.

OK ... now ...

(42636.69101 / 8760.481939) = 4.866934411 .... that's precisely a decimal harmonic of the radius of The Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge in Feet (Munck,1991). By the way .... the Grid LONG of Stonehenge (Munck, 1991) is precisely .... 6 times "8760.481939" = 52562.89164 W.Giza ...
= 32 (deg) X 57 (min) X 28.8173748 (sec) W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich 01 deg 49 min 28.0173748 sec ].

Now ... bear with me ...

divide the "42636.69101" figure by my Grid POINT Value for The Miami Circle ...

(42636.69101 / 3.872983346) = 11008.74628 .... an exact decimal harmonic for the Speed of Sound in air, at about 50 deg Fahrenheit ... 1100.874628 Feet per second of TIME.

(Here ... I also wonder about the *amount of time* it took for the frequency in Keely's experiment to get to the alleged "42.8" Khz from 40 Khz.)

Could "42.63669101" Khz be a standing-wave frequency at which water *begins* to do "hyperdimensional" stuff ?

Is it crucial as to the 'volume' of water involved ? Shape of the container of water ? Dimensions of the container ? How far away from the container the "sound-speakers" are positioned ? How long in time .... number of minutes or seconds of time ... the sound or ultasound is projected ? What about positioning the speakers at a length from the container that would create a Phi ratio in-relation-to the volume of water or the volume of the container ?

(Inches or Feet of length from the container .... to cubic inches or cubic feet of volume) ?

How about using 2 speakers .... 'stereo' effect ... at a particular ANGLE from one another .... how about 153 arc-degrees apart ... instead of 180 ( 153 is in the middle of 144 and 162).

Just some ideas.

- Michael L. Morton