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Messages from Michael L. Morton

More Keys to Earth/Mars/Sky 'Matrix'..

In recent email correspondence, mathematician Jerry Iuliano
 ( and I have discussed some relationships 
 involving certain math/physics and geometric constants, as related
 to some numbers pertaining to the "archeo-sky matrix" that some
 people (including myself) have been studying and working-with
 for some time.

 One of these numbers .. that Jerry Iuliano has been discussing,
 in particular, is known by some as "Abraham's number" .. 82944 ..
 which is related quite directly ("resonantly", I suppose I could say)
 to *many* of the figures that we've been noticing in this "matrix".

 I've just noticed, very recently (today, as I write this) .. that "82944"
 is very directly-related (resonant) with some specific numbers that
 are extremely significant in their core-importance as integral to this   
 "matrix" under study. So I'll point-out, here, some of these relationships
 that I've just noticed.

          Regarding ALNITAK and "Light" (or light-speed) ..

 The number "144" is a classic gematrian number, known to have
 the meaning/reference of "light". (See John Michell, and others).
 That same number (144) is also a reference to "light-speed",
 as discovered (re-discovered) by Bruce Cathie .. as in 144,000
 nautical miles per "grid second" .. involving B.Cathie's study of
 Earth's magnetic field (see his book, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space").

 I have proven (in my opinion) Mary Anne Weaver's theory that the Orion 
 belt-star ALNITAK serves as our ecliptical prime meridian 'marker', 
 for measuring the longitude of certain "fixed" stars in our sky. 
 Please see my article on this subject at ..

 My Grid POINT Value for circa 2000 A.D. ALNITAK is .. 43.63323131 ..
 as fully explained in the Url immediately above.

 In a very recent email that I sent out to many people, I noted that the
 multiplied product of the Grid POINT Values I have found for Chartres
 Cathedral and for Rosslyn Chapel (Morton, 2000) is .. 
 (1.273239545  X  2.592)  =  3.300236899 

 Today (as I write this), I found the following ..
 (144 / 3.300236899)  =  43.63323131
 You can see the direct, precise relationship .. displayed in that
 very simple equation. Very self-referential, and self-evident.

         Specifically Relating to The Great Pyramid of Giza .. 

 Munck's (1992) Grid POINT Value for The Great Pyramid of Giza, 
 as I've posted many times on The Internet, is .. 248.0502134 ..
 and please go to the following webpage to see this explained ..

 Notice the following equation ..
 (3.300236899  X  248.0502134)  /  9.869604401  =  82.944

 The figure "9.869604401" is a relatively-precise rendering of (Pi Squared).
 Of course .. "82.944" is an exact decimal harmonic of .. "82944". 

          Relating to the Classic Gematrian number "1152" ..

 Notice this equation ..
 (43.63323131  X  82.944)  /  3.141592654  =  1152

 Of course, "3.141592654" is a relatively-precise rendering of "Pi".

       Relating to the Mars Longitude (prime meridian) Variance ..

 I found the longitude variance between the real "matrix prime meridian"
 on Mars, which passes through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid', 
 and the 'currently-used' prime meridian on Mars.
 This variance I found to be .. 09 (deg)  X  32 (min)  X  0.8 (sec)  =  230.4
 Please see the following webpage for more info on this ..

 The 'currently-used' prime meridian on Mars is to the east, 
 relatively-speaking, of the true "matrix prime meridian". 

 Now see the following equation ..

 (82944  /  360)  =  230.4

 Munck's work has already shown that the number "360" is a self-evident
 longitude-value in this 'matrix' for .. *prime meridians*.  

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton