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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Abraham's No. & Synchs ..

I now want to present some other very important correlations
 and "synchs" that I've just now noticed .. in connection with what
 some people call "Abraham's Number" .. 82944.
 This is very much in 'follow-up' to my previous email,
 so you might want to have that handy in reference to this one.

 The question did cross my mind as to why "82944" would be called
 "Abraham's Number". I recall reading about Abraham in Zecharia
 Sitchin's books. Sitchin discusses how Abraham actually was a
 Sumerian, who came out of the city of Ur, in the days just prior to the
 collapse/destruction of the Sumerian civilization. And that 'destruction'
 of the Sumerian society, Sitchin explains, was largely 'precipitated'
 by the use of weapons-of-mass-destruction .. nuclear warheads used
 against the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah .. by the Enlil faction against
 the Enki/Marduk faction .. with Marduk on the verge of rising to power
 in the more northern portions of the old Sumerian empire. The literal
 fallout-effect from the use of those weapons apparently drifted heavily into 
 the area of Ur and nearby lands, devastating that portion of Mesopotamia.
 The time of those events was circa 2000 B.C.  
 (See the book, "The Wars of Gods and Men", by Z.Sitchin).

 Here we are, now, 4000 years later .. in circa 2000 A.D.

 Do you think I would not "do" something with that number "4000" ?  (-;

 (82944 / 4000)  =  2Pi  X  1.273239545  X  2.592

 Notice, if you haven't already .. that those 3 numbers on the right-hand
 side of that equation are, respectively .. the Grid POINT Values of the
 Church at Rennes-le-Chateau, Chartres Cathedral, and Rosslyn Chapel. 

            The Product of the Digits

 Look at the multiplied product of the single digits of "Abraham's Number" ;
 8 X 2 X 9 X 4 X 4  =  2304.
 Where have I seen that number ?  
 Of course .. it's a decimal harmonic of "230.4" ... 
 which is the result you get when you divide 82944 by "360".
 It is ALSO the multiplied product of .. 09 X 32 X 0.8 .. as in 
 the "Mars Longitude (prime meridian) Variance" ..
 09 (deg)  X  32 (min)  X  0.8 (sec)  =  230.4 ..
 please recall that, from my previous email. 

          The Sum of The Digits

 Observe the sum of the single digits of "Abraham's Number" ;
 8 + 2 + 9 + 4 + 4  =  27.

          The Product/Sum Ratio

 Notice the ratio of the product/sum from above ;
 2304 / 27  =  85.33333333 ..

 When I have a repeating decimal, I always check to see what
 happens when I multiply the associated number by the "162" 
 speed-of-light (B.Cathie) decimal harmonic ..
 162  X  85.33333333  =  13824.
 That number is the Grid LAT of our circa 2000 A.D. north polar 
 star, POLARIS .. "13824  North" ..
 =  66 (deg)  X  05 (min)  X  41.89090909 (sec)  North (of our ecliptic).     
 { http://www.topcities/OuterSpace/farshores/farshores/skymat_1.htm }.

         'Current Things' Regarding Abraham ..

 Abraham-the-historical-person was literally father to both 'factions'
 involved in this current Israeli/Palestinian fighting.
 Sons Isaac and Ishmael. Both from the same father ...
 just as Enki and Enlil were both from Anu, but ..
 from different mothers. Can we learn from observing the pattern ?

 Can we learn something from observing the fact that there exists
 a factor of commonality there .. a factor which has the potential to be
 the catalyst for a process of real unification ?

 Can we go even further, then, and learn that we all, now ..
 on this planet .. have a 'factor of commonality' operating 
 within us, in terms of a hybrid humanoid heritage ..
 with both genetic and historical/cultural aspects ? 
 Can we recognize our own true identity, soon .. 
 by at least realizing, as a kind of "first common step" .. 
 that 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars is very much a part
 of our own history ?  I hope so. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton