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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Chilbolton (UK) Radio Telescope Crop Formation ..

          Re: Chilbolton (UK) Radio Telescope Crop Formation ..
                      Reported on 13th August, 2000
 Paul ...
      Some exciting news.  I've just decoded the Chilbolton Radio
 Telescope Crop Formation .. about half-an-hour after reading your
 email that had your OS Grid Ref Number ... { SU 392385 }.  

 You are the first to know .. fittingly, because you sent me the datapage,
 and you are the one who got the relatively-accurate estimate of
 the coordinates for the center of this formation. And, I must say,
 your latitude estimate was *very* close to what I've found ..
 and I want to mention this in particular, because I think this can 
 qualify as a "predictive statement" .. maybe even as "a priori predictive".
 I realize you (Paul) did not come right out and predict the "exact" latitude;
 BUT ... you were damn close !!!   That should count for 'something'.

 If you (the readers) would go to Paul's datapage for this formation ...
 you'll see 'how close' he is on this latitude .. to what I've found, at 
 First, I suggest going to the page that shows a photo of the formation,
 plus a brief description, some comments by a few people, and a diagram.
 { }. 
 Once at that page, 'click' on the "OS Grid Ref Number" .. SU 392385 ..
 which takes you to the latitude/longitude datapage.
 There; you can see the long decimal-fractional figures, in arc-degrees.
 Notice the latitude figure, here, in particular : 51.14344165 .. I use the
 given figures on Paul Vigay's datapages out to 8 or 9 decimal places, 
 even though Paul has them posted out to 13 or 14 decimal places.
 I do NOT have anything to do with the data-input on Paul's datapages;
 nothing whatsoever. All I do is use his figures, out to 8 or 9 decimal 

 So; notice how I convert "51.14344165" into degrees, minutes, and seconds :
 I multiply (0.14344165 X 60)  =  8.606499 .. so I know it's 8 minutes.

 Next .. I multiply (0.606499  X  60)  =  36.38994 .. seconds.

 Now .. the Grid LAT I found is ... 14851.06605  North ..
 =  51 (deg)  X  08 (min)  X  36.39967169 (sec)  North.

 How "close" was Paul on his latitude ?
 36.39967169 - 36.38994  =  0.00973169 arc-sec.
 How many Feet is that ?  
 There are about 101 Feet in an arc-sec of latitude (at that latitude).
 So .. 101  X  0.00973169  =  0.9829 Feet .. or .. about one Foot.
 That's how close he was.        
 Why did I "figure" on "14851.06605" as the Grid LAT ?
 For one thing, if I multiply it by Pi .. I get exactly "46656".
 That figure is directly related (resonant with) to Earth's precession
 cycle in years .. 25920 ... (46656 / 25920)  =  1.8 ... a decimal harmonic
 of the number 18. 
 Another "coded" reason, I think, would be that if I look at the horizontal
 digital order of "46656" .. I see (recognize) two 'significant figures' .. 
by that
 I mean "46" and "656".  The number "46" is the number of chromosomes in
 our genome, and "656" is close to the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992)
 for 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars .. 656.56127 ...
 and please see ..   

 Not only is "656" close to 656.56127 ... it 'matches' the number of digits
 *and* the digital order, on the left-side of the decimal point, in 

 Another reason why I "figured" on 14851.06605 North is ...
 because I found the Grid LONG for this crop formation is
 apparently intended as "25920" .. Earth's precession cycle in years.
 25920  W.Giza ..
 =  32 (deg)  X  34 (min)  X  23.82352941 (sec)  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  01 deg  26 min  23.02352941 sec ].

 Grid POINT Value  (25920 / 14851.06605)  =  1.745329252

 The figure "1.745329252" is a decimal harmonic of the RECIPROCAL
 of The Radian (deg) of 57.29577951 arc-degrees ..
 (1 / 57.29577951)  =  0.01745329252

 Also .. some of you will recall this .. 
 the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars is very
 resonant with Earth's precession cycle in years !!!
 25920 / 656.56127  =  39.478176  =  (2Pi)  X  (2Pi).

 Plus .. my Grid LONG for "Earthface" at Middletown, New York State,
 (USA) .. is a *match* of the Grid LONG for this crop formation ..
 25920 W.Giza.
 Yes ... as I've posted in several emails over the last 2 years or so,
 the remains of "Earthface" in the lower Hudson Valley, are very heavily
 eroded, but aerial photos should be able to show enough features to
 correlate with the former work on The Internet (now removed) by 
 Dr. Bruce Cornet .. which showed *remarkable resemblances* as a 
 "mirror image" of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.  
 Here are my figures for "Earthface", again :

 Grid LONG  105 (deg)  X  31 (min)  X  7.963133641 (sec)  W.Giza ..
 =  25920  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  74 deg  23 min  7.163133641 sec ].
 Grid LAT  41 (deg)  X  24 (min)  X  21.3658537 (sec)  North ..
 =  20995.2  North.
 Grid POINT Value  25920 / 20995.2  =  1.234567901

 Taking the ratio of those 2 Grid POINT Values ...
 1.745329252 / 1.234567901  =  1.413716694  =  (0.45 X Pi).

 Multiplying Pi times 1.413716694 ...
 =  4.44132198 .. and I recall I found that the actual arc-distance
 from the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau to the BONNE MARE site (France),
 as discussed by Greg Rigby in his book, "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" ..
 is apparently (intended and encoded) .. 444.132198 statute miles. 
 ( Notice the decimal harmonic).
 This arc-distance line travels directly through Chartres Cathedral ..
 again, as described by Rigby in that book. 
 My Grid POINT Value for that BONNE MARE site is .. 1.768388256,
 as I've posted on The Internet.
 Taking the ratio of that figure and the Grid POINT Value of this
 Chilbolton Radio Telescope Crop Formation ...
 1.768388256 / 1.745329252  =  1.013211836 ..
 and THAT figure is my Grid POINT Value for the very middle
 of "Miami Square" (Florida, USA) ... and, further, the Grid LONG
 I found for that point in the middle of "Miami Square" is .. 
 111 (deg)  X  19 (min)  X  31.13140209 (sec)  W.Giza ..
 =  65656.127  W.Giza .. decimal harmonic of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars !!!
 [ W.Greenwich  80 deg  11 min  30.33140209 sec ].
 { }.   
 Please see that Url immediately above, for a detailed explanation of
 my work involving 'The Miami Circle', "Miami Square" and a lot more.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton