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REAL Heart Math: Music from the EKG-Extends to your Speech!

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<< The NEW information presented in this article, is how
 the MUSICAL fundamental of the heart, predicted by this EI number,
 may in fact allow us to tune the exquisite healing SOUND for the
 body. We examine here the way the heart music is in fact MEASUREABLY
 reflected in the voice harmonics, and a bit about perhaps why.
 Hinting that eventually this septrum tool, may allow us to dynamically
 allocate what KEY SIGNATURE of music will most individually
 reach into each persons heart.
A few caveats of cautions are appropriate here. Firstly, the
 data presented is entirely anecdotal, which is to say a few examples
 do not prove a principle. However we have already begun to notice
 some pattern here. Namely that heart harmonics reach into voice
 harmonics measureable only for coherent - that is focused hearts.
 Also, the actual apparent sincerity of truly speaking from the
 heart, DOES in fact determine whether the heart frequencies reach
 the voice.
Example : Marysol is connected to the Heartlink., See that
 she sustains E.I.(Emotional Index) of .81 :
(Again: the INVERSE of that EI number, by virtue of being the
 musical fundamenal, is the average distance in hz of the peaks
 of the first order fft on top display)
[Unable to display image]
below is the data store averaged over the 10 seconds just after
 this above display:
[Unable to display image]
(Data store from Heartlink above, note EI 'Amplitude'
 should read wavelength).
Here see how the EI number, (Emotional Index) which is the
 first peak of the 2nd order fft (of the EKG)
is the musical FUNDAMENTAL of the heart. If we consider the
 EI number as wavelength, then 1 / x , inverting it, we get
 frequency. Here EI of .81 was sustained on average over 10
 sec. 1/.81= 1.234567  >>

       Notice ... 
 the number 1.234567901 ... the reciprocal of 0.81 ....
 is ,,, the Grid POINT Value of .. "Earthface" ... the remains of an actual
 analogue of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars !!!!    (-:
 The remains of this "Cydonia Analogue" are in Middletown, New York ...
 as I have described on The Internet !!!!   (-:
-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton