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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Cydonia - The Fort 'revisited'

Mac ...
  Very, very intriguing !!   
 Now; I take this opportunity to again put my
 "matrix figures" for 'The Fortress' .. in front of you and the List.

 And please notice the decimal harmonic match .. between the Grid LAT
 of 'The Fortress' and the Grid POINT Value of The White House in
 Washington, D.C.

 Grid LAT   41 (deg)  X  07 (min)  X  27.45203916 (sec)  North ..
 =  7878.735239  North.
 Note: this figure is a decimal harmonic (base 10, or "power-of-ten") 
 of the generic Volume of a Sphere .. using the standard formula for
 such .. (4Pi / 3)  X  (Radius Cubed) ..
 =  [(4 X 3.141592654) / 3]  X  (57.29577951 X 57.29577951 X 57.29577951) ..
 =  [4.188790205]  X  (188090.9488) ..
 =  787873.5239 .. Generic Volume of a Sphere ... using The Radian (deg)
 of  57.29577951 (deg) as the numerical value of the "given radius".

 So .. you have, there, a direct geometric reference .. using base-ten,
 and using the 360 arc-degrees system.

 Grid LONG (Fortress) ... using the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' as 
 prime meridian marker ... 14.59025044 (arc-min) W.Cydonia ..
 =  (144 / 9.869604401)  =  [144 / (Pi Squared)].
 Grid POINT Value (Fortress) ... 7878.735239 / 14.59025044  =  540.

 The number 540 is exactly 1/10th the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992)
 of The Great Sphinx of Giza. Plus ... "540" is 1/10th the number of nautical
 miles of arc-distance on Earth from poles-to-equator.

 The figure "7878.735239" is a decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value
 of The White House in Washington, D.C. (Morton, 1998).

 Using the actual Grid POINT Value of The White House .. notice this ..
 (656.56127 / 7.878735239)  =  83.33333333 ..
 =  (50 arc-sec per year) / (0.6 arc-sec per year) ..
 =  (Earth precession angular movement per year) ..
 divided-by .. (Earth obliquity angular movement per year).

 And "656.56127" ??  That's the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992)
 of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.
 And I refer you to the article by Daniel Perez; "Washington, District
 of Cydonia" ... which *clearly* shows a direct, precise positional and 
 geometric correlation between not only The White House and 'The Face' ...
 but also between 'The D&M Pyramid' and The Pentagon in Arlington, VA.
 Please see the graphics with that article .. which display this obvious
 and dramatic set of correlations. 
 { }.
 Further ... notice this relationship between the Grid POINTS of
 The White House and The Pentagon ... 
 7.878735239 / 1.14591559  =  6.875493542 .. decimal harmonic of
 Earth's polar diameter in nautical miles .. 6875.493542 naut. mi. ...
 times Pi  =  21,600 naut. mi. .. polar circumference of Earth ...
 =  Grid LAT Stonehenge (Munck, 1992) ... 
 = decimal harmonic of Grid POINT Value of POLARIS .. 21.6 .. 
 our circa year-2000 north "polar" star.
 { }.

    Thank-you for your time and for your consideration.

 -- Michael Lawrence Morton
 P.S.   I want to add some more ... even though I already 'just now' sent
 the email to the "" list. (I'll send them an addendum).

 Recall that standard formula for "Volume of a Sphere" .. see above.
 See that "4.188790205" figure ?  That's "4Pi / 3". 
 Now .. what happens when I multiply that figure by Pi ?
 3.141592654  X  4.188790205  =  13.15947253 ... Munck's Grid POINT
 Value (1993) for the huge Cholula Pyramid of Mexico.
 ALSO ... "13.15947253" is a decimal harmonic of what I have
 proposed was the "original/ideal" polar circumference of MARS ..
 in statute miles .. 13159.47253. I have proposed (on The Internet)
 that when Mars was warmer and wetter ... thus lessening the amount
 of ice and snow (and/or frozen carbon dioxide) accumulations at its poles,
 Mars would have had (obviously) a smaller polar circumference than it 
 does today. NASA's current value for Mars' polar circumference is about 
 13,177 statute miles .. or roughly 18 miles greater than "13159".
 I think this is a very plausible difference .. considering the many thousands
 of years of accumulations of ice/snow and/or CO2 .. likely, on Mars.         

 Note: I have found (Morton, 1998) the Grid LONG (W.Giza) of both
 The White House and The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. ..
 to be a precise numerical match of "13159.47253".. (W.Giza) ..
 =  108 (deg)  X  10 (min)  X  12.18469679 (sec)  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  77 deg  02 min  11.38469679 sec ].

 Notice:  Take the specific number of arc-seconds in that W.Giza
 longitude for The White House and The Jefferson Memorial ..
 and divide it into that "4.188790205" figure from above ...
 4.188790205 / 12.18469679  =  0.3437746771 ... decimal harmonic
 of Earth's polar radius .. of .. 3437.746771 nautical miles.

 So .. I propose that "4.188790205"  ... is a "component" factor
 in the standard formula for "Generic Volume of a Sphere", 
 *using the 360 arc-degrees system* ... and, that it encodes an
 ancient polar diameter of MARS .. 4188.790205 statute miles ...
 when Mars was warmer, wetter, and inhabited by the people
 ("beings") who could have designed and built the entire layout
 at Cydonia ... and, who could have designed or at least "layed-out"
 the precise locations of many, many 'important structures' on Earth.
     -- MLM

In a message dated 10/16/2000 7:46:55 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< o: (Cydonia)
 I've been spending some time examining the "Fort" (I
 recommend the enlargement available at eWarrior's
 site: and comparing it
 to the oblique projected view provided to me by one of
 those "anonymous sources" you're always reading about
 on Hoagland's site. 
 Using pens and straight-edges, I've traced a rather
 interesting "platform" around three quarters of this
 odd formation, all the while comparing it to
 Carlotto's shape-from-shading rendition (see URL
 above).  The depth of this platform can be seen by the
 well-preserved crater along the Fort's right side.
 One striking thing about the Fort is the sunken area,
 which gives the impression of a fringe of angled
 chunks rising around a central depression.  This shape
 is unlike anything else seen in Cydonia and seems at
 odds with existing erosional models.
 I've also been counting the meteor strikes prevalent
 in the Fort's region.  Many of these can be seen
 stippling the NW quadrant almost like bullet-holes. 
 This area corresponds to the least defined portion of
 the Fort, although there is a vestige of a line
 (continuation of the "platform"?) visible.
 To the SE, one notices a lozenge-shaped buildup. This
 feature lies next to the sunken area. One thought I
 had was that this was the eroded lip of an impact
 crater, as it's semicircular.  However, there doesn't
 appear to be any continuation of the crater rim.  The
 impression I get is of a collapse of some sort that
 produced the sunken portion.  The "buildup" might be
 material ejected from the Fort's interior or sand from
 the east that's become trapped against the lozenge's
 crest (similar to the kidney-shaped feature on the
 lower right of the Face).
 I think a case can be made for the Fort's being a
 collapsed structure atop a broad platform (seawall?),
 the main axis parallel to the Face.  This makes
 aesthetic sense for any hypothetical inhabitants of
 the Fort, providing them with an unimpeded view of the
 Face and Cliff.  
 The crater-pocked platform noted above might have
 served a variety of functions.  Note, too, the odd
 groove radiating from the Fort's main edge in the
 general direction of the Face: remnants of an
 infrastructure of some sort or just a fortuitous crack
 in the terrain?
 I'll be posting a revised version of this on my site,
 along with some speculative reconstructions of what
 this formation _could_ have looked like when "new." 
 It's my cautious hypothesis that the Fort is an
 architectural morphology possibly hewn from a
 preexisting "knob."  The Fort may have collapsed due
 to the concentrated meteor strikes noted above, or
 from simple environmental wear and tear. >>  
-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton