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Messages from Michael L. Morton

"Noah's Ark" .. Location; Correlations .. -Revised

               I'm going to give you, here, my revised "archaeo-sky matrix" figures
 for the 'centered' location of "Noah's Ark" .. which I call 'The Ark of
 Ziusudra'.  These revised figures are based *directly* on Michael Bonilla's
 reported figures (see below) from his very recent on-site presence atop the 
 large 'intrusive boulder' that is lodged/embedded in the western side of the
 remains of the ship. He was there, on site at the remains, in October of 
 And his figures (below, at the end of this article) are the readings from
 the GPS unit he used. 

                     OF "NOAH'S ARK" (ARK OF ZIUSUDRA)

 Reference is made, here, to Page 291 of the book, "The Ark of Noah",
 by David Fasold, published in paperback by Knightsbridge Publishing
 Company, NY, New York, USA, in 1990.  ISBN  1-56129-006-8 .
 On page 291 in that book, there is a drawing/diagram by David Fasold
 that was part of his preliminary survey, directly from Fasold's own on-site
 very detailed inspection of the remains of the vessel in June of 1985.
 He prepared a 23-page version of his preliminary survey, in the Turkish 
 in late 1985, for the concerned ministries of The Republic of Turkey. 

 I received the (below) email from Michael Bonilla, just after he returned 
 his trip to this site. He was (as I mentioned above) at the site in October, 
 and he took GPS readings from atop the large 'intrusive boulder' ..
 (reported by Fasold) .. embedded/lodged in the western side of the remains
 of the ship.

 By looking at the drawing/diagram in Fasold's book on page 291 (referenced
 above), I have determined that the "Grid POINT" I have figured-out .. as the 
 *most likely and intended* final resting place of 'The Ark of Ziusudra' ..
 is indeed at-or-very-near the 'centerline', amidships, between 'Bulkhead # 5'
 and 'Bulkhead # 6' as described by David Fasold in his book.

 As to "how" the ship was apparently *intentionally* guided to this particular
 spot ... my conjecture is given below, after my figures for this exact =0
 which I now present, based directly on Michael Bonilla's reported GPS 

 First, I will give my figures for "The Rock" itself .. the pointed 
'intrusive boulder'
 embedded/lodged in the western side of the ship's remains. Remember ..
 Bonilla took his readings from atop this boulder :
                    THE LIMESTONE BOULDER    

 Grid LAT  39 (deg)  X  26 (min)  X  26.03550296 (sec)  North ..
 =  26400  North.  { Note: decimal harmonic of exactly HALF "5280" ..
 the number of feet in a statute mile }.
 Grid LONG  13 (deg)  X  06 (min)  X  4.512820513 (sec)  E.Giza ..
 =  352  E.Giza.  { Note: resonant with the major gematrian number "3168",
 as follows ... (352  X  9)  =  3168 }. 
 [ E.Greenwich  44 deg  14 min  5.312820513 sec ].
 Grid POINT Value  (26400 / 352)  =  75.
 { Note: resonant with polar circumference of Earth .. 21,600 / 75  =  288 ;
 the number "288" carries a gematrian association with "double light".
 Polar circumference of Earth is 21,600 nautical miles }.
 Further note:  using the number "9" .. our highest integer .. 
 75 / 9  =  8.333333333 ... this is a decimal harmonic of "83.33333333" ..
 the ratio of the 'rates' of Earth precessional angular movement to Earth 
 obliquity angular movement. This refers to a main Earth obliquity cycle
 of 40,000 years full-cycle at an angular movement per year of 0.6 
 The Earth precession referenced is 50 arc-seconds angular movement per year.
 Thus .. (50 / 0.6)  =  83.33333333 ..  
 In a recent email to many people and to several email lists, I showed that
 this ratio of "83.33333333 .." is also the ratio of the Grid POINT Values 
 for the *centered* locations of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars and of
 The White House in Washington, D.C. ..
 656.56127 / 7.878735239  =  83.33333333 ..
 and I also mentioned in that email, the work of Daniel Perez,
 and his article on The Internet; "Washington, District of Cydonia",
 in which he displays *an obviously direct, positional correlation* of
 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars to The White House in Washington, D.C.
 { }.
 Please also go to these 2 webpages (following), to see the details
 and calculations for my "Washington, D.C. archaeo-sky matrix" findings .. 

 Grid LAT  39 (deg)  X  26 (min)  X  25.56213018 (sec)  North ..
 =  25920  North.  { Note: this is a numerical match of Earth's precession
 cycle in years }.
 Grid LONG  13 (deg)  X  06 (min)  X  4.615384615 (sec)  E.Giza ..
 =  360  E.Giza.  { Note: "360" is the number of arc-degrees, conventional
 in our culture, for one complete circumference }.
 [ E.Greenwich  44 deg  14 min  5.415384615 sec ].
 Grid POINT Value  ...  25920 / 360  =  72.
 Note: "72", of course, is the number of years for one arc-degree of angular
 movement of Earth's precessional cycle.  
 This is extremely significant.

        Correlation to "Tholus II" Cydonia Analogue 
         Just South of Runways of Stewart AFB
        In Lower Hudson Valley, New York, USA

 I have posted emails regarding the "Cydonia Analoge" sites
 in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York, USA, as first reported
 *in detail* by Dr. Bruce Cornet in early 1998 on The Internet.
 Dr. Cornet has since removed those pages from The Internet, 
 because he *admittedly* gave-in to pressure to do so, from some 
 scientists at JPL, with whom Dr. Cornet was "trying to become friends".

 When I came up with the figure (above) of "352" for the apparently
 intended Grid LONG (E.Giza) of "The Limestone Boulder" .. I recalled
 my figure of "35200" for the Grid LONG (W.Giza) of "Tholus II" in
 the Lower Hudson Valley of New York, USA :
 35200  W.Giza ...
 =  105 (deg)  X  14 (min)  X  23.94557823 (sec)  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  74 deg  06 min  23.14557823 sec ].
 NOW .. I also notice that my Grid LAT for "Tholus II" is
 a decimal harmonic of "3168" .. the important gematrian number
 I mentioned (above) !!! .. as .. (352 X 9)  =  3168.
 My Grid LAT for "Tholus II" is ... 31680  North ..
 =  41 (deg)  X  29 (min)  X  26.64423886 (sec)  North.
 Grid POINT Value of "Tholus II" ... 35200 / 31680  =  1.111111111

 Notice ... Square of (1.111111111)  =  1.234567901 .. the Grid POINT
 Value (Morton, 1998) of "EARTHFACE" .. called "The Face II" by Dr. Cornet,
 in his original report on this analogue of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.
 Dr. Cornet actually showed, in great detail, how this analogue (its remains
 are very heavily eroded, of course, because of the extreme age of these
 Cydonia-analogue structures) .. is a "mirror-image" of The Face' at Cydonia
 on Mars. This is (was) very much apparent in his former website paper.
 Notice my Grid LONG for "EARTHFACE" (Morton, 1998) ..
 105 (deg)  X  31 (min)  X  7.963133641 (sec)  W.Giza ..
 =  25920  W.Giza.  Not only a numerical match of Earth's precession
 cycle in years, but also an apparent numerical match of the Grid LAT 
 of the 'centered' final resting place of "Noah's Ark", which I call ..
 'The Ark of Ziusudra'.
 [ W.Greenwich longitude for "EARTHFACE" .. 74 deg  23 min  7.163133641 sec ].
 Here, again, is my Grid LAT for "EARTHFACE" .. 20995.2  North ..
 =  41 (deg)  X  24 (min)  X  21.33658537 (sec)  North.
 Grid POINT Value for "EARTHFACE" ... 25920 / 20995.2  =  1.234567901


 I see that the "25920" Grid LONG (E.Giza) of the 'amidships'
 centerline of the remains of 'The Ark of Ziusudra' is also a decimal harmonic
 match of the Grid POINT Value I found for "The Tholus" at Cydonia on Mars.
 Here are my figures, again (I have them posted on The Internet, and in the
 form of email to many people, and to some email lists) .. for "The Tholus"
 at Cydonia on Mars :
 Grid LAT  41 (deg)  X  03 (min)  X  10.53658537 (sec)  North ..
 =  1296  North. { Note: decimal harmonic match of HALF Earth precession 
 cycle }.  
 *ALSO NOTE* ... I just noticed this now, as I write this .. the 'horizontal 
 of the last 7 digits (immediately-above) in the precise decimal-fractional
 number of latitude arc-seconds .. "3658537" ...  this is a 'horizontal order'
 MATCH of the last 7 digits in the precise decimal-fractional number of =0
 arc-seconds (above) for .. "EARTHFACE" !!!    
 Grid LONG for "The Tholus" on Mars .. 01 (deg)  X  05 (min)  E.Cydonia ..
 =  5  E.Cydonia.  { Note:  (360 / 5)  =  72 }. 
 Grid POINT Value for "The Tholus" on Mars ... 1296 / 5  =  259.2 ..
 decimal harmonic numerical match of :
 1)  Earth precession cycle in years.
 2)  Grid LAT (North), amidships centerline, of remains of "Noah's Ark".
 3)  Grid LONG of remains of "EARTHFACE", mirror-image analogue of the 
      remains of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. 

 Notice the full 10-digit figures, above, for the precise decimal-fractional
 numbers of latitude arc-seconds, for "EARTHFACE" and for "The Tholus"
 at Cydonia on Mars ... "21.33658537" arc-sec for latitude of "EARTHFACE".
 and ... "10.53658537" arc-sec for latitude of "The Tholus" at Cydonia.
 I already pointed-out the exact 'horizontal order' match of the last 7 =0
 Now .. notice the first 3 digits in each figure .. "213" and .. "105".
 If you subtract those "orders" .. 213 - 105  =  108 .. decimal harmonic of
 HALF of Earth's polar circumference in nautical miles .. (21600 / 2  =  
 And if you add the digits of both of those "orders" together .. 
 (2 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 0 + 5)  =  12.
 Now ... multiply ... "12"  X  "108"  =  1296 ... Grid LAT of "The Tholus"
 (North) at Cydonia .. and also Grid LAT (identical actual latitude, in fact)
 of "The City Square" at Cydonia.
 ALSO ... "10800" is the (North) Grid LAT I found for 'The Miami Circle' 
 (Morton, 1999).


 According to the work of Zecharia Sitchin, certain ancient texts
 mention a "navigator" on-board the vessel, along with Ziusudra ("Noah")
 and others. Those same texts also describe how Enki (half-brother and
 arch political rival of Enlil) master-minded the plan of survival for 
 Enki's "faithful servant". Apparently, from Sitchin's interpretation of these
 texts, the "navigator" on-board was not a trivial detail.
 Isn't the "nautonnier" (French word for "navigator") an important symbol
 (persona) involved in the tradition of Freemasonry ?

 My conjecture is that there was communication (radio, etc.) between the
 "navigator" and Enki .. during the ordeal. 
 Sitchin describes (his interpretation, of course) how the texts say that
 The Anunnaki escaped the catastrophe by ascending into Earth orbit.
 I also think, based on "the limestone boulder" .. that this rock was
 deliberately positioned, beforehand, by Enki or by his 'faction' ..
 to specifically act as a very secure "snag" on the vessel at the very end 
 of the long ordeal. The limestone composition-signature of this boulder
 could have been literally monitored from orbit by Enki. They (Enki's faction)
 would have known the exact size, shape, and composition of that boulder.
 The presence of the onboard "navigator" would have allowed for constant
 and gradual 'navigation' of the vessel, as the situation was monitored,
 bringing the vessel into proper 'calculated position' at the end of the ride,
 to finally slide into the pointed boulder on the west side of the ship.
 Even the exact "angle and speed of approach" to the pointed limestone 
 boulder could have been manipulated in this scenario, it seems to me.
 And that "precise, monitored navigation" would have allowed the 'amidships
 centerline' to end-up on the planned Grid POINT .. just several yards away
 from "The Rock" in terms of longitude, and only approximately 45 Feet  =0
 away in terms of latitude.
            Michael Bonilla's Emails to Me ..

   <<   Subj:  Noah's Ark lat/lon
Date:   10/17/2000 12:19:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Michael A. Bonilla)
To: (

Dear Mike

I just came from Eastern Turkey:
The coordinates for the middle section of Noah's Ark (by the limestone)
Lat: 39 26'26  N     and  Lon:     44 14'05.3   E           6,525'
elevation  ...  ...  >>

 And Michael Bonilla's next email .... in-reply to my question to him
 as to whether he had taken his GPS readings from the actual 'center'
 of the ship's remains, or, from 'the boulder' itself ....

     <<   Subj:  Noah's Ark Coordinates
Date:   10/18/2000 6:57:09 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Michael A. Bonilla)
To: (

The lat/lon/elev were taken right on the limestone rock. It's not really
the middle.
We were pressed on time, they were 3 kids (locals) who lived around the
and the were a real nuisance. I got shot in the arm with a low powered
bb gun.
That's to give you an idea. It was an incredible feeling being on the

Thanks for your help,
talk to you soon, Mike   >>

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton