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Messages from Michael L. Morton

"The Cliff" and "Crater-rim Pyramid"

              Assessments of Latitude/Longitude
                    As Integrated Within Ancient 'Matrix' 

 Reference:  "The Monuments of Mars", by Richard C.Hoagland ..
 4th Edition; Plate No. 10 .. an orthographically-rectified photo-mosaic,
 showing 'Cydonia' on Mars. Orthographic rectification is courtesy
 of Mark J. Carlotto. 
                      "The Cliff"
 Grid LAT  41 (deg)  X  21 (min)  X  6.502578397 (sec)  North ..
 =  5598.72  North.
 Grid LONG  51.84 (min)  E.Cydonia.
 Grid POINT Value  5598.72 / 51.84  =  108.

 { Prime meridian is through center of 'The D&M Pyramid' }.

                 "The Crater-rim Pyramid"

 Grid LAT  41 (deg)  X  23 (min)  X  53.54917582 (sec)  North ..
 =  50496.8728  North.
 Grid LONG  01 (deg)  X  06 (min)  X  6.201255337 (sec)  E.Cydonia ..
 =  37.20753202  E.Cydonia
 Grid POINT Value  50496.8728 / 37.20753202  =  1357.168026

             Ratio of Grid POINT Values
          Of "Cliff" and "Crater-rim Pyramid"

 1357.168026 / 108  =  12.56637061  =  4Pi.

 Are there any "intelligent references" to a tetrahedron,
 involved in the 'matrix' figures for "Crater-rim Pyramid" ?
 Yes.  Using the figure "720" .. the number of total surface
 corner-angle arc-degrees (conventional) on a tetrahedron ..
 1357.168026 / 720  =  1.884955592  =  (0.6 X 3.141592654).
 The number 0.6 refers to the annual angular rate of movement 
 of the main Earth obliquity cycle ... 0.6 arc-seconds per-year.
 The other term 'with' 0.6 .. is a relatively-precise Pi constant.

 Note:  "37.20753202" is a decimal harmonic of the "matrix format"
 notation .. for the base slope-angle of both The Great Pyramid of Giza
 and The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza. 
 37207.53202  =  51 (deg)  X  51 (min)  X  14.30508728 (sec) ..
 this is the precise base slope-angle for any 4-sided square-based pyramid
 with a perimeter-to-height ratio of exactly "2Pi". 

          'The Face' at Cydonia ..
   With "Cliff" and "Crater-rim Pyramid" 

 Using the Grid POINT Values of these 3 structures ...
 656.56127  X  (1357.168026 / 108)  =  (25920 / 3.141592654).
 Here, I find the Earth precession cycle in years, along with the
 relatively-precise Pi constant. I simply multiplied the ratio of "Cliff"
 to "Crater-rim Pyramid" (shown above) times 'The Face'.
 { Grid POINT Value of 'The Face'  .. 656.56127 .. Carl Munck, 1992 }.  
               "The Tholus" Figures-in .. 

 I found a Grid LONG for "The Tholus" of 5  E.Cydonia .. 01 (deg)  X  05 
 Here, I multiply that number by the Grid LONG of "Crater-rim Pyramid" ..
 5  X  37.20753202  =  186.0376601 ... which "happens to be" ..
 a decimal harmonic of the Grid LONG I found for 'Rosslyn Chapel'
 in Scotland .. 18603.76601  W.Giza ..
 =  34 (deg)  X  17 (min)  X  32.18644638 (sec)  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  03 deg  09 min  31.38644638 sec ].

 Rosslyn Chapel is an extremely important structure, built by one of
 the Sinclair family of Scotland, who was a very knowledgeable Freemason.
 He evidently possessed a great deal of knowledge passed-down from the
 Knights Templar, who had been to the ruins of Solomon's Temple in
 Jerusalem .. in "The Crusades". This is another case of advanced_ancient_
 knowledge, having been acquired by certain people, who 'guarded' that 
 knowledge very closely .. and who then passed it on, but only to certain 
 'select' other people. 

 Today, there is an urgent need for this advanced ancient knowledge to be 
 "made much more public", if you will, including its connections to ancient
 ruins on Mars. A "re-democratization" of our civilization is sorely needed, 
 Much advanced knowledge and technology, the vast majority of it based
 directly on *ancient* knowledge that has been lost, forgotten, distorted, 
 corrupted, or suppressed .. needs to come-forward into the "public" arena ..
 into the realm of the "common people". And it also needs to be un-hinged
 from "economics". If it is NOT un-hinged from this tyrannical, predatory,
 parasitic, cancerous, and thoroughly-corrupt "economic system" .. 
 it will not make it into the realm of 'The People' at all.
 Certain advanced_ancient_knowledge was somehow "transmitted" to
 Washington, D.C. ... either through particular Freemasons, directly,
 such as George Washington .. or, with "outside help" .. or a combination
 of these.  Is it not possible that someone in the "Enki faction" .. either an
 Anunnaki or an Earth-human 'go-between' .. could have brought a "blueprint"
 to bear on the situation .. indicating exactly 'where' to locate the major
 buildings in the Washington, D.C. area ?  The fact is, that at least 8 such
 buildings *are* precisely positioned, in the D.C. area. I know this, because
 I've found the 'matrix' numbers for those 8 buildings. 
             The Washington Monument Connection
 I found a Grid POINT Value for The Washington Monument of .. 5.411616169,
 and this is echoed at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, as a decimal harmonic,
 in its Grid LAT of .. 54116.16169 North ..
 =  55 (deg)  X  51 (min)  X  19.29274927 (sec)  North.

 The Grid LONG of The Washington Monument I found to be .. 
 8036.826916  W.Giza ..
 =  108 (deg)  X  10 (min)  X   7.441506403 (sec)  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  77 deg  02 min  6.641506403 sec ].

 Notice:  8036.826916  =  259.2  X  (Pi Cubed).
 That "259.2" figure is a numerical match of what I found to be 
 the Grid POINT Value of "The Tholus" at Cydonia on Mars !!!
 That's the Earth precession cycle in years, again, as a decimal harmonic ..
 simply lowered by 2 powers-of-ten.

 Now that I've shown the Grid POINT Value and the Grid LONG
 of "The Tholus", I might as well give its Grid LAT ...
 259.2 X 5  =  1296  North ..
 =  41 (deg)  X  03 (min)  X  10.53658537 (sec)  North ..
 which_is_also the Grid LAT of "The City Square".
 Notice, on the orthographically-rectified photo mosaic (referenced above),
 the East-West line runs precisely from the 'center peak' of "The Tholus",
 through the *center* of "City Square".   
                  Back to Washington, D.C.

 Just as "The City Square" and "The Tholus" have the identical latitude,
 The Washington Monument shares its longitude with The 33rd Degree Temple.
 (The White House shares its longitude with The Jefferson Memorial).
 I found, also, that The 33rd Degree Temple shares its Grid POINT Value with
 The U.S. Naval Observatory. Their identical Grid POINT Value is .. 15.
 Recall that in a recent post, I discussed the 'numbers' for Rosslyn Chapel
 in detail, including its Grid POINT Value of .. 2.908882087.
 Using that "15" .. the Grid POINT Value for both The U.S. Naval Observatory
 'and' The 33rd Degree Temple .. 
 15  X  2.908882087  =  43.63323131 .. Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999)
 of the Orion belt-star ALNITAK .. our ecliptical ("sky-matrix") prime
 meridian 'marker-star'.
 { }.  
 If I divide the Grid LONG of "The Crater-rim Pyramid" by the Grid LONG
 of "The Tholus" ..
 37.20753202 / 5  =  7.441506403 .. I get a precise numerical match for
 the number of decimal-fractional arc-seconds in the W.Giza longitude of
 The Washington Monument !! 
 Not_only_that ... I have found the Grid POINT Value of the Orion star
 BETELGEUSE .. circa 2000 A.D., to be .. 7.441506403 .. and this figure
 is a decimal harmonic of the 7441.506403 (Munck, 1992) regular ("British")
 Square Feet of precisely-intended (and verified by empirical inspection)
 Area of the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge.

 If  .. if .. "7441.506403" is the number of square feet of Area in the
 Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge, then, what is the radius of the Sarsen Circle ?
 7441.506403 / 3.141592654  =  2368.705056 regular ("British") feet.
 I found the Grid LONG of The U.S. Naval Observatory to be ..
 2368.705056  W.Giza ..
 =  108 (deg)  X 12 (min)  X  1.827704519 (sec)  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  77 deg  04 min  1.027704519 sec ].

 I found the Grid POINT Value of circa 2000 A.D. SIRIUS to be ..
 2.368705056 .. decimal harmonic of  2368.705056 .. just a numerical 
 difference of 3 powers-of-ten.
 Do you recall New Year's Eve at midnight, 1999-2000, when The Clintons,
 on national (USA) television, were gazing at The Washington Monument
 just as it "burst" into a blinding, dazzling glare of light ?  I think that 
 a symbol of our (not just America, but the whole planet) connection to
 the stars .. and it was especially in honor of SIRIUS .. the brightest star 
 in our sky. There's another reason why SIRIUS was "honored", at that time.
 On New Year's Eve, at midnight of circa 2000 A.D., SIRIUS was aligned
 exactly on the Sky Meridian .. relative to Earth's inclination to our 
 to Earth's polar orientation. At Giza in Egypt, earlier that same New Year's
 Eve, at midnight Giza time, SIRIUS was directly in alignment with the true
 prime meridian on Earth .. passing through the center of The Great Pyramid.
 That was an actual "as above, so below" meridian-alignment .. 
 Sky-Dome to Earth-Horizon .. according to Earth's angle of inclination 
 to our solar ecliptic.

 Is it not wonderfully ironic, that the actual Grid LONG W.Giza of
 The U.S. Naval Observatory .. is a precise decimal harmonic match
 of the circa 2000 A.D. Grid POINT Value of SIRIUS !?!

                       Back to Cydonia 

 The number "15" is coming-up very frequently regarding this entire study.
 If you refer to the orthographically-rectified photo mosaic (referenced 
 you can use a protractor (use that E-W line) to verify an angle of exactly
 15 arc-degrees from the 'center peak' of "The Tholus" to the Nose on 'The 
 This angle uses the shared latitude of "The Tholus" and "City Square" as a 
 baseline. So .. this angle would be 195 arc-degrees azimuth from True North. 
 Note the decimal harmonic of "19.5" arc-deg, there (a la RCH).
 And what is .. 195 divided-by 15 ?  
 195 / 15  =  13 ..  a number associated very much with Freemasonry, of 
 The 33rd Degree Temple is 13 blocks north of The White House.
 And what is the Grid POINT Value of The 33rd Degree Temple ?  "15".
 That's also, as noted above, the Grid POINT Value of The U.S. Naval
 Observatory.  (15 + 15)  =  30 ... and that, in arc-degrees, is the precise
 "offset" angle .. West of True North on Mars, of the horizon-orientation
 of 'The Face' at Cydonia. 'The Face' is oriented, relative to the horizon,
 at an azimuth of 150 arc-degrees .. decimal harmonic of "15".

                    'U.S. Naval Observatory Sees' ...
                Grid LAT of "The Tholus" and "The City Square"

 That would make a great news headline.
 It would be very refreshing, too, because it would actually be true.
 How could I get the product of the numbers of degrees 'times' minutes,
 in the actual W.Giza longitude of The U.S. Naval Observatory ?
 I could divide its Grid LONG by the number of 'arc-seconds' in that Grid 
 2368.705056 / 1.827704519  =  "1296"  =  (108 X 12).
 That's the Grid LAT of both "The Tholus" and "The City Square".
 Congratulations to the self-referential "extraterrestrial intelligence" ..
 of The U.S. Naval Observatory. It sees !!!

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton