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Messages from Michael L. Morton

More Correspondence on Cydonia

In a message dated 11/01/2000 5:00:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Is there a connection between the Martian and terrestrial pyramids?
 The name Cairo, the location of the Giza pyramids, means 'the City of Mars'.
 That's just too spooky! >>

 656.56127  X  27.58106915  X  5760  X  31.00627668 ...
 =  248.0502134  X  5764.166073  X  2261.946711

       In Other "Language" ...
 'The Face'  X  'The D&M Pyramid'  X  (year-2000 A.D.)  X  (MINTAKA) ...
 =  Great Pyramid  X  Chephren Pyramid  X  Mycerinus Pyramid.

 Year 2000 A.D. is the year "5760" of the Hebrew Calendar .. a calendar
 begun in the Sumerian civilization, in 3760 B.C.

 MINTAKA is the Orion belt-star corresponding to The Mycerinus Pyramid
 of Giza.   ALNITAK corresponds to The Great Pyramid of Giza,
 and ALNILAM corresponds to The Chephren Pyramid of Giza.

 Daniel Perez has written that "OSIRIS" is represented by the 3 belt-stars
 of Orion.  This is very interesting to me, because of the numbers I've found 
 here I will 'interact' the 3 belt-stars of Orion (their Grid POINT Values in
 what I call the "archaeo-sky matrix") ... 
 (43.63323131  X  31.00627668) / 170.010936  =  7.957747156  ..
 the logic being that Alnitak and Mintaka are "divided-by" .. 'sandwiching' ..
 Alnilam, as viewed in our sky. To see my derivations of these values for the
 3 belt-stars of Orion, please go to ...
 { }.

 So ... I have 7.957747156 as a 'composite-value' for "OSIRIS".
 Please bear with me.

 For "ISIS", I have the Grid POINT Value of SIRIUS as ..  2.368705056,
 and a Grid LONG for SIRIUS of .. 24805.02134  E.ALNITAK.

 D.Perez mentions that "HORUS" is REGULUS .. and I have a Grid POINT
 Value for REGULUS of .. 19.7392088

 And D.Perez says that "SET" is ALDEBARAN ... and I have not posted a 
 Grid POINT Value for ALDEBARAN until now .. 8.929807684 .. 
 decimal harmonic of Grid LAT (Munck, 1992) of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
                  ALDEBARAN'S Circa Year-2000 'Matrix' Figures
                (Using Ecliptical References, and Sidereal Zodiac) 
 Grid LAT  05 (deg)  X  28 (min)  X  24.87975513 (sec)  South of Ecliptic ..
 =  3483.165719  South (of Ecliptic).
 Grid LONG  14 (deg)  X  53 (min)  X  41.91913747 (sec)  W.ALNITAK ..
 =  31104  W.ALNITAK.
 Grid POINT Value .. ALDEBARAN .. 31104 / 3483.165719  =  8.929807684

 (HORUS / OSIRIS)  =  Grid LONG of ISIS ...
 =  Great Pyramid of Giza's Grid POINT.
 In other terms ... using *decimal harmonics* .. powers-of-ten ..
 [(19.7392088 X 10000) / 7.957747156]  =  24805.02134  =  (248.0502134 X 100).

 Reciprocal value of 7.957747156  =  0.04
 If I divide that figure into the average number of arc-seconds of movement of
 Earth's main obliquity cycle per-year ...  0.6 / 0.04  =  15.
 The number "15" symbolizes "OSIRIS Re-membered" (see the book,
 "Genisis", by David Wood). Recall that I posted an email discussing the
 interaction (mathematically) of the main Earth obliquity cycle and the Earth
 precession cycle, in terms of angular movement per year. The annual average
 Earth precession movement is 50 arc-seconds, and the annual average
 movement of the main Earth obliquity cycle is 0.6 arc-seconds.
 Recall, here, that I posted an email discussing the ratio of these 2 
 as MATCHING the ratio of the Grid POINT Values I found for 'The Face' at
 Cydonia on Mars and for The White House in Washington, D.C., USA.
 { 656.56127 / 7.878735239  =  83.33333333  =  50 / 0.6 }.
 Also notice the strong correlation, here, to Daniel Perez's information
 regarding the *positional* correspondence of The White House to 'The Face',
 when a scaled-down 'Cydonia' (from an ortho-rectified NASA photo mosaic)
 is "over-layed" visually (graphically) onto an aerial photo of Washington, 
 of identical cardinal directional orientation !!! 
 { }.    

                     'The Face' and OSIRIS

 Notice ... 656.56127 / 7.957747156  =  259.2 / 3.141592654

 This (above) equation shows that the Grid POINT Value for 'The Face'
 at Cydonia on Mars, divided-by the 'composite' Grid POINT Value of OSIRIS,
 is precisely equal to ... a decimal harmonic of Earth's precession cycle in 
 divided-by the Pi constant ...
 which, in turn, is precisely equal to ... the Grid POINT Value of "The 
 at Cydonia on Mars, divided-by the Pi constant !!!  
                          HORUS and SET

 If I divide the Grid POINT Value of  ALDEBARAN ("SET")
 by the Grid POINT Value of REGULUS ("HORUS") ..
 8.929807684 / 19.7392088  =  0.452389342  =  (0.144 X 3.141592654).
 In "other language", SET divided-by HORUS is precisely equal to ..
 a decimal harmonic of the Grid LAT of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.
 Grid LAT of 'The Face'  =  41 (deg)  X  11 (min)  X  10.03080581 (sec) North 
 =  (1440 X Pi)  North ..
 =  4523.893421  North.
                          ISIS and OSIRIS

 If I multiply SIRIUS ("ISIS") by the Orion-belt Composite (OSIRIS) ..
 2.368705056 X 7.957747156  =  18.84955592  =  6Pi.

            Correlating With an Earth-Measure Parameter
 It can be generally agreed-upon that Earth's polar circumference is ..
 21,600 nautical miles. Our conventional figure for the number of
 arc-minutes on one complete circumference is .. 21,600 .. and that
 is based on our convention of 360 arc-degrees on one complete circumference.
 21600 / 6Pi  =  1145.91559  =  20 Radians (deg) ..
 =  (656.56127 X 1.745329252)  =  40Pi  X  (656.56127 / 72).
 Regarding that (above) equation .. notice the figures "1.745329252"
 and "40Pi". Those are the Grid POINT Values, respectively, that I found
 for the "Chilbolton Radio Telescope Crop Formation" and for ..
 the (so-called) "Comic Alien Crop Formation" .. both reported in Wiltshire, 
 late in the year-2000 season.

 And notice the number "72" .. which is the number of years it takes
 for one arc-degree of Earth precessional angular 'movement'. 
 ALSO ... the number "72" is the Grid POINT Value I found for the
 center (amidships, centerline, near Bulkhead # 5) of 'The Ark of Ziusudra',
 based directly on the reported GPS reading emailed to me by Michael Bonilla,
 upon his return, in October of 2000, from the site of the remains of that 
 He took the GPS reading on-site, at the very large limestone boulder that 
 'intrudes' into the western side of the remains, in Eastern Turkey near the
 Iranian border. He took the GPS reading on October 11, 2000. The site is
 officially designated as a National Historical Treasure, by The Republic of 
 Obviously, this "story" has been incredibly suppressed by the Establishment
 involved with the major "Western powers".  

 I have posted a very recent email regarding this .. the precise location, 
 in terms of latitude and longitude, of the remains of The Ark of Ziusudra.
 That email serves as an update of my earlier article I wrote on this subject.
 Michael Bonilla's GPS reading was the key, in this case, of course.

 Here, I repeat the "archaeo-sky matrix" figures I have found for
 The Ark of Ziusudra ("Noah's Ark") :
 Grid LAT  39 (deg)  X  26 (min)  X  25.56213018 (sec)  North ..
 =  25920  North.
 Grid LONG  13 (deg)  X  06 (min)  X  4.615384615 (sec)  E.Giza ..
 =  360  E.Giza.
 [ E.Greenwich  44 deg  14 min  5.415384615 sec ].
 Grid POINT Value ... 25920 / 360  =  72.    
                       Evidence of Contact 
                With 'Extraterrestrial Intelligence'
                       Is Now Found

 The "Chilbolton Radio Telescope Crop Formation" was placed
 very near to Chilbolton Radio Telescope, of course. This is "referencing"
 our civilization's on-going "SETI-style" attempt at "detecting ETI".
 The so-called "Comic Alien Crop Formation" was apparently a "humorous"
 depiction, I think, of what has been our civilization's *stereotypical 
 of an "ET",  the so-called "little grey" of our recent 'pop-culture' mindset.

 And, as I pointed-out in an email post about the so-called "Comic Alien" 
 its Grid POINT Value is "40Pi".  The number "40" is Enki's Rank Number
 in the Sumerian pantheon. And, of course, when people think of "Noah's Ark",
 one of the common meme's is .. "40 Days and 40 Nights". 
 Who was Enki's "faithful servant", according to the ancient texts that
 Zecharia Sitchin has interpreted ?  Ziusudra, of course !!!
 Enki is the one who saved Ziusudra, and other members of his family,
 from 'The Flood'. And it must have been Enki, the great scientist,
 who arranged for Ziusudra's vessel to end-up snagged .. at its 6th bulkhead,
 on its side facing west, by the limestone boulder from which Michael Bonilla
 took his GPS reading on October 11, 2000.

 Recall that I've shown, again .. in email posts .. how the Grid LONG of
 The U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., is a decimal harmonic
 (2368.705056) of the Grid POINT Value of the brightest star in our sky .. 
 And its (The U.S. Naval Observatory's) Grid POINT Value is .. "15" ...
 the number symbolizing "OSIRIS Re-membered". This is *referencing* the
 "self-referential" nature of this ancient "archaeo-sky matix", itself !!!

 Observe .. (15  X  40Pi)  /  2.368705056  =  795.7747156

 In "other language' .. the number symbolizing "OSIRIS Re-membered" ..
 multiplied-by the "Comic Alien" .. and then divided-by "ISIS" ..
 precisely equals a decimal harmonic of the Orion-belt Composite !!!

 I could say that 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars is now "speaking" to us.
 'The Face' is indeed saying "hello" to us !!!  There can be no reasonable 
 from this time forward.  

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton