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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Phi, Face, Half-precession, and Horus

I call your attention to the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face'
 at Cydonia on Mars .. 656.56127 .. (Munck, 1992).
 { }.

 I noticed this ..
 656.56127  =  [360 Radians (deg)] / 10Pi.

 And I noticed more, recently, which relates directly to the Golden Section
 (the Phi constant) that Dan Winter writes about. { And there is 'developing
 evidence' that Phi is the key to "faster-than-light" travel }. 

 10  X  [arcCOS (Phi / 2)]  X  [arcCOS (Phi / 2)]  =  656.56127 X 19.7392088 
.. =  12960. 

 The arcCosine of HALF-Phi is 36.  
 The Cosine of 36 is HALF-Phi.  COS 36  =  (1.618033989 / 2).

 12960 is the number of years in the ideal Earth precession HALF-cycle.

 19.7392088 is the Grid POINT Value of circa year-2000 A.D. REGULUS
 (Morton, 1999). REGULUS is the star, in Leo, identified with HORUS.
 { }.

 Also .. 19.7392088  =  2Pi X Pi.
                 The Sky-matrix Location of REGULUS/HORUS

 The locations of stars in the Sky-matrix are calculated according to
 their sky-dome arc-distances (line-of-sight-distance in the sky, as seen by
 an observer on Earth, but relative to the ecliptic, not Earth's horizon).
 The star-longitude is calculated from a prime meridian that intersects
 the ecliptic at 90 degrees, and this prime meridian is marked by the Orion
 belt-star ALNITAK (theory of Mary Anne Weaver; essentially proven by
 Michael Lawrence Morton).
 There is a database on The Internet that gives certain star-latitudes and 
 certain star-longitudes .. according-to these very parameters just mentioned.
 { }.

 On that database, the star-longitude notations will be according to the 
Sidereal zodiac .. not the "Tropical" zodiac. This is very important. The 
commonly-used "Tropical" zodiac .. commonly used by astrologers (at least by most 
astrologers and by most astrology computer programs) .. is not adjusted to Earth
 precession, so it is about 25 arc-degrees "off" the actual, current sky-dome
 orientation in terms of longitude (perpendicular to the ecliptic).  
 So .. keep in mind that this (above) database does_give_you the needed
 longitude parameter. Then, as I mentioned above, the star-latitude notations
 are_given_by that database, also, in the needed ecliptical orientation. 
 Also ... the given data on that database_is_for circa year-2000.  
 IMPORTANT NOTE :  You need the data for ALNITAK, of course, but it
 so-happens that this (above) database does not give those figures.
 (I've mentioned that to the appropriate person, as far as I know).
 However; I do have those "database" ALNITAK figures for you, here :
 Longitude .. 29 TAU 56' 50" 
 Latitude .. - 25 (deg) 17' 37"  (South of ecliptic).
 Here are the exact_Sky-matrix_figures for ALNITAK (Morton, 1999) ..
 Grid LONG  360 ... as prime meridian marker.
 Grid LAT  25 (deg)  X  17 (min)  X  36.95991357 (sec)  South (of ecliptic) ..
 =  15707.96327  South (of ecliptic).
 Grid POINT Value  15707.96327 / 360  =  43.63323131

 I suggest that a good exercise would be to go to that (above) database,
 and see if you can figure-out how I got the figures for REGULUS/HORUS.
 { Refer to the "sky-matrix" article on the website }.
 REGULUS Grid LAT   27 (min)  X  41.88790205 (sec)  North (of ecliptic) ..
 =  1130.973355  North (of ecliptic).
 { 1130.973355  =  360Pi }.

 REGULUS Grid LONG  65 (deg)  X  08 (min)  X  42.93176771 (sec)  E.ALNITAK ..
 =  22324.51921  E.ALNITAK.
 { 22324.51921  =  720  X  (Pi Cubed) }.

 NOTE: (Pi Cubed) is the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) for the Orion
 belt-star MINTAKA. Also .. MINTAKA corresponds to The Mycerinus Pyramid
 of Giza .. and The Mycerinus Pyramid has a Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992)
 of (720Pi) .. and an original height of (72Pi) regular ("British") feet !!!  

 REGULUS/HORUS  Grid POINT Value   22324.51921 / 1130.973355 ..
 =  19.7392088 ..
 =  2Pi  X  Pi.  

 Notice the many self-referential/redundant/fractal-like relationships within
 those calculations.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton