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zodiac wrong ?? what about Aquarius

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<< Subj:     [M-I] zodiac wrong ?? what about vaquarius ;o)
 Date:  11/26/2000 4:06:05 AM Pacific Standard Time
 From: (Raphiem)
 the above is an intersting page about the supposed age of aquarius!!!
 also below was digging thru an oz old alternative magazine dated 1995
 and found the below ...
 "All the dates used for Zodiac signs are wrong and a 13th constellation
 is missing from astologer's charts says a British astronomer Mitton.
 Star signs are approximately one month off and most people who thought
 their sign was Sagittarius were actually born under the little known
 constellation of Ophiuchus, the "god" of Healing. 
 "The Zodiac is constantly changing," Dr. Jacqueline Mitton of the Royal
 Astronomical Society said of the ancient star chart that helps astrologers
 track the sun's movement in the sky. 
 She said: "The sun passes through one constellation in addition to the
 traditional 12, and the time when the sun passes through the traditional
 12 is different from what the horoscopes say." 
 The dates for each star sign were drawn up over 2,000 years ago by 
 who divided the  sky into 12 parts, giving each star cluster an equal
 But constellations cover areas of varying size, and the sun's time in
 each constellation differs, Mitton said. 
 According to the astronomers, the sun's move through the sign Scorpio
 lasts only seven days, while it spends over a month each under Virgo,
 Taurus and Pisces. 
 Also, the dates fixed thousands of years ago are no longer accurate as
 the earth's axis has moved, shifting the alignment of our calendar with
 the stars. 
 The signs of the Zodiac shift by about one constellation every 2,000
 Mitton said that although astronomers have known of the Zodiac's inaccuracies
 for a long time, they have failed to convince astrologers.  
 Miffed astrologer Robert Hyde of Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper
 said Mitton and her colleagues were being unscientific and did not know
 what they were talking about - Reuter >>

    See my posts on this subject.  The Sidereal Zodiac is adjusted to
 current Earth precession, and to current ecliptic position. 
 The "Tropical Zodiac" is .. really is ... off by about 25 arc-degrees.
 We are now, circa 2000 A.D. .. on the northern vernal equinox/southern
 autumnal equinox ... about 25 degrees_precessed_from zero-degrees Aries.
 Zero-degrees-Aries (at the above equinox position) .. was apparently ..
 00 A.D./B.C. .. 7 years after the birth of Jesus Christ in 07 B.C.
 As I have posted ... apparently (according to the numbers I've found in
 my own research) .. 2368 A.D. is the actual beginning of Aquarius.
 So .. apparently Pisces is actually 33 degrees in length .. as we are now
 25 arc-degrees precessed from zero-degrees Aries.
 So .. 2376 would be the total "actual" length of Pisces, in years ... 
 2376 / 72  =  33.  It takes about 72 years to precess through one degree
 of the 25920-year Earth precession cycle.

 Year One is technically "1 A.D." ... although the 00 A.D./B.C. point is_
 retroactively_used to measure the time distance 'til now.
 That's why 8 years is added to 2368 .. to get 2376.
 07 B.C. to 01 A.D. is 8 years.

 So ... the birth of Jesus Christ is a time marker .. regarding the zodiac,
 and Earth precession.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton