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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Morton on the DarkStar Theory

  Please go to Andy Lloyd's website, to get the full 'gist' of my following 
 { }. The loading-time is a bit slow,
 but (in my opinion) is certainly well-worth the short wait.
   -- Michael L.M.

 Just now having noticed the graphic (front-page of the above website)
 showing the apparent perihelion of The Dark Star .. as "intersecting" Sirius,
and Mintaka (in Orion's belt) .. I thought I'd point-out,
here, some results of my own work.

It was Mary Anne Weaver who contacted me in 1999 (late Winter).. with her 
theory about the Orion belt-star Alnitak serving as prime meridian ecliptical 
'marker' ..
analagous to Carl Munck's discovery of The Great Pyramid (on Earth) and 'The 
D&M Pyramid' (on Mars) serving as prime meridian 'markers' .. for longitude 

I took up the challenge of trying to prove Weaver's theory (re: Alnitak).
 Happily, I've been able to essentially prove her theory as correct!
I applied Munck's system .. to the star-positions of circa 2000 A.D. .. using 
the 'Sidereal Zodiac' developed by Cyril Fagan and others .. which corrects 
the "tropical" zodiac to Earth precession. This is significant, because we 
are now (circa 2000 A.D.) almost a full zodiac house "off" of the traditional 
"tropical zodiac" .. in terms of the_actual_star-positions relative to our 

And ... the star-latitudes are measured, in this "sidereal database" .. from 
the ecliptic.

Anyway .. I've been correlating some of the 'prominent' circa-2000 A.D. 
star-positions, given in a particular "sidereal database" .. to the precise 
locations of pyramids, mounds, stone circles, crop formations, and even 
"modern" buildings .. with astoundingly-positive results (correlations)!!

My findings for the current (circa 2000) location of Sirius .. just to make 
things brief, here (I'll give Urls as references at the end of this message) 
..I found Sirius to now have a 'Grid POINT Value' of .. 2.368705056 (Morton, 
1999) .. and I found Mintaka to
have a current 'Grid POINT Value' of .. 31.00627668

Notice .. "31.00627668" is 'exactly' (Pi Cubed).

Here are some 'interactions' ..
31.00627668 X 2.368705056 = 73.44472434 ...
multiplied by Pi .. = 230.7334064 .. the exact (and intended, I propose) 
height in regular ("British") inches .. of "The King's Chamber" within The 
Great Pyramid of Giza.

2.368705056 X Pi = 7.441506403 .. the 'Grid POINT Value' I have found for 
circa-2000 A.D. Betelgeuse, in Orion!!  ALSO .. a decimal harmonic 
(power-of-ten) multiple of that Grid POINT Value of Betelgeuse ... 
7441.506403 the_exact_Area, in regular ("British") square feet .. found 
by Munck (1992) for the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge !! 

7441.506403 X Pi = 23378.18185 .. the exact 'Grid Latitude' found by Munck 
(1992) for .. the centered location of The Pyramid of The Sun at Teotihuacan, 
Mexico ..
= 19 (deg) X 41 (min) X 30.01050302 (sec) North.

Yes, yes ... there's A LOT more .. where this came from !!! Here are Urls to 
my work ....

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton