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Messages from Michael L. Morton

"A" Note - 432Hz

Have you read any of James Furia's material on music/gematria/Munck-matrix connections ? Furia discusses the "432-A-Note" .... that maybe an "A" note of 432 cps is really the frequency intended to resonate with the gematria/code parameters. I highly recommend checking out his material. The "E" note, then, in this scale, becomes 648 / 324 / 162 ... and the "D" note is 576 / 288 / 144, etc. This allows a *direct association* with Cathie's speed-of-light harmonics in terms of nautical miles (min of arc) per second of time .... 162000.

We can have an integration of parameters !! The "A" note is then 432 / 216 / 108, etc. And there we are ... with 216 being a 'decimal harmonic' of 2160 and 21600 ... and 21600 being the # of arc-minutes on "any" true circumference ... and the number of *nautical miles* of Earth's polar circumference .... and the Grid LAT (Munck, 1991) of Stonehenge itself.

The polar radius of Earth is 3437.746771 nautical miles (min of arc) ...(21600 / 2Pi) = 3437.746771. In Furia's scale ... this is a decimal harmonic of 34.37746771 cps .... which is a C# note. Notice that an "A" of 27 and an "E" of 40.5 would make a triad chord with the C# of 34.37746771 ... a really low "bass" chord !!! For The King's Chamber inside The Great Pyramid, I have proposed an exact length of 34.37746771 FEET .... *not* based on "pyramid inches" ... but based on regular inches. Exactly half of that is the

(I have proposed) width of The King's Chamber ... 17.18873386 regular FEET.

This is ... numerically ... precisely 0.3 Radian (deg) ... 57.29577951 X 0.3 = 17.18873386.

And ...34.37746771 is numerically equal to 3/5ths Radian (deg) ... 57.29577951 X 0.6 = 34.37746771. [See my article at]

The Grid POINT Value of The Great Sphinx of Giza is 5400 (Munck, 1991). This is a decimal harmonic of an "A" note of 54 cps. [ And 27 cps would be an "A" note .... a really low note for human hearing, though !!! ]

And .... 34.37746771 is the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1994) of the natural spring at Warm Mineral Springs, Florida. This is a renowned spot for healing ... from the effects of the spring's waters, of course.

As for James Furia's website .....

- Michael L. Morton