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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Lynn Woods/Rennes/Nineveh Number .. more ..

 This will tie-together some numbers I've discovered involving the
 information Len Keane has provided to me about the Lynn Woods area
 in northeastern Massachusetts (USA), the area around Rennes-le-Chateau
 in the South of France, the ancient Nineveh Number, and certain gematrian
 numbers now being "re-discovered" and examined.

 I found the "Circle-of-Churches" circumference (the Church at 
Rennes-le-Chateau being situated 'right-on' the circumference) to be .. 97200 regular 
("British") feet.

 I posted that on The Internet in 1999. I noted that if one was to want to 
calculate the radius of this "Circle-of-Churches" .. one could simply divide 97200 by 
the Grid POINT Value_of_the (Morton, 1998) Church at Rennes-le-Chateau .. "2Pi".
 Wonderful self-referentiality !!

 Having just a day or two ago calculated the Grid POINT Values of 3 of the
 dolmen-sites .. mapped by Len Keane over many years of meticulous
 field-work, and marked by Len on a copy of a USGS topo map of that Lynn
 Woods (Mass) area .. I now have compared the multiplied product of those
 3 Grid POINT Values ( 1.8  X  1.44  X  1.736111111  =  4.5) .. to certain 

 97200 / 4.5  =  21600 .. polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles ..
 and also the Grid LAT (Munck, 1992) of Stonehenge [ 21600  North  ..
 =  51 (deg)  X  10 (min)  X  42.35294118  (sec)  North ]. 

 The "central dolmen-site" in that remarkable Lynn Woods area, according to
 Len Keane, is the one I found to have the Grid POINT Value of 1.736111111 

 97200 / 1.736111111  =  55987.2  .   and when I saw that figure, I 
intuitively decided to compare it with the "Nineveh Number" .. or, at least to a 
decimal_ harmonic_ of it .. because the Nineveh Number is equal to ..
 1.959552  X  (10 to the 14th power).

 55987.2 / 195.9552  =  285.7142857

 When I see that particular digital pattern of .. "2-8-5-7-1-4" .. repeating 
.. I know that number is resonant with the classical approximation of the
 Pi constant .. "22 / 7" .. 3.142857143 ... notice the pattern within that 
 digital sequence of the classic Pi approximation.

 At this point, I intuitively decided to multiply by the number "7" .. the 
'diameter' and 'denominator' of the Pi approximation. 

 285.7142857  X  7  =  2000.  This means a lot, because it is a numerical
 match of the year 2000 A.D. This has been the year heralding, and marking,
 a great 'multi-mega-revelation' .. in terms of human identity, heritage, 
re-discovery of lost (and suppressed) history, etc. I've written on The Internet about 
the_ numbers_ involved in the amazing SIRIUS connection to this circa year-2000
 time .. how so many specific, precise, redundant, self-referential numbers 
are directly correlating to the actual circa 2000 A.D. sky-position of SIRIUS 
 { }.

 Richard Hoagland { } has recently presented
 a multi-part series regarding this SIRIUS situation and our calendar, among 
other intriguing historical information. In Part 2 of that series, there are links 
to some websites containing my own work .. which is related to the work of Carl Munck
 and Mary Anne Weaver.

 One of the parameters I discuss in my work is the "normal max.speed-of-light"
 of 162,000 nautical miles per second, analyzed by Bruce Cathie (see his book,
 "The Harmonic Conquest of Space"). B.Cathie coined the term, "decimal 

 I use the "162" number frequently .. because I think it is of vital 
importance in the archaeo-sky matrix.

 2000 / 1620  =  1.234567901 .. a numerical match of the Grid POINT Value
 (Morton, 1998) that I found for the exact location of what I call 
"EARTHFACE", in Middletown, New York (USA) in the lower Hudson Valley. An aerial view
 of that site will show the heavily-eroded remains of a human face .. roughly
 the same scale as 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars .. unless the site has been
 "altered" since the mid-1990s when Dr.Bruce Cornet, Ph.D. geologist and
 paleontologist, discovered it. As Dr. Cornet reported several years ago, this
 "EARTHFACE" is a mirror-image of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.
 In this year of 2000, Dr.Cornet admitted to me in an email, that peer 
pressure, involving his desire to "make friends" with scientists at JPL .. influenced 
him to remove his webpages from The Internet that described, in considerable detail,
 his findings that "EARTHFACE" was indeed a "Cydonia analogue" along with
 several other sites in the lower Hudson Valley that he had examined. 

 Recall from earlier in this piece, the Grid POINT Values I found for the 
other 2 dolmen-sites in the Lynn Woods (MA) area .. 1.8 and 1.44.
 The multiplied product of those ?  (1.8  X  1.44)  =  2.592 .. decimal 
harmonic of Earth's precession cycle in years (25920).

 The Grid LONG I found for "EARTHFACE" is .. 25920  W.Giza ..
 =  105 (deg)  X  31 (min)  X  7.963133641 (sec)  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  74 deg  23 min  7.163133641 sec ].
 I might as well give my Grid LAT, here, for "EARTHFACE" ..
 41 (deg)  X  24 (min)  X  21.33658537 (sec)  North ..
 =  20995.2  North.

 Ratio of .. 25920 / 20995.2  =  1.234567901 .. its Grid POINT Value.

 1.959552 / 2.592  =  0.756 .. decimal harmonic of a gematrian number .. 756,
 that has been found to correlate remarkably to the Fibonacci Series and, of
 course by extension, to the Phi constant or Golden Section .. by the work
 of Joseph Turbeville .. see his book, "A Glimmer of Light From the Eye of a 
Giant", copyright 2000 by Joseph E.Turbeville .. ISBN  1 - 55212 - 401 - 0.

 Dividing "756" by the "162" light-speed decimal harmonic ...
 756 / 162  =  1 / 0.214285714 ... and recall from earlier in this piece, that
 "2-8-5-7-1-4" repeating sequence .. indicating resonance with the classical
 Pi approximation of .. 22 / 7.

 If I add the digits "2-8-5-7-1-4" ... I get 27 .. the Cube of 3.
 And .. "27" is HALF of 54 .. which is HALF of 108 .. which is HALF of 216.

 And "54" is a decimal harmonic of "5400" .. Grid POINT Value of (Munck, 1992)
 The Great Sphinx of Giza .. and_also_the arc-distance in nautical miles from
 either pole of Earth to the equator. And, 5400 is HALF of 10800 .. the Grid 
LAT of Miami Circle (Morton, 1999) and HALF the polar circumference of Earth in
 nautical miles, which is 21600 .. and which is_also_the Grid LAT of 
 (Munck, 1992). 

 And the Sine of "54" is ... HALF the Golden Section.
 SIN 54  =  0.809016994  =  (1.618033989 / 2).

 What is the "common denominator" of all these "HALF" measures ?
 Of course, the number "2".  

 The year "2000" is a numerical decimal harmonic_match_of this very
 important binary 'common denominator'. 
 That would be, or 'could be', part of a reason for "historical calendar 
manipulation" as discussed in that recent R.C.Hoagland series of articles.

 The number 5760 is a numerical match of the Hebrew Calendar year that
 corresponds to year 2000 A.D. This refers back to the Sumerian civilization,
 when (and where) this calendar began .. in Nippur in 3760 B.C.
 Notice the reciprocal of  "1.736111111" .. is .. 0.576 .. decimal harmonic 
of_ this_(almost past and passed) current year.

 Suppose I divide 5760 by the Grid POINT Value of the "central dolmen-site"
 of Lynn Woods (MA) ?
 5760 / 1.736111111  =  3317.76

 Do you see a "33" followed by a "1776" in that figure ?

 Do you think that is "random chance" ?

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton