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Messages from Michael L. Morton

More Support for Andy Lloyd's Perihelion.

 This past summer of 2000, I was able to come up with
some significant correlations involving star-positions
and crop-formations'(in the UK)locations (precise).
Here, below, I'll tie-together some things involving the
Nibiru perihelion as proposed by Andy Lloyd, plus some
other (related)items. I think we are seeing a "grand
convergence" now .. in these days of year-2000 .. and
into the next few years .. a grand "mega-correlation",
regarding many areas of human experience.

I will mention, here, Grid POINT Values of certain 
star-positions, circa 2000 A.D. Rather than show, here, all the calculations 
for these values .. I refer you to a
website where you can look-up the derivations.
Go to the following website, and scroll down to articles
I posted during summer of 2000 .. regarding certain stars and 
crop-formations, etc.

I've already (in previous posts on this board) mentioned the importance of 
the number "30" in all of this.
And I wrote about how Andy Lloyd's graphic, on the front page of his website, 
shows Nibiru's perihelion "crossing
over" ("passing-over" ?!) Sirius, and then Mintaka.
Mintaka corresponds (Bauval, et al) to The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza. Please 
see that graphic.

I found the Grid POINT Value of Mintaka to be precisely
equal to (Pi Cubed).. 31.00627668 ..

I found the Grid POINT Value of Sirius to be ..
2.368705056 .. see "skymat_1.htm" at above website.

Notice .. (Pi Cubed) / 30 = 1.033542556 ...
and "1.033542556" is the Grid POINT Value for "The Old
Man of the Mountain" (Munck, 1992) in New Hampshire, USA.
This is a profile of a human face .. carved into an
outcropping of granite on the side of a mountain.
This profile has a close "relative" in The Lake District
of England, and I'll get to that a bit later, here.

So ... (MINTAKA / 30) = THE OLD MAN.

Now ... (2.368705056/1.033542556 = (10 Squared/43.63323131

In other "words" ...
(Sirius / The Old Man) = (100 / Alnitak).
Yes !! The Grid POINT Value of the Orion belt-star
ALNITAK .. is .. 43.63323131 (Morton, 1999).
And Alnitak is our celestial prime meridian "marker" ..
that is .. in "our" solar-system .. or certainly as seen
from Earth. That is why it 'corresponds' (Bauval, et al) to The Great Pyramid 
of Giza. Munck (1992) found that The
Great Pyramid "marks" the true prime meridian on Earth,
and that 'The D&M Pyramid' "marks" the true prime meridian
on Mars, at Cydonia. The precise NUMBERS .. that is,
the precise latitude and longitude "matrix numbers" ..
of the major structures at Giza and at Cydonia, and in
our ("local") sky, relative to our ecliptic and relative
to a meridian running through ALNITAK in Orion .. 90
degrees to the ecliptic .. these precise NUMBERS,
circa 2000 A.D. .. are "showing us" the very intelligence
and planning that went into constucting and 'arranging'
this archaeo-sky matrix !!! And "NOW" .. circa 2000 A.D.,
is_the_time of the "revelation" of all of this !!!

Notice ... (7.2 / Pi) = (Sirius / The Old Man) ...
= (100 / Alnitak).
The "7.2" is a decimal harmonic of .. "72" .. which is
the 'average/ideal' number of years (Earth) it takes for
one arc-degree of precessional "movement".

Suppose I divide 72 by Pi ? Dare I ?
(72 / 3.141592654) = 22.91831181 .. which "just
happens" to be .. the exact longitude, West of the
Mars prime meridian, of .. "The City Square" ..
"City Square Center" .. at Cydonia. This is what I
have proposed (predicted) in several Internet posts.
"City Square Center" latitude ? I think it will be
found to be .. 1296 North ..
= 41(deg) X 03(min) X 10.53658537(sec) North.
So; what is the "City Square Center" Grid POINT Value ?
1296 / 22.91831181 = 56.54866776 .. which is ..
equal to .. 18Pi .. (18 X 3.141592654). 
It also "just happens" .. that the_standard_width of
railroad track (the world over, I think).. is ..
equal to .. 18Pi regular ("British") inches !! 

Notice .. that "1296" is the Square of 36 ..
and is also a decimal harmonic of 12960 .. HALF a
precession (Earth) cycle in years.

And "36" (deg) is very much directly resonant with the
Phi constant .. The Golden Section.
The cosine of 36 is exactly HALF of Phi.
COS 36 = (1.618033989 / 2) = 0.809016994

I notice that the Gemini Twins .. Castor and Pollux,
are also "aware" of this grand revelation.
(Castor X Pollux) = (Sirius X Mintaka).
Or .. in "other words" ..
(5Pi X 4.675636369) = (2.368705056 X 31.00627668).

I found the "sky-matrix" numbers for Castor and Pollux this past summer of 
2000. See my "" website for the details. 

I also found the "matrix numbers" for a bunch of crop
formations of the year-2000 season. I forwarded those findings to some email 
lists, and to Paul Vigay and to
Freddy Silva in the UK, and to Ron Russell, and to others. One of the most 
impressive crop formations of year-2000
was the (UK,Wiltshire)Woodborough Hill "22-fold geometry" formation. The Grid 
POINT Value I found for it .. 4.934802201 .. is the multiplied-product of ..
Pi X (Pi/2)... (3.141592654 X 1.570796327) = 4.934802201

I'll get back to that in a minute. Right now ..
recall the Grid POINT Value I found for Pollux ..
4.675636369 .. that figure is a decimal harmonic of
the Grid LAT (Munck,1992) of The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza.
46756.36369 North ..
= 29(deg) X 58(min) X 27.79807592(sec) North !!
And; The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza corresponds to Mintaka
in the belt of Orion !!

Now .. back to the Woodborough Hill 22-fold geometry
crop formation. I will now divide this formation's
Grid POINT Value into the number "73.44472434" ..
which is noted (see) above.

73.44472434 / 4.934802201 = 14.8830128 .. which is ..
a decimal harmonic of the Grid LONG (West of the Giza
prime meridian) of THE OLD MAN !! (of the Mountain).
14883.01281 W.Giza ..
= 102(deg) X 49(min) X 2.977793679(sec) W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich 71 deg 41 min 2.177793679 sec ].

Now .. I take you to The Lake District of England.
Robert Miller, as reported in Carl Munck's self-published
book, "Whispers From Time, Volume 2", has found a rock
profile of a human face .. on the side of a mountain ..
to be "in the matrix"!! This rock profile is known as
"Sphinx Rock". Here are Robert Miller's "matrix numbers"
for this "relative" of 'The Old Man';

Grid LAT 54(deg) X 28(min) X 43.42336442(sec) North ..
= 65656.127 North .. decimal harmonic of (Munck,1992)
the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars !!
Grid LONG 34(deg) X 21(min) X 20.84455576(sec) W.Giza .. 
= 14883.01281 W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich 03 deg 13 min 20.084455576 sec ].
That Grid LONG is IDENTICAL to the Grid LONG of ..
Grid POINT Value of "Sphinx Rock" ..
65656.127 / 14883.01281 = 4.411480921

Now .. notice what happens when I multiply that
figure by a classic gematrian number that carries the
'meaning'("translation") of .. "light" ..
(4.411480921 X 144) = (656.56127 / 1.033542556).

I get the actual_ratio_of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars
and THE OLD MAN !!

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton