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"MANOS" @ Nazca, etc. ..

In a message dated 11/24/2000 4:38:35 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< What about numbers derived from the lat and long?  This is just purely
 speculative and does not "prove" anything, but if we take the longitudinal
 difference between the Face and Mons Olympus, (as quoted from The Mars 
Enigmas), and divide by the latitude of the Face, we get 41.0/124.5 = 0.33 (a very 
Masonic number!) >>

     Very good !!   I like that !!    A nice correlation, using 
"approximations". Could be that this "matrix" is, indeed, fractal-like. Macro-micro 
consistency ! No matter how many pieces you chop it up into .. you find the same patterns.
 Like Vicky said, with regard to what Stan Tenen said ... if you don't "get 
it" on one level, maybe you'll "get it" on the next level ...    (-; 

    <<  I don't know of any significant sites at 60N  >>

 I do.  Have you read my post about Akpatok Island ?  
 It is apparently the current site of the former geographic North Pole !!
 Munck ("Whispers From Time, Vol. 2") .. says it is just northeast of Hudson
 Bay, Canada. ( In Ungava Bay). Latitude .. precisely 60 deg North.
 Longitude .. is identical to the current longitude of (center of) The Akapana
 Pyramid at Tiahuanaco, South America. Notice the similar spelling in the 

 That longitude (W.Giza) is ... 1440 Radians (deg) Grid LONG W.Giza.
 Notice ... the number 1440 ... is_not_out to "any decimal places".

 And ... 1440 is .. in terms of the conventional 360 degrees system ..
 symbolic of .. two tetrahedra .. 720 total arc-degrees of corner-angle on
 the surface of a tetrahedron.  2  X  720  =  1440.

 Here's that W.Giza longitude .. expressed in archaeo-sky matrix form ...
 1440 Radians (deg)  W.Giza ..
 =  (1440 X 57.29577951)  =  82505.92249  W.Giza ..
 =  99 (deg)  X  48 (min)  X  17.36235743 (sec)  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  68 deg  40 min  16.56235743 sec ].

 That's the same exact longitude of the current site of the last (former)
 geographic Earth north pole, prior to the polar-shift. So ... the north-polar
 displacement (geographic) was exactly 30 degrees to the south, along ..
 (or; net-result "along") this meridian !!!  

 Grid POINT Value of current site of former geographic North Pole ...
 1440 Radians (deg) / 60  =  24 Radians (deg). 

 By the way .. that "double tetrahedron" symbolic number .. 1440 ..
 is encoded in the Grid LAT of The Akapana Pyramid at Tiahuanaco ..
 (Munck, 1994) ..  1440 Pi  South  =  4523.893421  South ..
 =  16 (deg)  X  33 (min)  X  8.567979964 (sec)  South.

 Note: that matches the Grid LAT (North) of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars
 (Munck, 1992) .. 1440 Pi  North  =  4523.893421  North ..
 =  41 (deg)  X  11 (min)  X  10.03080581 (sec)  North.

 Grid POINT Value of The Akapana Pyramid ..
 1440 Radians (deg) / 1440 Pi  =  Radian (deg) / Pi.

 Its longitude "marks" the current longitude of the last (former)
 geographic North Pole.

That may be so. But my issue with this kind of analysis is that it becomes 
 invalid if you move the origin of the coordinate system. If instead of 0
 Greenwich, England, and the Equator, you place the coordinate system origin 
 at the tip of the Great Pyramid at Giza, you will no longer make an exact 
 correspondance, as stated in the paragraph above. This was what lead to my 
 previous inquiries for 'gauge symetry' in the results. I'd like to see 0
 results that are valid in feet, meters, degrees, radians, and any other 
 consistent unit that you may choose. If the results are valid in only one 
 unit system, then they are righteously suspect. >>

    I'll quote here, from Munck's "Whispers From Time, Vol. 2" ...
 regarding "Manos" at Nazca. I'll then have some other comments.

 First ... try to understand that Munck has_in_fact .. found ALL of the sites/
 structures (on Earth) that he writes about .. to be positioned according-to
 an Earthly prime meridian that passes through the middle of The Great Pyramid
 of Giza. You need to grasp the significance of this, if you are to understand
 this "matrix". He has found the exact variance between the Greenwich and Giza
 meridians to be .. 31 deg  08 min  0.8 sec.  This is an indisputable 
empirical fact,
 consistently supporting the reality of this "matrix". This is simply 
 without exception. 

 I have found that the longitude_variance_on_Mars, meanwhile .. relates, in a
 precise way, to the longitude variance Munck found on Earth !!  I have gone
 into detail on this .. in several email posts to this List. As usual, I got 
 no comment from anyone on this List regarding this (what certainly appears 
to be)
 major discovery !!  Not one comment from anyone .. nothing !!!

 Yes ... I reported that I had found that the 'longitude variance' on Mars is 
 09 deg  32 min  0.8 sec ... between the meridian that passes through the
 center of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia .. and the "publicly-used" (NASA)
 prime meridian to the east. How did I find this ?  I use my mind.  I 
 I compare.

 Notice ... 09 (deg)  X  32 (min)  X  0.8 (sec)  =  230.4  .. decimal harmonic
 of a major gematrian number .. 2304.  In fact, that decimal harmonic is also
 a major Mayan Calendar number. 

 I compared this variance (as a "test") to the variance on Earth :

      31 deg  08 min  0.8 sec
    - 09 deg  32 min  0.8 sec
      21 deg  36 min  0.0 sec

 Notice ... 21 deg and 36 min  =  21.6 deg.  Exactly !!!

 That's a major "Bingo" moment !!!  Why ?  Because ... I have found the
 Grid POINT Value for circa 2000 A.D. POLARIS .. its actual_current_location
 in the sky .. relative to the ecliptic, and relative to a *prime meridian* 
at 90
 degrees to the ecliptic .. a celestial_prime_meridian, that passes through 
 view of) the Orion belt-star ALNITAK (serving as prime meridian 
'marker-star') ..
 I have found the Grid POINT Value of POLARIS, circa 2000 A.D. ... to be ..
 21.6 ... yes !!!  Our current North Pole Star !!  Its Grid POINT Value 0
(21.6) is ..
 a decimal harmonic of the *POLAR* CIRCUMFERENCE of Earth .. 21,600
 nautical miles !!!  And .. Vicky .. THIS is the kind of evidence I have been
 presenting to this List .. for YEARS !!!   And I get either ignored or 0
 And the people on this List are supposedly_seriously_interested in "Mars 
 Surface Anomalies" ????!!!!!     
 Oh, by the way .. "21,600" .... just "happens to be" the Grid LAT of 
 (Munck, 1992).  21,600  North ..
 =  51 (deg)  X  10 (min)  X  42.35294118 (sec)  North.

 Just thought I'd "throw that in", here, as we're discussing the "216" decimal
 So ... if true science is driven by empirical observation .. then why are 
 people .. so many people .. giving me this crap about "my methodology" ??
 I am simply observing_empirical_relationships .. which are self-evident !!!

 The "methodology" itself is inherent_in_these observations.
 I have repeatedly told them this .. and I have repeatedly backed this up
 with case after case, after case .. of observations.
 Yet .. they keep saying, "we can't accept your methodolgy".
 They can't seem to understand that I_am_following their "scientific method".
 Each location/site/structure/star-position is_a_test .. which, again, they
 can't seem to understand. They say, "but, is it predictive?" .. yet they 
 seem to comprehend that each site/structure/star-position is functioning as
 a predictive test, in-and-of-itself !!!!  We have literally hundreds of 
 tests consistently showing positive results .. on 2 planets, and even in the
 sky itself !!!  What the hell more do they want ???!!!! 
                          "MANOS" at Nazca, Peru
 Ok .. quoting from Munck's "Whispers From Time, Vol.2" (1999) :
 "Count every number seen .. AND the geometric. What geometric ?
 Manos, in addition to his 'numbers', shows us a 90 degree 'angle' where
 his neck meets his shoulders. (90).
 He shows us a grand total of 9 fingers .. (9) .. of which, on one hand
 there are 5 fingers .. (5) .. and on the other hand there are only 4 fingers 
 (4). These being the most obvious numbers shown, we can now multiply ..
 90  X  9  X  5  X  4   =   16,200  South ..
 =  14 (deg)  X  41 (min)  X  28.22299652 (sec)  South.
 As for his longitude west of The Great Pyramid of Giza, find his more subtle
 numbers .. namely .. his two arms and two ears ... (4) ...
 (16,200  X  4)   =   64,800  W.Giza ..
 =  106 (deg)  X  14 (min)  X  43.66576819 (sec)  W.Giza.
 Remember, now .. that's West Giza Longitude .. not W.Greenwich."
 [ W.Greenwich  75 deg  06 min  42.86576819 sec ]. 
 Grid POINT Value .. "MANOS" .. 64800 / 16200  =  4.  

 That's only one of the giant depictions on the plains of Nazca, Peru, 
 that Munck has decoded. Again; the methodology in the decoding,
 and in the encoding .. is self-evident within the archaeo-sky matrix, itself.
 This is not "Munck's methodology", nor is it "Morton's methodology".
 It is the methodology of the ancient archaeo-sky matrix. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton