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Strongest 'Archaeo-sky Matrix' Correlation Yet

Strongest 'Archaeo-sky Matrix' Correlation Yet

Having just found an apparently very significant "SIRIUS Apex Point".. at, or else very close-to .. the Apex of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. possibly just a bit 'south' of the original Capstone's Apex ... today (January 20th, just a few hours after Bush's inauguration) ..
I tried comparing (arithmetically) this "SIRIUS Apex Point" with Munck's (1992) derived figure for the original (including capstone) height (in regular British feet) of The Great Pyramid. What I found .. is what appears to be, in my opinion, the strongest set of correlations_yet_to-date .. involving what I call the "archaeo-sky matrix".

Munck's (1992; "The Code"; self-published) derived original height .. including capstone, of The Great Pyramid of Giza, is .. 480.3471728 regular ("British") feet.

My newly-discovered (re-discovered) "SIRIUS Apex Point" at or very-near
the Apex of The Great Pyramid .. is .. 236.8705056 .. a decimal harmonic of
the circa 2000 A.D. Grid POINT Value for SIRIUS (2.368705056) .. that I found
to be indicated in the "archaeo-sky matrix" (Morton, 1999).

Because a positional (locational) correlation, at that Apex, in terms of
simple arithmetics .. would be quite significant .. it provides a logical,
"scientific" reason for_examining_such a possibility.

480.3471728 X 236.8705056 = 113780.0777

I now thought about the obvious (self-evident) ratio, of .. 2Pi .. displayed
by the base-perimeter_to_height correlation of the dimensions of The Great

This provided motivation to multiply the above "Apex Product" .. by .. 2Pi.
113780.0777 X 6.283185307 = 714901.3125

Next; I thought of the 2 most (so far, at least) discussed "structural
anomalies" at Cydonia on Mars. Those would be .. 'The Face' and 'The D&M Pyramid'.

Munck (1999) found their Grid POINT Values to be, as I've discussed many
times, myself, on The Internet ... 656.56127 and 27.58106915 .. respectively, as

(714901.3125 / 656.56127 / 27.58106915) = 39.47841761

Notice ... "39.47841761" ... is a precise numerical match, of ..
the expression .. (2Pi) Squared. This is, then, the Square .. of the very
ratio displayed by the base-perimeter_to_height dimensions of The Great Pyramid.

You have, here, a_precise_correlation .. among :
(a.) The Original Apex-Point (a "SIRIUS" decimal harmonic) of ... The Great Pyramid of Giza.
(b.) The Grid POINT Value of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars.
(c.) The Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.
(d.) The original Capstone Apex-Height, in regular ("British") feet, of .. The Great Pyramid of Giza.
(e.) The SQUARE of the_RATIO_of .. the self-evident base-perimeter_to_height, in the dimensions of The Great Pyramid of Giza.
(f.) The important mathematical and geometric constant .. "2Pi" .. the NUMBER of RADIANS (arc) .. on_any_circumference.


I decided to investigate a possible significant correlation among :
(1. The Apex-LAT that I just re-discovered .. encoding the precise latitude of the "SIRIUS" Apex- Point.
(2. The derived original Apex-Height (including capstone), in_regular_feet.
(3. The "Giza Grid POINT" (Munck, 1992) .. the_intersection_of ...
(a.) the precise latitude of the set of 3 small pyramids aligned west-east.
(b.) the precise longitude of the set of 3 small pyramids alignednorth-south.
(c.) the line (on the aerial-view graphic) from the Apex of The Great Pyramid.

{ Note : see the aerial-view graphic at ... }

My re-discovered "SIRIUS Apex-LAT" is .. 85273.38202 North ..
= 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 50.69761119 (sec) North.

(85273.38202 / 480.3471728) = 5577.096019 / 10Pi.

"5577.096019" .. is .. the "Giza Grid POINT", itself. (Munck, 1992).

Notice, also .. the involvement of the Pi constant, and the number "10".

NOTE: The Radian-arc .. is "marked" .. on the aerial-view graphic.
You will see the line from the Apex of The Great Pyramid, intersecting with
the "Giza Grid POINT", itself.

You will also notice the "other line" involved in 'marking' The Radian-arc ...
is perfectly-aligned with the southwestern_edge_of The Great Pyramid, itself.


In our 360 arc-degrees system, the_numerical_value of The Radian-arc is .. a simple arithmetical function of the number of arc-degrees on one circumference, which is "360" ... divided-by .. the "2Pi" constant ... 360 / 2Pi = 57.29577951 arc-degrees.

I decided to "test" today (a couple of hours ago, as I write this) .. the "57.29577951" value .. with .. the Grid POINT Value I found from the coordinates that Barry McEwen emailed to me, regarding the location of what seems to be a very_special_site in the Grand Canyon. Barry has been writing a series of article on this subject, which some of you have probably read.

This particular site that I'm referencing .. is named .. "ISIS TEMPLE". The Grid POINT Value Ii found for it .. based solely on the coordinates Barry sent me, and on my knowledge and experience of working with the "archaeo-sky matrix" .. is .. 4.353957149

57.29577951 / 4.353957149 = 13.15947253

That figure .. "13.15947253" .. is the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992) of The Cholula Pyramid of Mexico .. the largest pyramid_by volume_so-far acknowledged, on Earth. The "White Pyramid" of China is much larger .. but that hasn't been acknowledged yet by "officialdom".

"13.15947253" .. is also .. the apparent azimuth (arc-degrees) on Mars, from the Apex of 'The D&M Pyramid' .. to the Nose .. on 'The Face' at Cydonia. That is my prediction/proposal (Morton, 1999, Internet).

Even more evidence for a correlation with "ISIS" .. is found in the following simple equation :

236.8705056 / 13.15947253 = 18

The number "18" is very much associated, in esoterica, with "ISIS".

If I divide "18" by the Grid POINT Value I found for "ISIS TEMPLE" in the Grand Canyon ...
18 / 4.353957149 = 1.315947253 ... not only a decimal harmonic of "13.15947253" ... but_also_ the Grid POINT Value I found for the southeast corner-point of .. "Miami Square" (Morton, 1999, Internet).

(c) Copyright 2001 -- Michael Lawrence Morton